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Found 211 results

  1. Mods who close the post not included! I guess im Winning!:twitcy:
  2. Hi there, We are in the process of moving to Albury. My Hubbie has a job with a company who will sponsor him on a 457 visa. My only fear is that I have a kidney transplant and I am afraid it will cause problems on the medical. I have it 16 years this May but take a lot of medication which in Ireland is paid for. If anybody has any advice or has been through a similar scenario I would love to hear about it. Thanks, Sian x
  3. I emailed DIAC asking if for non-licensed occupations, if they'll consider pre qualification experience for points. Here is their response: PRE-GRADUATION WORK EXPERIENCE If you have undertaken part-time skilled employment work while completing a course of study, you may count this towards any General Skilled Migration skilled employment requirements as long as you were employed on a paid basis for at least 20 hours per week at the skilled level. Generally, pre-graduation skilled employment experience would be at the 'semi-skilled' rather than the 'skilled' level and therefore not be acceptable. ...... My situation is that it was the other way around: I have undertaken part time schooling while working full time in my current profession. So in my case, I can safely assume that I can count the experience while in school, since my job was full time and schooling was part time?
  4. clonesred

    Redirection Post

    Hi This question has possibly been asked before, but I have had no luck searching the forum. I need help in redirecting my post to Oz. I know that I can set up a redirection service with Royal mail, that is the easy bit. My issue is that I don't have an address in Oz to forward to. I'll be staying in temporary accommodation for the first month, and hopefully will move into a longer term rental after that. I've been told by Oz post office that I can't set up a PO Box from over here, you need to do it in person in an Australian post office. Using relatives over here to receive the mail and send it to me in Oz, is not a viable option unfortunately. Any one out there faced a similar problem and managed to find a solution?
  5. Guest

    Living our dream post cancer!

    Hi After some advice really. I am 3 years post breast cancer and my family and I are seriously considering moving to Perth. Thankfully I have no lasting ill effects from my surgery and treatment but continue on oral hormone treatment until 2013. I am curious to find out if there are or have been other women in the same situation and whether they had any problems with visa applications/medical assessments. As the main applicant for our Visa applications I am worried our 'dream' of a new life in Australia may just be that.
  6. peterhuli

    Like My Post!

    This is just a pointless thread and useless post whilst I'm waiting for visa to get granted... I'm trying to build up my total number of Likes. Please click Like! :biglaugh:
  7. Guest

    Post Codes

    Hi ALL Ive just printed off a copy of all the post codes of areas in Queensland which you are unable to work in if you have been state ot territory sponsored. Problem is they dont meen that much as i havent a clue where 4124-4125 or 4522-4899 etc etc etc :err:Does anyone know exactly the names of any decent areas that are included Any info would be greatly received Thanks in advance Sandra very :confused:
  8. We are currently packing boxes to send with the post office in Spain, We have decided on the slower option of sea rather then air. They have given us a simple form CP72/pem to fill out with 3 lines for contents and said to generalize whats in the box (clothes/kitchenware/shoes etc) Does anybody know if this is sufficient for Australia? should we be contacting the Customs dept or anything like that , we are sending to our sisters house , would it be better to use her name or ours? thanks
  9. Hi All, I have been seriously thinking of a career change into nursing. I have looked into this and think I would enjoy the job. From looking at the entry requirements I would meet the requirements of a post graduate diploma, which mean I would qualify in after two years on study. However I am not sure this would be recognised in Australia. I have seen than nursing diplomas are recognised, but cant find anything about the post graduate diploma. Looking on AHPRA's website it states post graduate courses are accepted - but must be at least 6 semesters in length - which I thinkg my post graduate course would not be (I think its only 4 semesters - but maybe they mean tearms, in which case it would be fine). Please - can anyone help! Thanks
  10. I started doing this in the UK when I found a good set of pictures of The New Forest where I live. Now I do the same thing in OZ, bought two packs of first day covers, already stamped for worldwide. Some of them are Xmas-themed, others Aussie-themed. I sent all ten off on Friday. I find it more 'authentic' and i like to add a short message too. I hate getting a card from ten thousand miles away with no more than 'Merry Xmas Dave' from 'X' & 'Y', written by 'X' when 'Y' is supposedly my friend.
  11. Lately I have been using the following advice to posts that anger / irritate me on PIO. Have I been here too long?
  12. Mr Fabricator

    Perth post code ??

