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Found 48 results

  1. Just a quick question, we are due to move over in January and just wanted to ask wheter anyone thinks it would be difficult to enrol my son into school as most schools like to sort out enrollements before the school term ends in December?:swoon:
  2. Hi all, just wanted to update our situation, after a nerve wracking weekend we finally got our visa granted an hour before our packers were finished removing our furniture from our house, it came though in the nick of time as they needed confirmation of the visa to be able to ship our stuff out! Now in Singapore for a couple of days and arrive in Perth on Sunday :biggrin: Hang in there anyone who is waiting! Pip x
  3. Hi all, just wanted to update our situation, after a nerve wracking weekend we finally got our visa granted an hour before our packers were finished removing our furniture from our house, it came though in the nick of time as they needed confirmation of the visa to be able to ship our stuff out! Now in Singapore for a couple of days and arrive in Perth on Sunday :biggrin: Hang in there anyone who is waiting! Pip x
  4. I've very wimpily been postponing my departure so I can talk on line to my friend Brigitte in Germany. Even gone so far as to tell her I'd PREFER to talk to her than go to the beach. The acid test will be if I want to go to the pub next time she is on line!
  5. The way it depicts the Sydney 'burbs out Bankstown way is superb - RSL, fibro homes, young blokes and sheilas getting hammered. Only sad thing is the 'olds' are where I am at now!
  6. Have I left to get a visa. I'm 45 next month. Where do I start if I'm still ok Nvq3 mechanical maintenance (fitter) Tried looking on the websites but it just gets confusing when I'm not sure what to look for
  7. Hi all, I was assessed under the dreaded 2231-79 NEC code back in May 2010. I'm now looking to get an assessment I can use in a new visa application so I need an assessment under an ANZSCO code. Am I still able to get a re-assessment based on the docs I previously submitted, even though my original assessment has now expired? I've sent a revalidation app to the ACS but I think this is a mistake as it would have the old ASCO code. I've emailed the ACS for guidance and am waiting for a reply, but was wondering if anyone else found themselves in the same boat and had any advice? Cheers :biggrin:
  8. Guest

    Have We Left It Too Late?

    My husband, 44 (45 in November) is a Staff Nurse in England (working since 2006) and spoke a few months ago about us all trying to move to Australia. At the time both the kids (now 16 and 18) said they didn't want to go and I had the same reaction. However, over the last few days I have begun thinking about the future of our children. They are both about to embark on new courses at College next week, which is great, but the reality of it all has suddenly hit home to me - great, they're doing courses which will give them some great qualifications but what happens after that? Will they be able to get a job? In the current state of the UK, the answer to that question is probably no. My husband also wants to better his career prospects. Anyway, my main question is is it too late for my husband to apply to move to Australia with myself and our two children?
  9. He used to make the lunches when I lived with him, cheese, tuna or mackerel, salad, toast, Viennese Whirl or Bakewell Tart to follow before I went to work, and pack something nice for that too. After my Mum died in 1997, he lived on until 2005 and I made the mistake of thinking he'd live forever! It was like living with a best mate. Strange how I think of my parents at odd times. When I see a house for sale near me I want to tell them about it. Now I'll drive down to 7/- Beach for a swim, eat my lunch and think how much my Mum would have enjoyed swimming here!
  10. Guest

    Is it too LATE

    Me and my wife are discussing emigrating to Australia, hopefully Perth. However, I'm 56 and my wife is 42 and we have 2 girls aged 6 & 3. My wife is a chartered accountant and I'm a building surveyor, is it worth applying at our ages?????? We've done the current points test and have scored 120, is it worth waiting until the system changes in July? Any information would be most helpful, thanks
  11. kasisalo

    is it too late?

    hi could anyone tell me if we still have time to apply for a permanent visa as my husband will be forty five at the end of june and im not sure wether we have left it too late
  12. simos

    Have I left it too late???

    Hi My name is joanne, I wanted to ask advice from you guys on the forum. I think I may have left it too late to apply for a Visa(176) before the new points test comes in on July 1st 2011. With the new points system I dont think I will qualify!! These are my circumstances, Age 42, Qualified Midwife for 20yrs(post registration course) working in midwifery all that time, have no degree, aiming for 7 on ILETS and hope to get SA state sponsorship. With current points system I qualify with at least 100-110 pts but on new system would only get 55points(short by 10pts).OH no help with points as over 50yrs. I am now panicking because I am only at the very beginning of the process. There are 17wks between now and July 1st. Need to: 1. take ILETS(and pass) 2. Get skills assessment by ANMAC completed 3. Get SA state sponsorship 4. Get in VISA app before 1st july 2011. Is this achievable or am I deluding myself? Thanks Joanne:unsure:
  13. Today I have completed my Bachelor Degree (Accounting) from Sydney University. But my visa is going to be expire on 22nd March. I am planning to apply for 886 Family sponsored visa and As only 4 weeks left to expire my visa, one of the agent told me I wouldn't be able to apply for 886 because of short time rather I need to extend my studnet visa again. Do you think same??? I reallyyyyyy don'ttttt want to extend my student visa againnn... I haven't got my certificate yet so couldn't apply to CA for skill assessment. I will go for fast track skill assessment, whenever that will arrive. another question....as I will apply through my maternal uncle's sponsorship, can you please give me some idea how can I prove the relationship? What document's I should bring from him? Refresing page every 5 minutes to check the answer. Please asnwer. Thanks
  14. tonyman

