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  1. Leaving tomorrow don't think I can go!

    We are here in Perth!!! sorry it's taken so long to reply our wifi isn't working its only staying on for about 2 minutes at any time so I've only got to read all your replies now wow what a response and thank you to you all. I never closed one eye on Wednesday and had what felt like panic attack it was awful like someone else said I was fine packing emptying house etc but that last night in bed it all went pear shaped I couldn't believe how I felt anyway my DH encouraged me that morning saying we could come home after Christmas if I didn't like it (we already had a two year pact in place) the final goodbyes to our parents at the house (thankfully we didn't do airport goodbyes learnt that from here so thank you) were just horrific it really was awful. I cried on and off all the way to Dubai and then it stopped! we have had a lovely few days even got a 12 month rental sorted in our suburb of choice have been on to mum and dad every day and yesterday on FaceTime which was lovely and I knew they were delighted too. You must have all thought I was mad but I knew someone would have felt like that at some stage so thank you for all the replies. We are off to look at a car today and have friends coming for as pool party at our holiday rental. I will give you an update again but for now thank you to you all feeling very lucky to be here. Onwards and upwards xxx
  2. Omg we are leaving tomorrow all I can do is cry I really think I'm making a mistake anyone else been in this situation? I can't sleep hubby will think I'm mad. The guilt I feel over leaving my parents and how I'll miss them is unreal. I am heartbroken and I'm still with them. Anyone else pull out at this late stage? Please advise or tell me what you did. I feel like I am Losing the plot here. We are both in our 40's and have three young children too.
  3. The UK Pound V Australian Dollar

    John what do you think much more falling?
  4. Please sponsor Alan - Go Matilda

    Very brave well done!
  5. Following if ok good question!
  6. Bank fees on money transfer

  7. Skype interview for Catholic Highschool

    Hi Pom Queen Thanks for your reply ;-) the "interview" was exactly as you said very informal the principal was lovely and directed most questions to my son. Its amazing with technology how we could be here and he was in perth and we could all see each other on Skype! This is for a place in 2017 my son will be year 5 when we arrive in October ;-) the school was very on the ball and we will know in next week if he got his place or not. Thanks for taking one to reply we have places in primary schools subject to "interview" on arrival.
  8. Shipping from Ireland

    I know this is an old post but any feedback on your shipper? I've had Nat Ross and Careline quote €5000 for a 20ft sole use container anyone else got a better quite recently?
  9. We have an interview on Skype in the morning for a Catholic Highschool in Perth any ideas on questions we may be asked? thanks in advance
  10. Rejected Visa...

    Sorry to hear this would you not ring an agent they might be able to appeal or at least put you in right direction? It might cost you their few but alot cheaper than applying for visa again.im not sure you can even appeal but i think I'd definitely speak with someone. Best of luck hope you get sorted
  11. Medical insurance.

    We are both 40 & 42 validated our PR last August on a two week hokiday and coming out October 1st. Any idea does that 12 months apply after validation or after living there 12 months hope its the latter wouldn't seem fair otherwise. So glad you shared this information I must look into it. Have you any links on it?
  12. deciding whether to bring our dog

    Two dogs here and both nearly 13. I think they are too old to bring and feel we will be selfish if we being them but they will be hard to re home too. I don't know what we are going to do :-( i just got a quote from Dublin and was told they have to go to quarantine in Melbourne anyone know anything about that? Anyone know if pet air uk have a partner in Ireland?
  13. Moving my money over to Australia

    Hi John Can we work with you from Ireland for transfers?
  14. Confused, stressed and feeling sick!

    Murta still here!!! We hope to book flights by end of the month or early next month for a move end of September. I am still feeling incredibly guilty but we have to do it. It's in our system and we just have to try it. We will rent our house here so if it doesn't work out for whatever reason we can come home. I haven't gone into huge detail with when exactly we are going but slowly slowly having little chats. Easter Sunday may well be the day for specifics ;-) I see you are also in Ireland :-)
  15. Shortest flights and stopovers to get to Perth!

    Thanks all for your input :-) After the crash in the alps last week not sure Ill ever get her out now :-( but really appreciate all the replies