    Hi All , while on the net searching for all sorts , it would be helpfull to fill out the oz post code equivelent box Can someone loan me theirs so i may use search engines and give my virtual location as perth . Burbs are fine , its just so i can search for things near ish to perth . thanks in advance . lee
  13. A major problem today is that the media and the blogosphere are dominated by the 1 percent. The 1 percent control everything, and they control the news that they drip fed to the masses, to the 99 percent. It was revealed recently that the Australian real estate industry actually pays shills and spruikers to 'talk up' property on forums and blogs (yes even blogs like this one) to plant positive spin, to post as if they are one of the 99 percent when in fact they are the 1% pretending to be a normal blogger. Watch this for evidence, it includes a video that Bernard Salt probably wishes was never recorded: On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog, or a paid property spruiker Are your eyes open yet people? Don't believe what you read, anywhere. The problem is the 99 percent don't read blogs like this. They don't find out the truth. So pass this on, pass the message on to everyone. Tell your friends what's happening. Make them read this article. Make then watch the Bernard Salt video (he's a public figure, they might have heard of him, they might listen to his scheme and revolt against it). Above all, remember, the 99 percent are fed lies by the 1 percent and this is a huge obstacle we must overcome. But in time, the truth must come out. It always does. We are the 99 percent.
  14. Hi, I am a nurse with 5 yrs acute medicine experience and 3 years Urology & plastics surgery experience, looking desperately for a permanent post to start in feb, Geelong area....i am not having any luck, despite excellent references and experience. Agencies coming up blanks. Any suggestions or leads, gratefully apreciated.
  15. Guest

