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  1. youngfreewild

    Parent visa application timelines (143 & 173)

    Yes that's another thing to consider.... she applied for her 143 in May 2017.
  2. youngfreewild

    Parent visa application timelines (143 & 173)

    My MIL is in Australia on a 870 visa which expires in Nov 2022. It's looking unlikely that her 143 visa will be granted by then. If it doesn't, are there options for us to keep her in Australia until her 143 is granted, some sort of bridging visa? The 870 visa rules say she would have to leave Australia for 90 days before applying for another 870 visa.
  3. youngfreewild

    Parent visa application timelines (143 & 173)

    Hello, long time since I posted. I am after an update on expected wait times for the 143 visa. We applied May 2017. I know they are processing May 2016 currently, and from the research I have done it seems like there could still be around 15,000 applications ahead of us ( inc. 143, 173, 884 and 864) This year they are only processing 4000 visas in these categories, up to Dec 31st 2020 they had granted about 3000 already. So if they keep the cap at 4,000 visas for the next few years, we could still have 3-4 more years to wait. Is that really right?? Another question, when the 143 visa is granted, if the parent is offshore, how long do they have to arrive in Australia.
  4. youngfreewild

    Travelling whilst on PR visa

    We came to Australia from the UK on a 189 visa almost 4 years ago. We have lived here for the whole time. If we wanted to do some longer term travelling abroad, what implications do we need to consider? We want to make sure we can always come home to Australia. Thanks
  5. Hi Victoria, we are in a very similar situation. We applied for the 143 in May 2017. Like you, we just want our mum over now and as the wait time keeps getting longer and longer, we don't have much choice but to pay the crazy high visa cost for the 870! We can't apply for sponsorship until July, then we will be applying for the 870 as soon as we have that approved. It sounds like we don't need to worry too much about the 15,000 limit being reached. Phew!
  6. David thank you that's is very helpful information. Is the AOS application available online for us to look over before they request it? I think we will probably get her here a bit earlier on the new 870 visa, but assume this won't affect anything with our 143 application.
  7. Hi, hope it's ok to join this thread and ask a few questions. They may have been covered already but I can't seem to find the info that clearly. We applied for the 143 in May 2017 for my mother in law. I believe they are currently processing applications lodged around August 2015 - so realistically we are expecting another 2 years before she can be with us. We'd just like to be a bit clearer on what order we can expect the next stages to happen - e.g. assigned a CO, police check, medical, payment of the AOS ($10k?) then the final visa payment ($43,600?) and how much nice we get for the payments? So that we can have the money ready when it is needed. Thanks!
  8. We are sponsoring my mother in law for a parent visa. On the document checklist we need to send in evidence that we are settled in Australia. I'd like an idea of what other people sent in to fulfil this, how many different documents are reasonable? So far I am thinking of attaching: -current payslips -lease document -bank statement -car finance document - rental history ledger
  9. youngfreewild

    Moving to the Gold Coast..

    The other option would be driving, how does the pacific motorway do for traffic??
  10. youngfreewild

    Moving to the Gold Coast..

    Hi we are moving to the Gold Coast in 3 weeks time :-) Wondering how people get on with commuting to South Brisbane? Would love to live in Burleigh but think it might be too far to commute. If we lived around Nerang how would the commute be? The train route looks like it would take just over an hour but looking for some feedback from people who might have done it and can give me a more realistic expectation. I don't have a job yet, but hoping I'd be able to find something in South Brisbane. (I work in Finance) Again, is this realistic or are most of the jobs central? Cheers in advance
  11. Hi, I am just about to book a Sevenseas movecube for our shipping, they have quoted £970 for a 3 cubic meter box. Is this reasonable or does anyone else know a cheaper co who does small volumes? Many Thanks
  12. youngfreewild

    189 Visa Lodged March 2015

    Thanks for the congrats :-) we are booking flights today to Brisbane, looks like 28th June will be the date we book!
  13. youngfreewild

    189 Visa Lodged March 2015

    Got my grant today! I called them to check they had receive my email I sent on Friday attaching birth certificates. The lady I spoke to checked the inbox, found it and told me she would sent out verification this afternoon. I got the grant email through an hour later!! :wink:
  14. We have a 4 year old and a 22 month old (age when due to fly) , we plan on flying in June to either Sydney or Brisbane. Can't decide whether to book a seat for our youngest? Has anyone had experience travelling with these ages and what would you recommend? How do I go about booking a seat for my youngest, would I have to phone and book this type of ticket. Obviously when I search online she is classed as under 2 so I should select that category, but that does not come with a seat. Would her price be the same as 4 year old if I booked her a seat? Does anyone have experience with the basinet crib things? Are they any good and would a 22 month old fit in one to sleep? Many Thanks
  15. youngfreewild

    189 Visa Lodged March 2015

    I got contact from a CO this morning, email just came through at 7.30am :-) They have asked for full birth certificates for our 2 children which I have not uploaded to our account and sent by email! I assume they won't need any further docs, do they normally ask for everything in one go or could they come back and ask for more bits now? Either way I am SO excited to know we have a CO looking at our case now!