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Found 9 results

  1. Hi Everyone, My name is Rana Shahjahan. I have applied for SC189 Visa on 12th October 2018 after receiving an invitation on 11th October 2018. I have a question or an advice as I think I am in a mess and my application might get rejected. Can anyone here please help me on my matter. I would really appreciate it. Points Claimed: 75 Education: 15 Experience: 10 Age: 30 English: 20 Now the issue is that I have a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science(Honours) and ACS has assessed my degree and AQF bachelor Degree with a major in computing, but somehow due to mistake I submitted an EOI with Honours Degree in Science and Technology. I am able to receive an Invitation on the basis of this EOI and later I submitted the VISA with same degree option as well. Recently, one of my friend told me that my degree has been assessed as Bachelors not Honours, so because of this I submitted Notification of incorrect answer(s) to show that I selected Honours by mistake. Now I am afraid that because of the this issue and that EOI has Honours degree and Visa have Bachelors degree, they might reject my VISA application. Can any experience person guide me and help me on this matter. What are the chances of Rejection in this case? I am really tensed. Thank you so much Best Regards Rana Shahjahan
  2. cengland

    Rejected Visa...

    Hey, I applied for a 190 visa, after getting nominated by Victoria. I have just recieved my rejection due to me getting 5 points rather than 15... their reasons were that I do not have a degree and therefore 5 years of my work experience is invalid...? I am applying for a 263111 Computer Network and Systems Engineer, and cannot understand the rejection. Does anyone else have experience of this? Thanks Colin
  3. Bushwhacker

    457 Visa Rejection

    Has anyone here had a 457 visa rejected or know someone who has had one rejected? If so, why was it rejected? :biggrin:
  4. hi i recently had my 2nd WHM visa rejected after providing all relevant forms, bus tickets in my name to the farm location 2 days before i began work and also a letter of reference confirming work carried out on specific dates on buisiness headed paper and then signed from my farmer , immi stated that they tried to contact the farmer to confirm my work and his number was disconnected, upon recieving this i called the farmer myself and was suprised that his number was infact working so again emailed immi to inform them the number WAS working as i had just spoke to the farmer , now a month has passed and immi have rejected my visa on the grounds they cant get hold of the farmer AGAIN. as soon as i recieved the rejection i contacted the farmer and he has encouraged me to apply for a review and will be happy to speak to immi to answer any questions, does this seem like i have a strong case for review ?? thanks for reading sorry if this all sounds a little confusing, would love someone elses opinion on this....
  5. I am in melbourne now and my student visa was rejected. I am planning to apply for Migration Review Tribunal. My question is : my partner is waiting for his 485 visa. After he gets his 485, can I apply as his subsequent entrant applicant while I am in MRT process ? If I can, does this visa rejection effects me in future to apply for any kind of migration visa such as 487 because my cousin is citizen here. Need some suggestion ASAP.
  6. I am new to Poms in Oz and was wondering if someone out there would be able to help me? I am disgraced to say I have been fined for shoplifting in the year 2000 (no excuses I know, but it was a extremely low point in my life) I committed this offence in England and I live in Scotland. My partner, our son and I are looking to come over to Perth on a 176 visa and I am so worried that this prevent us from doing so.:cry: Would this be on my Police ACRO check? Would this mean I would not be allowed into Oz or to apply for permenant residency?:cry: (We will be absolutely devistated if we cant)
  7. I have lodged an application for migration under 175. Some time back my spouse had applied for a temporary work visa to Canada and his application was rejected saying that the proof of work experience he provided was not authentic. Now he is a secondary applicant in the application which I lodged. Since all these details are to be mentioned in form 80, will it affect our prospects? Do they take the rejection by another country to the secondary applicant very seriously and what could be its implications? Is it going to be a black mark? Will they reject my application purely because of this? please advice........
  8. Guest

    MRT Overturned visa rejection

    Hi, We applied for a spouse visa off shore and it was rejected due to a very biast SMO. Applied to the MRT (Migration Review Tribunal) and the rejection has been overturned. The decision from the MRT had been sent from Oz to our Embassy overseas it has taken 3wks to get here since the decision. my spouse's medical and oz police check expire in a few wks. Just wondering if anyone knows the process from here as all we know is the embassy has received the remitted decision and don't know what happens now? Any help would be greatly appreciated as really hoping we don't have to do the medicals/police check again!!:twitcy: very stressed
  9. theonetruechris

    Eight minute record rejection

    So, I've got a day where the boys at nursery and I can go down to the library and send off all the weeks job applications. Anyhoo, whilst midway through applying for a job I get another email telling me I was unsucessful applying for a job a whole eight minutes after I had sent the original e-mail with covering letter and CV. Obviously eight minutes is long enough to open the email take in the details about ones career and skill set then compose a response. Speaks volumes doesn't it.