    Late Parcel...!!!!

    my mother in law sent a parcel to us from the uk , it cost 54 pounds to send and was recorded delivery , we got it today !!!!!!! it was sent in August before she came over for a 6/7 week visit , she had a tracking number but they couldnt track it down and it came today with no explanation what so ever.......now thats what i call great service......over 3 months to get here ,54 quid , recorded delivery and no apology :realmad:
  15. We have just got our Case Officer this week but we had been thinking about switching from a 176 to a 175 - I presume we are now too late? I know we should be very grateful that we have a case officer and probably shouldnt make life difficult for ourselves?
  16. Guest

    Is it too late???

    Me and my partner desperately want to move to Oz currently my partner is studying to be an electrician but has been working as a maintenance engineer and been involved in an electrical trade for the last 4 years. He is in the second year of his C&G 2330 which is also an NVQ 2 & 3 and is employed now as an apprentice with his employer who has employed him for the last 4 years. he will also have his 17th edition as well However he is going to be 40 next birthday and by the time he is qualified he will be almost 42 are we too late for the experience or will his 4 years post qualified count?? i just find it confusing. I am 31 and a hairdresser and understand it has been taken off a lot of the state sponsored lists and also need 5 years experience for the TRA and only been hairdressing for the last year and a half and would also have to have a lot of capital if it is still on the list by the time we apply!!!!. Do we still have a hope because I'm worried about the years experience for my OH as an electrician - in total he will have 7 years experience in the industry but only just qaulified - can anybody help??? Thanks Sarah
  17. Hi, im Martin, 25 from London. i will be travelling to Sydney on my own to work for 6 months at the end of Sep! dont really know anyone there, so will be great to meet some people here?? So if you any of you guys are in a similar situation, want an extra friend for drinks, clubs, activities, beaching or just to hang out and explore Sydney please private message me to swap facebooks if i can, i also want see as much of Australia as possible in the 6 months (outside of having to work full time!!). So if i have the time, possibly Melbourne, Gold Coast, Fraser island, Whitsundays etc. I've also booked a 2 week holiday in Thailand towards the end of Nov. Also plan to take surfing and diving courses! (havent done that before!) and any other ozzie stuff i discover while im there! Thanks!
  18. NT - SMP will be late Septemper 2010 Sponsorship for GSM applications with occupations NOT on National SOL The Northern Territory will put in place a State Migration Plan and will publish a Northern Territory Occupation Shortage List with that plan. This list will contain a number of occupations that are not on the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) Skilled Occupation List (SOL). Due to the upcoming election, the target date for the Northern Territory's State Migration Plan is late September 2010. All applicants for Northern Territory sponsorship will be required to demonstrate that they have positive employment prospects in the Northern Territory even if their occupation is on the shortage list. check this link : Sponsorship for GSM applications with occupations NOT on National SOL
  19. It's good to know that DIAC is working on internal reformation as well as planning changes for the entire migration program. Pre-September 2009 applicants of Category 5, 6 and 7 are glad (I'm sure they will agree) to see that there will be less migrants to compete in the job market in the coming years as the oz government is preferring employer sponsorship than independent skilled applicants. I don't think it will be a problem for the future applicants since they will apply based on the new rules and requirements. But why do we have to suffer? We feel like we've been forgotten. It's time that DIAC wake up and make some positive announcements about processing the pre-september Category 5, 6 and 7 applications. While we are aware that some category 5 applications are being on hand to bd processed, we believe more of them should be handled and the backlog should be cleared up instead of processing new applicants first. So, it's time that pre-september applications are given exemption from the priority processing system if DIAC is planning to continue using priority processing system. DIAC should plan to process these applications in the order they received. WE HAVE SUFFERED MUCH, ALREADY. Let us give some good news soon and let us have a sound sleep the night you announce begin processing of this applications.
  20. Hi I have just moved to Forest lake and dont know anyone here. I have an 18yr male cousin staying with me and as I have 3 small children he is getting quite bored. I was hoping that someone would be willing to show him around especially in the evenings even if its to just hang out. Thanks Jennie
  21. Guest

    Are we leaving it too late?

    I would like to know if it possible to up and move my family and my belongings to Melbourne in 26 days? I know this sounds extreme, but we have had problems with the completion of our house sale and our visa's run out on 17th June. I havent got any flights booked, any removals companies booked, although I do have somewhere for us to stay when we get there (thank goodness). Has anyone else done it in such a short time, or am I being unrealistic? Any advise or tips to save my time would really be appreciated as I think I am beginning to go ever so slightly mad! Thanks Tara:goofy:
  22. Hey, I posted this earlier: I've just started looking into aussie visas, but getting swamped with all the info that's out there. My boyfriend moved to Australia last October (2009) and is on the student visa (valid until December 2013) to complete his PHD. As we have been going out for 4 years and lived with eachother for 3 years, I believe I qualify as a dependent in a de facto relationship - we have a joint bank account, tenancy agreements in our names etc. As he is on the student visa, this limits me to working 20 hours a week if I choose the Dependent Visa. Are there any other visa options I should look in to - especially ones that will let me work full-time? I'm a graphic designer and keen to start work asap in Oz if I get a visa approved. Thanks for your time I got great responses back that I can work full time on his subclass 574 as he's studying his PhD. He's already out in Oz studying on this visa - so I'd like to know how we can apply for my dependancy visa please?! Should we have added me on his visa at the time he applied last year? How do I get more info??! I've searched through the immi.gov.au site but can't find anything that helps. I'm worried we've left this too late........ Thanks everyone
  23. Hello. How's everyone's Easter break? I'm going to have to work from today till Monday :wacko: I'm currently studying Dip. of Hospitality and the last class is on the 11th of June. I have my TRA assessment done(pre-Jan 2010), and have IELTS 7 each band. Here's 'if'. If DIAC does not apply the new rules in June, I could probably apply for 885 PR visa that time. Age 30 SOL 60(Cook) IELTS 25 Aus Study 5(2yrs TAFE) - If I lodge an online application on the 30th of June, is it what they call lodgement date? - What if the school cannot produce course transcript by June even though the course completion date is 11th of June. Can I upload the transcript later in July without taking any risk? - Any suggestions to prove course completion? I have problem getting this transcript on time. School admin does not wanna give me an answer when they can print it out. They just say I can get it on Graduation day in July. This is by the assumption that the new rules will apply from July. And I clearly understand 885 nonCSL non MODL no Sponsor will have no promsie how long it's gonna take to be granted. :sad: Thank you all for the answers ahead.
  24. Hi there.....am in a bit of a fix with registering my kids for school by Term 2 (which I think should be somewhere end April, right?)....couldn't make it for the begining of the school term as we have some commitments back home to attend to. Anyway, a friend recommended Thornlie Christian School, in addition to a couple more private schools at surburbs that we may possibly settle down in such as St. Andrews at Clarkson and St. Stephen at Currambine. Sent an email to Thornlie early this week to enquire about the possibility of late enrolment and till today, not a word in reply!!! Is it me or is the norm with the schools in Perth? That they don't bother with replying emails? Then why the email address in their website? So, should we just walk in when we arrive in March for our initial entry? I noticed in their enrolment forms, they require references from pastors and such.....is it really a necessity? Do you think by now, all private schools would be full? If they are, what are the chances they would accept additional students in similar predicaments such as ours? The reason we're looking at private schools is becos we think they would be a lot more diciplined and "kinder".......just hate the idea of my two babies being at the mercies of meanies, just as they are trying to cope with the stress of moving to a foreign land..... Oh, forgot to mention, my eldest turns 10 by Sept 2010 and youngest 7 in June. Would really appreciate any sort of advice right now........Thks.
  25. Guest

    have we left it too late??

    Hi - am hoping for some advice - my husband is 46 and owns a successful recruitment business in london - we would like to emigrate to Perth however when we filled out the basic points form it appears that, as he's over 45, we don't qualify. He has a first cousin in Perth which gave us a few extra points but I don't work so am 'pointless' (?!) too! Our plan would be to sell up and move with our 3 boys aged 12, 9 & 8 and we could afford for my husband to not work but he would love to have a part time job working, or volunteering, within an ocean or wildlife programme (a frustrated david bellamy!). He would be prepared to start up another company if it meant a smoother entry but not sure if this would be encouraged by the government or not. Although happy to remain self employed he's wary of being tied into 'having' to produce a set income each year to justify his visa. Any ideas as to whether any of this is even possible would be much appreciated - and, if it's not possible then we need to put this dream aside and move on........................... confused Clare x ps - I understand you may be able to 'buy' your way in - any idea how much money you would need to bank in Oz?