    IELTS GSM Points post July 1

    Hi just taking a shot in the dark. Need five more points to be sure cross 65. I got 8, 7.5.7,7 and overall 7.5. Can this score give me 15 points on better english levels. The requirement on new points system is 20 points for a score of 8 in each and 10 points for score of 7 in each. Does anyone know if this exists or is on the discretion of the case officer. Or is it a straight NO. Thanks,
  16. Hi, Has anyone recently been offered PR visa by Hospital in Sydney for nursing post. My wife received email on Friday from agency confirming she has been approved by NSW heath for Royal North Shore Hospital. However during the interview interviewers haven't discussed about the type of visa they are going to offer and also when they want the applicant to start for them so no idea what they are going to offer. As we have 7 year old son we prefer PR visa so appreciate any info from anyone who has been recently approved for nursing post in Syndey. ....Mansawant
  17. I and my partner will be visiting Australia in the beginning of 2012 and found classic 12 days itinerary and we have 7 days more in Australia, what you would suggest to visit for post tour extension. Thank you in advance! Day 1. Arrive Sydney. G'day! Upon arrival you will be met and transferred to your hotel. The rest of the day is at leisure. Day 2. Sydney sightseeing. This morning during your guided walking tour of the historic Rocks area, you will enjoy views of the harbour and see historic buildings and sandstone stairs whilst wandering through the many alleyways. Your guide will tell you the story of the settlement of New South Wales. An afternoon city tour past the Opera House, Botanical Gardens and the southern beaches including Bondi. Day 3. Sydney. Your cruise of Sydney Harbour today includes stops at the Rocks, Opera House, Watson's Bay and Taronga Zoo. Your ticket is flexible enabling you to take any of the 8 daily departures, spending as long as you wish at each stop before rejoining the cruise. Entrance to the Taronga Zoo, where you can see many native animals including kangaroos and koalas, is included in your ticket. This evening is free to enjoy Sydney. (Alternatively you can take the overnight train to Melbourne – please ask for details). Day 4. Sydney to Melbourne. Transfer to the airport today for your short flight from Sydney to Melbourne (airfare not included). An early morning arrival gives you a full day at leisure to enjoy this cosmopolitan city. Melbourne is a great place for shopping! Go for a tram ride or visit the casino. Tonight try one of Melbourne's BYOB restaurants or the Tramcar Restaurant. Day 5. Melbourne sightseeing and Penguin Parade. This morning's sightseeing tour takes you to cathedrals, parks, gardens and historic landmarks. An afternoon tour to Phillip Island to see the world renowned "Little Penguin Parade". Day 6. Melbourne to Ayers Rock. This morning you are transferred to the airport for your flight to Ayers Rock. This afternoon tour the nearby Olgas and afterwards watch the spectacular sunset over "The Rock". Day 7. Ayers Rock to Kings Canyon. This morning is spent visiting the area with time to climb the Rock if you wish. You'll hear some of the Aboriginal mythology and legends which surround this region. In the afternoon depart for Kings Canyon. Day 8. Kings Canyon to Alice Springs. This morning you have the chance to explore Kings Canyon, one of the most spectacular gorges in the Northern Territory. In the afternoon travel to the legendary "A town like Alice". Day 9. Alice Springs to Cairns. Today is at leisure until you are transferred to the airport for your flight to Cairns. Upon arrival you will be met and transferred to your hotel. Day 10. Great Barrier Reef. Today visit the Outer Barrier Reef. There will be time for a swim (snorkel or dive) and to view the abundant sea life from the underwater observatory and see the beautiful coral from a glass bottom boat. L Day 11. Kuranda & Aboriginal Experience. Board the Kuranda train for a scenic ride to Kuranda, famous for its markets. Travel into the towering rainforest on an amphibious army duck. Enjoy an Aussie barbecue lunch and an authentic Aboriginal cultural performance under the canopy of the rainforest. Experience a "Dreamtime" walk with an Aboriginal guide. Throw a boomerang and see Australian native animals including koalas and kangaroos and enjoy a ride on Skyrail. Day 12. Depart Cairns. At leisure until you are transferred to the airport.
  18. Hi - I've just lodged my application with DIAC and am now looking at the long list of documents & evidence I have to provide. I have a couple of questions... 1 - I'm in the UK - apart from asking on this forum, is there any official phone number I can use? An email from DIAC in response to an online enquiry suggested I ring (+61) 1300 364 613. To find out the time zone I looked up area code 13 and it appears to be Macquarie Island. Anyone know if this is right? 2 - Timescales for submission of documents/evidence. How quickly will these need to be submitted? I will need to organise an IELTS test for my wife which will take weeks. Will this be OK? 3 - Health checks - I've read elsewhere that I'm supposed to wait for DIAC to tell me to get these done. The checks are appearing on the checklist when I log on to the DIAC application tracker. Does this mean that effectively they have asked me already? Thanks all, Andy
  19. Guest

