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  1. The Overseas Skills Registry has extended its services to a broader group of skilled workers. Overseas qualified professionals, with skills in demand and a permanent Australian visa or relevant temporary or provisional (leading to permanent) visa, can now use the registry to connect with Victorian employers. The registry is open to overseas qualified professionals, Victorian nominated skilled migrants and international student graduates with previous professional work experience. Eligible skilled workers are invited to create an online profile of their skills, qualifications and experience. There is no charge to use this service. For more information go to liveinvictoria.vic.gov.au/overseasskillsregistry
  2. Skilled migrants and overseas qualified professionals have a new way to connect with Victorian employers. Overseas qualified professionals and skilled migrants can face challenges entering the job market because of a lack of local networks or professional references. Employers can also face difficulties in connecting with overseas qualified professionals and skilled migrants with the skills and expertise they require. The Victorian Government’s Overseas Skills Registry is a new online initiative service that connects skilled migrants and overseas qualified professionals with Victorian employers who have vacancies in areas of demand. The Overseas Skills Registry features skilled workers with occupations currently in high demand in Victoria. All registry candidates are living in Victoria with a work visa and either an Australian skills assessment or Australian qualifications. Overseas qualified professionals and skilled migrants create a profile of their professional skills, qualifications and work experience on the registry. Victorian employers will be able to access the registry and make contact directly with individuals who have registered. The registry is currently open to two specific groups of skilled workers: state nominated skilled migrants and international student graduates with previous professional work experience. The registry will be open to other overseas qualified professionals and tradespeople by December 2013. Find out more at liveinvictoria.vic.gov.au/overseasskillsregistry
  3. Thanks for your post. You should apply as a Life Scientist NEC. There is a section on the form where you can include your qualifications. From the Victorian Government's Skilled and Business Migration Program
  4. Do you have a PhD? Holders of a recognised PhD now have a streamlined pathway to permanent residence. The Victorian Government has introduced a new pathway to state nomination through the Skilled Nominated 190 visa. To be eligible, applicants will need to: have completed a PhD in at a Victorian University and have an occupation on the Department of Immigration and Citizenship’s Consolidated Skilled Occupation List (CSOL) Schedule 1 and 2; or have completed a doctorate of a recognised standard (as determined by the relevant skill assessing authority) in a field relating to an occupation on the State Nomination Occupation List for Victoria. Applicants must also be eligible to apply for General Skilled Migration and meet all other state nomination eligibility requirements. There are a limited number of nominations available. To find out more contact the Victorian Government’s Skilled and Business Migration Program: Phone: +613 9651 9756 Email: Skilled@LiveInVictoria.vic.gov.au Web: LiveInVictoria.vic.gov.au/phd
  5. The Government of Victoria is currently conducting research on the experience people from the UK have when migrating to Australia. As part of this research, they are keen to talk to people who have moved to Australia in the last 7 years. You will be paid for your time. The research company, Colmar Brunton (members of the Australian/New Zealand Market Research Society and signatories to the Code of Ethics of the market research industry) is conducting the research on behalf of the Government of Victoria and can contact you in one of two ways – in person or via telephone. Both methods will be audio recorded however the sessions will be completely confidential and names will never be disclosed or provided to any third party. The in-person discussion (preferred) will take approximately 90 minutes and we will pay a one-off payment of $150 to families who participate or $80 to individuals who participate. The phone discussion will take approx 30 minutes and we will pay a one-off payment of $50. The research will ideally be conducted in February 2011. If you would like to participate, please send a PM • Name/s of participants to be interviewed • Occupations of participants • Age/s of participants • Total time in Australia • City of residence • Email • Phone number • Preferred time for interview (morning, lunch, afternoon, or evening) • Preferred method (in-person or telephone) On behalf of the Government of Victoria, thank you for your time and consideration.