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Found 15 results

  1. illuminates8

    Visa after PhD

    Hello! I have a Student visa (subclass 500) as PhD student. I will be PhD student still three-four years. But what after? I think I may get Temporary Graduate Visa (sub-type 485) for four years. And I want to work in a university as PostDoc or lector. After that, there is 186, 189, 190 and Temporary Skilled Shortage (TSS) visas. But if I will be work as PostDoc may I expect only on 186 from university (in MLTSSL isn't included any university professions)? So If I want to get 189, 190 or TSS, I will have to go on some MLTSSL professional for one year (for example IT) after PhD? I don't have work experience and I do a Phd in physics (My master and bachelor degrees are also in physics); I am 25 years old. PS My wife will arrive in Australia with me and will be working (her job presents in MLTSSL). Now her working visa is linked to my student visa. Maybe does she has more chance to submit to 189, 190 visas?
  2. Hello Everyone! I am an expat doing her PhD at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Australia. My dissertation aims to develop a further understanding about expatriate's overseas working experiences and how to improve it.I want to invite you to take part in my PhD survey. To do so, You have to be an expatriate living and working overseas for 6 months or more. To complete the survey please go to: https://tinyurl.com/ycxqmsu9.Please feel free to share this survey with friends, coworkers or family members. I appreciate your time and help with completing this survey as you will be helping other expatriates like you better adjust to their new cultural environment and helping me complete my dissertation. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!Best regards,Roxy
  3. Dear Members Recently, I received skill assessment from ACS and they assessed my Ph.D. degree as Masters. Please see the below content from ACS to understand the full scenario. Your Bachelor of Computer Science has been assessed as comparable to an AQF Bachelor Degree with a Major in computing. Your Masters in Information Technology has been assessed as comparable to an AQF Master Degree with a Major in computing. Your PhD in Computer Engineering has been assessed as comparable to an AQF Master Degree with a Major in computing. How can they assess my PhD degree equivalent to Masters degree. Is it a mistake from their side or ACS has some list of recognized universities? I did my Ph.D. from a well-known University of South Korea. What should I do now?
  4. Hello Guys, I will finish my PhD study in field of computer science from a governmental university in Malaysia soon, I am interested to apply for Victorian state nomination for international PhD graduates program, do you know how should I start the process?Do I need to send my PhD certificate for assessment before applying? Hope someone can provide some hints here. Thank you in advance Myti
  5. Do you have a PhD? Holders of a recognised PhD now have a streamlined pathway to permanent residence. The Victorian Government has introduced a new pathway to state nomination through the Skilled Nominated 190 visa. To be eligible, applicants will need to: have completed a PhD in at a Victorian University and have an occupation on the Department of Immigration and Citizenship’s Consolidated Skilled Occupation List (CSOL) Schedule 1 and 2; or have completed a doctorate of a recognised standard (as determined by the relevant skill assessing authority) in a field relating to an occupation on the State Nomination Occupation List for Victoria. Applicants must also be eligible to apply for General Skilled Migration and meet all other state nomination eligibility requirements. There are a limited number of nominations available. To find out more contact the Victorian Government’s Skilled and Business Migration Program: Phone: +613 9651 9756 Email: Skilled@LiveInVictoria.vic.gov.au Web: LiveInVictoria.vic.gov.au/phd
  6. krisskross

    ACS and PhD assessment requirements

    Hi, I wrote to ACS concerning my PhD diploma and paperwork. ACS replied that they need: Letter from a supervisor providing a clear indication of: * Percentage of ICT and percentage of non-ICT (e.g math, stats, etc). * % of original development/implementation work done - what languages were involved. This is unfamiliar to me, did someone submit this kind of document?
  7. Hi All, Did anyone out there have applied through this "State nomination for international PhD graduates" scheme? In near future I will be finishing my Ph.D in civil engineering and I need to apply for this state nomination scheme. Please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you Best Regards
  8. nicolabio

    Visa after PhD

    Hi Everyone, I browsed through the previous topics, but I couldn't find a similar thread. I am a PhD student and am expecting to finish my studies by the end of 2013. My visa (postgraduate research) is valid until 01/12/2014. My goal is to apply for a State Nominated Visa as a Victorian PhD graduate under occupation 234599 (Life Scientist). 1) Am I able to stay on my visa until it’s validity date, even after I graduate? If yes, can I undertake employment as well? I think the answer to this is yes, but I can't find it in writing anywhere. All answers I am able to find are about situations where your visa expires before you finish study, not the other way around. 2) If VETASSESS is evaluating my PhD, can I apply for assessment before I obtain the degree, or do I need to wait until I’ve finished it? 3) If the answer to the above is that I have to finish my PhD first and then evaluate it, what kind of bridge visa do I need to be on during VETASSESS’ evaluation time? I still would not have applied for PR, so I cannot be on a bridging visa. 4) My Bachelors degree is in the same field as my PhD and applicable for the same ANZCO code. If I evaluate it through VETASSESS (because I can do so without waiting to finish the PhD), do I still need to evaluate the PhD as well? Thanks! Nicola
  9. Helana

    Do I need to assess my PhD ?