    Post quarantine anxiety/issues

    Hi all Not sure if anyone has had the same problem but our dog appears to be suffering anxiety/fearfulness since leaving quarantine. We can no longer leave him in the house as he has damaged things and we were leaving him in the garage with the door to the garden open but he has dug a hole under the side gate ! We now have to shut him in the garage when we go out and when we get back he is unbelievably excited jumps up and barks at high pitch. We never had any issues in the UK like this. We have also tried leaving him with dog sitters which has ended badly both times :err: In the UK we left him with dog sitters in their houses and had no problems at all. Do you think he will get over it or has he been permanently affected? Someone suggested he may have been mis-treated in quarantine but i will never know and we paid for a dog walker to go in and never had any problems with them? Any advice would be great Thanks Natalie
  20. Afternoon, I've been researching migrating to Perth for quite a while now, and have just spotted something I hadn't done previously... In the "what does the visa cost) section of the diac website, it shows the 2 instalments, the 1st to be paid at the time you apply, and the 2nd for dependants with less than functional English paid before the Visa is granted... Does that mean the 2nd instalment is only payable by people applying with a dependant with less than functional English? If so, can't believe I hadn't spotted that before..... Cheers Vince
  21. Hi, having been here for a month now, I thought it might be useful for those of you getting ready to come over if I noted down a few tips/observations which might be helpful for you in the first few weeks. These are obviously all my own opinion, and others may disagree, but hopefully it might help a bit...here goes! Accommodation: Compared to the UK, renting and buying here is expensive. Most people seem to get a short term furnished let for a month or so and then try and secure a longer term unfurnished. That was what we did: got a furnished let in Ainslie which is inner North (about 10 mins walk from the city centre). Staying in the city was handy for banks, shops etc, especially if you don't have a car organised. However, most of the suburbs have pretty good shops and nowhere is really that far from a supermarket - so don't feel you have to stay in the city if you don't want - Canberra is not really that big a place, so if you have a car, you are 20 mins at most from anywhere unless you are right on the outskirts. Word of warning -it is cold here at the moment at night and if possible try and get somewhere with ducted heating or at least plug in radiators - you will need them. I have already posted re longer term lets - try and get on to this as soon as you get here - viewings are generally very quick (15 mins) and you will not be the only people looking. Again, I would warn you that there are some shockers out there - we saw quite a few properties with original (1950-1970s) kitchens!! At least 2 we viewed were bascially uninhabitable. Depends on what you want and what you are prepared to pay - we have ended up in Weston Creek which is about 10k west of city - nice area and nice house too - not ultramodern but good roomms and good size yard for our dog. A lot of people say that the newer developments up North (Forde, Gungahlin) are better equipped and modern as they are new builds - but they are on smaller plots and tend not to have large grassy gardens - depends on what suits you I guess. Now is a good time to rent - competition is not so fierce - we put in for this house we are in and got it, maybe lucky. If you are not working, make sure you provide agent with a bank statement with plenty cash in it if possible - they are ultimately interested in who can pay the rent! Shopping Ive read quite a lot about prices here - a lot of which isn't true. Some things are a bit more expensive whereas others are definately cheaper. For example, microwaves are for some strange reason more expensive than in the UK - bring yours if you can; whereas TVs and laptops are cheaper - I bought a pretty high spec laptop for about 400 quid - would have been more in UK. If you are buying electricals, barter with them - and try and buy as much as you can at one time as you will get a better deal if you are buying 2 or 3 items at once - the Good Guys in Belconnen or Fyshwick were very good and were prepared to do a deal. Supermarket shopping is different from UK - the two main supermarkets, Woolies and Coles tend just to sell food, not everything like Tesco or Asda. Also, the alcohol is sold in adjoining liquor stores - dont spend ages looking for the wine aisle like I did!! If you are going in to buy Heinz beans and other UK brands you will pay more, but shop around and buy bulk when you can as you get a better deal. Meat prices here are really good - steaks and chicken are very well priced - especially if you buy a lot. A kg of chicken breast cost us about 10 dollars - thats maybe 6 quid - pretty good. There is a Costco opened out at the airport - some of our new pals here have joined it and say that it has great savings on household products etc. again, if you buy in bulk - I think its about 60 dollars to join. Veggies and fruit can be bought cheaper outwith the supermarkets - most shopping centres have vegetable/fruit markets - plus there is a farmers market just north of the city at the Canberra Exhibition park every Saturday morning from 8ish - we got good prices on great frsh vegetables and meat there. For kitchen, bedding etc. i can't see past K Mart, Target and Big W: especially when you first get here because they are cheap and if you are waiting for your shipping, there is no point in spending a fortune. They are basically all like Matalan in the UK. There are also quite a lot of "pound shops" which are