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Found 56 results

  1. I plan on moving into an unfurnished 2 bedroom apartment in Brisbane at the end of January. I would like to purchase living room and bedroom furniture for the apartment (e.g. queen beds, couches, coffee tables etc.). Does anyone have a set of furniture for sale that meet my requirements?
  2. Hey fellow Queenslanders or should I say "Banana Benders"!!! We have got our 457 and are on our way on the 8th January and to be honest, we cannot wait. We have managed to secure a rental in Peregian Springs which seems to have a good reputation for a family. We are open to meeting people who live up that way - we are a family of 4 with children aged 19 (not really child) and 10, both boys. We hope you all have a great Christmas and see you all very soon Paul, Donna, Michael and Ollie...:cool:
  3. Never posted before, first forum i have ever registered to... Im flying into Brisbane early january 2012!!! alone hopefully to find some carpentry work anywhere on the East coast. Im not sure of anything to be honest so im keeping a complete open mind and am willing to do any kind of work anywhere on the East coast. only Three months of crazy saving to go! A mate was supposed to come with me but cant get his backside into gear to save money and hes blown me out Alone it is... Although im very nervous about it. I cant wait to get out there and meet people and just have an unbelievable time! Ive dreamt of being in Australia since i can remember! Im mostly worried about finding the work... Chhhheeeeeerrrsss
  4. Just a quick question, we are due to move over in January and just wanted to ask wheter anyone thinks it would be difficult to enrol my son into school as most schools like to sort out enrollements before the school term ends in December?:swoon:
  5. Well, I'm 16 (17 in February) and i've just got a few questions, education wise. I know that from an age perspective, i'd be headed into year 11, or would it be worth going through Year 10? I ask because the courses seem somewhat different, and so getting an understanding at the same level as the other students before the Year 11-12 courses begin seems to me like a good idea. Hoping for replies, please point out anywhere that i went wrong
  6. Guest

    Moving to Perth in January

    Hi everyone! I'm moving to Perth in January to start work at the University of Western Australia, and my friend recommended this site so I just thought I'd say hi. Any other Perthians out there?? Bonnie
  7. Guest

    Moving to Brisbane in January

    Hi everyone, we're moving to Brisbane/Gold Coast (my husbands job is in Brisbane but we're not exactly sure where we will rent to start with yet) at the start of January next year all being well with my hubands sponsored visa. We have a 2 yr old little girl and another baby due next week! We are very excited but also apprehensive about the move so we are keen to hear of other people's experiences on moving, making friends and settling into a new way of life. Any advice is very much appreciated!
  8. Guest

    Moving to Sydney, in January,

    Is there anyone from Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK or ex Dubai, UAE in Sydney?:biggrin:
  9. Hey, very new to this so just getting used to it. My fiance and i are moving to Perth in January and just looking for some advice on costs of living, jobs, etc We are very sociable and a young couple aged 26 and 27 and would like to know what it is like in Perth, we know it's relaxed which we are happy about but still want to meet some young families and friends to have a laugh with. Lately everyone we have told is quite negative about prices and how everything is soo expensive, not sure what to think but no matter what we are on a high about emigrating. Look forward to replies as will put our mind at ease lol!! thanks x :smile:
  10. Hey everyone, My names Jordan and i am moving out to Perth at the start of january next year, I am looking forward to moving, just would love to get to know a few people and make friends before i get out there. So if anybody wants to chat, please get back to me Thanks
  11. Guest

    Moving in January

    Hey everyone, My fiance and i are moving to Perth in January, just wanting to see if anyone over there has some helpful information and for anyone planning to go we hopefully can help you.... we are very excited but nervous too, lots of people saying it so expensive now?? can anybody clarify how expensive it is? Thanks :wubclub:
  12. moving to perth in january on a 12 month working visa & wondered if anybody on here knows if it is easy to find work in perth & what is the best and cheapest form of accomidation whilst i find my feet in oz??? :notworthy: thanks in advance phil
  13. Guest

    January Recce & Interviews!

    Hi everyone. My first post so please be kind. Work redundancy in UK looking ever more likely with the construction industry in dire straits......(might find out tom) Anyhow i've got flights for my wife, boy and myself to go and visit my sis in manley early Jan and have managed to secure 2no interviews in sydney during my recce after launching my CV assault to target firms (architectural practice). Was hoping for a bit of advice really from forum members.. I have just received my approved skills assessment from the AACA and now wondering the best visa option to take. What with the redundancy looming, time is of the essence so assuming the 176 could take over 12months, what visa offer should I be aiming for at interview that would allow me to work in sydney at shortest possible notice with maximum flexibility? - family good to go after much discussion. Apologies for the rambling post - any assistance much appreciated. T2O
  14. Guest

    Visiting Canberra in January 2011

    First time post here - we have ACT state sponsorship, Feb 2011 and are awaiting our 176 visa - expected May 2011. Meds and police checks all completed. Although we will have a visa we are visiting first before totally deciding to move as my husband has never been to Australia before. We have two small kids, both under 5, and want to see if Canberra really can offer a good lifestyle. As part of a holiday trip we are visiting Canberra for a week to see what it has to offer. My husband is an independent consultant specialising in E2E financial processes - has anyone got a view of the market place for consultancy in ACT? Also - any recommendation of suburbs to view when we are over would be great. Thanks Sal
  15. On your special day 25th January, have a wonderful day love Susie xx
  16. Cerberus1

    January 2011 Forum Statistics

    [img2=right]http://www.pomsinoz.com/images/record_smash.gif[/img2]A little late this month, but here are the January Forum Stats, a record breaking month. In January: 1,405 new members joined the forum (the 2nd highest monthly total ever), taking us past the 40,000 member mark. 32,032 posts were made - the highest ever The most number of users (members & guests) ever online at the same time occurred - 971 on the 24th Jan. The most registered members online in 1 day occurred in January - 1,260 360,627 visits to the forum in January - the highest ever 165,080 unique visitors to the site in January - the highest ever
  17. Hello to all!! Yes, we have been slack posting on here, getting ourselves a little settled!!! We left London on 15th December, spent 5 days in Bangkok, very hot but a great experience. We then flew to Brissie to catch up with friends, had a fab time. Organised hubbies tax file number etc, and did the tourist things, coasts etc. We were going to get the camper and drive over to Perth however decided, due to the weather and the challenge of getting a suitable camper, we flew out of Brisbane on 5th January and arrived in lovely Perth at midnight of the 5th. We luckily found accommodation before our arrival and now living at Rockingham. We visited Rockingham beach and Freemantle on Thursday and Friday we decided to search for transport. Popped into a Kawasaki dealer and got a great deal so hubbie is now the proud owner of a Vulcan cruiser, which has been a huge help after jumping from buses to trains to get around. Thanks to you for the advise regarding the necessary paperwork to bring with us from London, has been a huge help!!! So we are staying put here, love the fact the weather, although warm, it isn't as sticky as Brissie and we just love the beaches, absolutely gorgeous and you can live so close to them and be only 20 minutes from Perth city centre is just great. We are off to sort hubbie's medicare card and get mine updated. Well, sorry for rambling and for being so slack to come back on and thank you all for your support and laughs, will be sure to update more regularly!!! If anyone would like to meet up here in Perth that would be great, we have the bike now so can travel, it would be great to have a meet up so if you are interested let us know. Great to be home and hubbie is just loving the way of life here, the weather, the people, he can't get over the service and the chilled way of life, so very happy bunnies all round!!!! Be sure to let us know if you would like to meet, it will be great to put faces to names or even if you want to make new friends, as we are!!! All the best to those of you waiting for your visas, well worth the wait I can tell you! Hugs from Nando and Jane X :notworthy::biggrin::jiggy::yes:
  18. Hi all Just recently moved to Varsity Lakes I am Jayne (38) & also Angie (31). We are going for brunch on Sunday 30th January 11ish at Lake Cafe in Varsity Lakes. We wondered if anyone else would like to meet up for a bite to eat or just a coffee and a chat. Please feel free to either reply to the thread or send me a private message. Look forward to hearing from you Jayne & Angie Ps DjBurgessuk will see you there
  19. On status enquiry page it is showing Medicals finalised on 7th January 2011 but still no change as of today. Everything else is done just waiting for page to change to 176 Visa Approved. Obviously it is Australia Day tomorrow so they will be closed but has anyone had experiences of how long it takes once meds finalised. I know from reading other posts that this varies from 1 hour to 2 weeks but it will have been 3 weeks once they re-open after Australia Day. Not sure whether to check with them to see if anything is holding it up or just sight tight and be patient as we won't be moving to September anyway.
  20. THIS MEET-UP IS BEING POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE DUE TO THE ON-GOING SITUATION IN BRISBANE AND SURROUNDING AREAS Hello and Happy New Year to one and all, I hope everyone's hangover has now subsided and the New Year resolutions haven't yet been abandoned! We are having the next meet up at the Settlement Cove Lagoon in Redcliffe on 22 January 2011. About Redcliffe - History and Attractions Personally I haven't been to this place yet but it looks pretty promising as it has the lagoon area for swimming and wading, a children's play area, water jets, the beach, picnic areas and bbq's. The address should be on the link above but I think it is Marine Parade, Recliffe, it may also come up on Sat Navs as a point of interest in that area too. If you have been before then just look out for the familiar faces and if you haven't then we usually have a gazebo up, a picnic table and the picnic chairs too. Just listen out for the pommie accents! If anyone has any issues with finding it etc then please do send a message and we will try to help. As usual just try to bring some bbq food and drink, enough for yourselves is fine, and we all pitch in and share. Time wise we should be there from 11am til mid afternoon depending on the weather and how tired the kids are! See you there unless the weather is terrible in which case we will re-arrange! Matt & Sharon Jacob & Isobel xxxxxx
  21. Australia Immigration Nation Premieres on SBS 8.30pm EST 9 January. For related stories from "The Australian" click here. Previews click here. Interesting reactions already from the noisy "Tea Bag" like minority claiming it is anti white propaganda, and those who can't decide whether it is, like all immigration, a leftist or capitalist conspiracy...... so much for Australians being more "relaxed and comfortable" about themselves (former PM John Winston Howard) :wacko:
  22. Australia Immigration Nation SBS Documentary January 2011 We appreciate our immigrants — if they earn it. Despite past successes, attitudes towards new Australians remain contradictory. WE used to have the dagos and the wogs. Then it was the slopes and the slanty-eyeds, the yellows, the balts and the Lebs and the curry-munchers. And more recently it has been the towel-heads and the terrorists infiltrating Australia and undermining our way of life. If there is a lesson in the past half-century or so of migration, it’s that new arrivals can expect a withering initiation. The nicknames may change, and so too the migrant groups subjected to suspicion, derision and worse, but the fear that drives such insults is persistent and widespread…. …Australian society has been supple enough to adapt to wave after wave of migration in the 65 years since World War II, and by and large we like the society we’ve created. So, although there are myriad concerns about how future immigration might threaten our society, our history says we have reason to be confident. We are nothing if not champions of change. New Series: January 9, 2011 on SBS One “Immigration Nation The Secret History of Us”.
  23. Hi Everyone, hope you all had a lovely Christmas. My Hubby has decided to go to Perth for a reccie for 2 weeks leaving on 7th January (lucky sod) Just wondering if there are any PIO's already in Perth that would fancy meeting up with him, he is a carpenter by trade so anyone with similar background would be nice ,just to have a chat and find out a bit more about employment prospects while he is there. Also he needs a holiday visa, is it evisitor 651 he needs ?:biggrin:
  24. 457ScottishExpat

    Things to do in Oz in January 2011

    Hi, My Mum and Dad are coming over to visit from the UK in January 2011. They'll be flying into, and out of Melbourne. They'll be in Australia for 2-3 weeks. Events in Melbourne in January 2011 January 16th: Cricket One Day International against England January 17th to 30th: Australian Open Tennis January 26th: National Day Celebrations AFL: Season over A-League: In progress. Sights Open to suggestions - too many to list! We spent a week going down Great Ocean Road and loved it, so that will definitely form part of our plans. They want to see some of the tennis, and the Cricket international - other than that the plans are flexible. I don't know about the best times to go to certain places in Oz weather-wise - I heard January was a bad time to go to Great Barrier Reef / Whitsundays ? Suggested itineraries please! :eek: Yours, 457ScottishExpat
  25. Hi all I have been granted my Student Visa now and will be flying over in January 2011 to Melbourne to start my course in February........ and I can't wait!!!!! :smile: I have a few questions if anyone can help??? 1. My course/visa is for 2yrs, I take it I am ok to book a one-way ticket as Qantas tickets are only valid for 12months?? 2. Is it better to book online or direct through a travel agent? 2. What info do I need at the airports other than my visa details & passport? If there's anything else you think I should know, the info would be very much appreciated. Also I would love to get chatting to people who are doing the same thing......so if anyone is travelling to Melbourne and going to the NMIT, I will be flying out in January and my course starts in Febuary, I would love to hear from you. All the best Cheers Julia