    VETASSESS has assessed my Masters Degree positively for the Occupation as University Lecturer- 242111. But recently I have completed my PhD from Australia. And now I want to claim 25 points (PhD 20 points + Australian degree 5 points) for NSW state Sponsorship. Now Do I need to assess my PhD for claiming 25 points ? Please advice.
  10. submittedPhDThesis

    Visa during PhD thesis examination

    Hi all My 574 visa expires in September 2013. I have recently submitted my PhD thesis and wish to stay in Australia till the thesis is marked which should take beyond September 2013. Do I have to do something to extend my student visa now? Should I apply for a new student visa? I tried https://www.ecom.immi.gov.au/visas/applyNow.do?form=SFS and it does not accept my CoE number and DIAC advised me to use the paper form. I considered the http://www.immi.gov.au/visas/students/485/ options but I don't qualify for Graduate Work stream (due to age > 31 yrs) and Post-Study Work stream (because I got my student visa before Nov 2011 in 2009). I want to apply for PR but am not sure if my ACS assessment will come before Sep 2013. What is my best bet? Thanks in advance
  11. Hi, I’ve completed a PhD from a top Australian university. I was invited to Australia with an international scholarship to cover my tuition fees and stipend. For this I was on a student visa, and my occupation of study was on the old Skilled Occupation List (this was 2007). I am now on a Graduate Skilled Work visa 485 which lasts for a mere 18 months. I have secured a very good job in research, but as I work (in a full time-temporary position) for the NSW Government they are not willing to sponsor me to stay. My skilled occupation (my PhD subject area) has subsequently been removed from the Skilled Occupation List (post July 2010) and, to my knowledge, I have no other way to stay and work in Australia once my current Graduate Skilled Work visa 485 is up! Please can someone tell me otherwise? Surely they can’t kick me out when I have made a life over here and was invited in the first place?! P.S. Currently, I have been in Australia for just over 4 years, and after my 18 months from the skilled graduate visa are finished that makes nearly 6 years in the country I am female, good health, and 26 years old I have no dependents or family with me / wanting to move to Australia I am a British Citizen No criminal record
  12. adierininoz

    starting a PhD in NSW

    Hi I wonder if anyone has the time and patience to advice me!lol I have been offered a place and scholarshipo to undertake a PhD at the Uni of NSW in Feb 2011. I will be moving down under (yey!!) with an 8 year old and need much advice as to where to look to l;ive! I don't really want to live in the city even though the uni campus I am attached too is in Kensington - I would prefer a more beach/suburb location with families and houses as oppose to apartments and flats. Ideally I want this 'ideal' location to be within train/bus travel of Kensington so that I can get to Uni quickly and back to get my daugther from school! I know...when I read it it sounds like I want the world without probs but I'm not picky, my priority is a nice family area close too a good school. With much anticipation Andria:biggrin:
  13. Hi, I am a postgrad research student of IT studying at a recognized Australian university. This is a 3-year course and contains 100% research with no coursework. I have taken the points test on immi.gov.au for GSM visa subclass 176. I pass the test with 110 points considering I have fulfilled the 2-year Australian study requirement and could avail a state sponsor. Can anyone advise, whether I can apply for GSM 176 visa after the completion of my 2nd year? Note that at that time I won't be receiving any degree/certificate for the course. However, possibly I will be able to collect official evidence of 2-year PhD study. Thanks, --- Tanvir
  14. Guest

    Studying Phd

    Hi Everyone Wondering if anyone can help with this question. My partner is British and currently a mature age student studying and doing his Phd which is going to take him 2 years, my question is if we were to get married next year and he came to Australia on a Spouse Visa would he be eligible to finish his Phd final year here? Also anyone have any idea what sort of money that would cost for him to finish it here? Thanks in advance Skippy123:smile:
  15. hi! We are looking at different options of going to Oz. I want to do my Masters anyway, and this seems ideal - to rather get an Oz qualification and do this with student visa.... Hubby will be able to work full time as Mech engineer/ fitter and the children will pay standard school fees (according to Immi - this is only for Masters/Phd students). We are very positive that he will find work when we are in Oz, we will not be limited to one state, as the course is taught in blocks FIFO, which is ideal. It is CRICOS registered too. By the end of the first 12 months I will hope to find a job offer. I have emailed a few consultants in the field and they say even with current situation, the field is crying out for skilled people, so it looks positive .... If hubby doesn't have a 457 visa by end of the first 12 months, I will have to do another course, maybe a general post grad diploma in the same field, which will be helpful later. We will also qualify to apply for a 176 visa after hubby has worked for 12 months, so maybe we can go down that route. Hope all of this makes sense?:eek: My questions... - are there any other post grad's students out there on a 573 /574? - Is there anybody who got Perm residency after 2 years' FT studies? - Can I go from completing a Masters in the first year, and then do a post grad Diploma, both on the 573 visa? Has anybody done something like this? Thanks for your help, anybody else on student visas or about to apply for student visas, it will be great to chat about the whole experience, worries etc!!! Thanks!:smile: