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  1. Hi Lisa, Just wondered if you're still working out of Willetton. I'm in Leeming and would love to come and see you. Debbie
  2. Debbie Emblem

    Leeming Primary School, Perth

    Hi Ali, Thanks for the information, we've have definately decided to look for a rental in the Leeming area. Hoping to be there in 4 weeks time! All the primary schools in Leeming, Leeming PS, Banksia and West Leeming have excellent reputations and great atmospheres. My son enters year 7 at Leeming PS next year and my daughter started in year 7 when we first moved and liked it. Leeming has a slightly larger catchment area that West Leeming which is probably a bit more rigid in it's boundaries, (sorry not sure of the exact catchment but it would be on their website). Of course, i'm going to say I love Leeming as a suburb as we've lived here for 5 years, it won't be everyone's cup of tea being older, but it has a great community feel to it (we're having a street party on Saturday for Xmas), there's a mixture of young and old, lots of amenities and we have great public transport links into the City and Fremantle. Less than 20 mins to the beach, Point Walter, and the City. We stumbled on Leeming by chance and felt very settled here right away, the surrounding suburbs are also nice by the way. Ali x
  3. Debbie Emblem

    Leeming Primary School, Perth

    We are moving to Perth in January having spent the past 12 months in Melbourne. We would like to know anybody's thoughts/opinions on the above school, I believe my son would be going in to year 3. We would also like to know what people think of living in the Leeming and Willetton area. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Debbie
  4. Debbie Emblem

    Is January to late to enrol into school?

  5. Debbie Emblem

    Post quarantine anxiety/issues

    QUOTE=nataliepowell;1186894] Hi all Not sure if anyone has had the same problem but our dog appears to be suffering anxiety/fearfulness since leaving quarantine. We can no longer leave him in the house as he has damaged things and we were leaving him in the garage with the door to the garden open but he has dug a hole under the side gate ! We now have to shut him in the garage when we go out and when we get back he is unbelievably excited jumps up and barks at high pitch. We never had any issues in the UK like this. We have also tried leaving him with dog sitters which has ended badly both times :err: In the UK we left him with dog sitters in their houses and had no problems at all. Do you think he will get over it or has he been permanently affected? Someone suggested he may have been mis-treated in quarantine but i will never know and we paid for a dog walker to go in and never had any problems with them? Any advice would be great Thanks Natalie Hi Natalie, Yes, our dog has changed since coming out of quarantine. She came out in February, but I would say now has some anxiety issues (more than she used to). Unfortunately she was in quarantine when we had a terrible storm, and I believe the kennels did flood. Since coming out, if we have heavy rain and wind, she is a complete wreck! We came from Scotland where we have plenty of rain and wind, and she was perfectly fine there!
  6. Debbie Emblem

    I Saw You Coming!

    Yep, we just came over from Scotland in January, and I've just paid $495 for 2 fillings! Funny how I didn't have them when I had my teeth checked just before we left!
  7. We moved to Melbourne in January 2010 on a 457 sponsored visa. We had never been to Oz before. Hindsight is a great thing, but I wish we had visited Oz previously to coming out. We are disappointed with what Melbourne has to offer, and at the moment do not ourselves here in the longer term.
  8. Debbie Emblem

    Travel Insurance for Aged Mother

    We moved to Melbourne from Scotland in January, and would now like for my 77 year old mum to come over and stay for a few months. As my sister is in New Zealand, she'll spend her time between the two countries. Has anyone had any experience of aged parents coming over? It's just that it doesn't appear to be very easy to get insurance to cover a long stay. Any advice would be grateful.:confused:
  9. Debbie Emblem

    Insuring older parents to come for a holiday

    Yes, I'm in the same situation. I have my 78 year old mum who plans to come over in October, and spend 6 months between here and my sister in New Zealand. Insuring her for this length of time will be needed. Any suggestions anyone?
  10. Debbie Emblem

    where to start looking ????????

    We moved to Lysterfield, close to the Dandenongs at the beginning of February, after arriving from the UK early January. We have a 6 year old son who attends the local primary school. We love the area which is peaceful and quiet, and yet you can get to the city in about 30 mins, or the beach in 25 mins at weekends. There is a hospital called Angliss Hospital which is about 10 mins drive away. You might like to Google it. I understand that a lot of Brits work there. If I can help further, just let me know. Debbie
  11. Debbie Emblem

    Recommended agents for bring Dog over

    Yes, we would recommend Golden Shippers too! They were brilliant, very caring and understanding. Sasha our 10 year old collie cross arrived on the 7th January in to Melbourne, and is now loving her new Aussie life.
  12. Debbie Emblem

    wheelers hill

    Hi Mandy, Yes, it would be nice to meet up one weekend. We could maybe to plan to meet up next weekend if it suits. We'll keep in touch next week to see how things are then. Debbie
  13. Debbie Emblem

    wheelers hill

    Hi Mandy, Just to let you know that we settled on a house in Lysterfield. Unfortunately, we didn't get the house we wanted in Wheelers Hill, and the one house that was offered to us was too small. So we're in Lysterfield, my son is attending the primary school here, which is only a few minutes walk away. It would be nice to meet up sometime if you are free. Just let me know. Debbie
  14. Debbie Emblem

    Moving to Rowville/Lysterfield - Anyone there?

    Hi Danny, It would be great to meet up in March. Just let us know the details. Debbie
  15. Looking forward to getting keys of our rental house in Lysterfield tomorrow. Our 6 year old son will be starting at Lysterfield Primary on Monday. Would like to hear of any PIO members who live in the area who would like to meet up for a coffee/chat. Also, can anyone recommend a good hairdressing salon in the area? Looking forward to hearing from you. Debbie.