great for dish cloths, kitchen basics etc. - they also sell some brand toiletries and cleaning products cheaper than the supermarkets. We got a set of plates, cups, mugs and cutlery from K Mart for 19 dollars which was great. They also sell microwaves, irons etc and have pretty good prices. For furniture, Fantastic Furniture in Fyshwick was great - modern stuff but reasonably priced and really quick delivery. Cars OK - basically second hand cars are more expensive (by a lot) than in UK, but new cars are reasonably priced - I bought a second hand toyota and actually wished Id paid another 4 or 5 thousand dollars and bought a new one! Buying the car was the same as UK - haggle with them and if they don't budge - walk away - they will chase you!! The system here is that a car has to be registered in the State you live in - each state has its own numberplates! If possible, try and buy a car registered in ACT as then you don't have to change the registration and the plates (if you buy one not registered in ACT bring a screwdriver - or get one from K Mart as i did!) You have to go to 'Canberra Connect' to register a car - there is one in Dickson, inner North. You need proof of residency to register - they basically needed a passport, bank card with your name embossed on it, a medicare card (or the temporary receipt if you don't have it yet) and a lease agreement. The lease agreement has caused some people problems, particularly if it is a short term arrangement and not a formal lease - if possible try and ensure you get a formal lease if you are intending to register a car. The folks at Connect told me they will take a short term lease as long as it is for occupancy of an entire unit - e.g. a standalone house. I could go on forever about cars and drivers licences - so if anyone has any specific questions please let me know - I've just been through it all and happy to help! Misc Medicare - go into Medicare centre in city asap after you have filled out the form, which you can print off from internet - just search for 'Medicare'. They give you a temporary receipt - you can then use as a proof of ID. Medicare cards arrived a few weeks later. Insurance: get home insurance asap - renters insurance is pretty cheap here. Tax number: go online asap and apply for this - it took about 4 weeks for ours to come through. Banks - make sure you get a visa debit card asap - NAB seem to give you a basic card if you organised an account from the UK, but you can go on to their internet banking and request a visa debit - took about 10 days to come through. We are so far enjoying Canberra - its a really nice location and the folks are all friendly. Great wildlife on your doorstep and good weather to see it. The first 4 weeks or so will be hectic - ours have been, but just try and sort one thing out at once and remember that some things take time to organise. Oh, and i would recommend the PIO meet ups - we went along to the last one and met some nice people who we are now friends with. Good luck and enjoy the experience!! :wacko:
  22. Hello! My name is Beccy and I am near the end of my 2nd year training on a diploma course. Me and my partner would love to come to Australia (looking at Queensland) as soon as possible from me qualifying! However, from doing some reading around we know it might not happen! I have looked into the graduate nursing scheme, however on the queensland health website it says you can only apply once your right to work has been granted. So I would need a visa and to register with AHPRA right? On the AHPRA site it says newly qualified diploma nurses without experience are considered on a case by case basis (to do the grad scheme you arent allowed to work as an RN beforehand). So, I am not sure how to go about it? Would there be more chance of AHPRA allowing me to register if I have been offered a job somewhere? Or is there a visa I can get that wouldnt need me to be AHPRA registered, then I could apply for a job and then apply to AHPRA? I would be happy to work as an RN without doing the grad scheme, so have emailed a few hospitals, but it looks like the hardest bit is going to be to sort out registration. Any tips/pointers would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Beccy
  23. sorry about the other post, this is correct address http://www.news.com.au/adelaidenow
  24. TheBrammies

    Dont Read This Post

    ...............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................You Couldn't Help Yourselve Could You ............................................................................:biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh: lmao
  25. The evening started agreeably enough, walking from Surry Hills via Redfern, Waterloo, Alexandria, Erskineville to Newtown which I'd never done before. I bought a loaf of brown bread for $1.80 at an Asian bakery near the IGA in Regent St (or is Botany Rd?) & treated myself to a slice of banana bread. I was feeling noble for avoiding any of the pubs I passed but by the time I reached The Bank at Newtown Station I was parched and I popped in for two schooies of Coopers Green. The Bank is an uber-cool place and although I was dressed OK (I hope) the white plastic bag with my bread in was definitely not cool. Then I knocked my second schooner glass off the bar. Was it my imagination or did the sound of the smash still the pub? Then I started babbling to the bloke next to me - Pommie too - 'how did that happen?' 'did you see it?' (you were DRUNK you old fool, now stop bothering me!?) More humilation followed in the station when I had to ask these young people if I was on the right train to the City. 'Are you sure? I thought it said 'Lidcombe' on the front? (City via Lidcombe!) Then I started babbling to them on the train. Then I got off at Redfern thinking it was Central and had to jump back on and renew my babbling. Just another drunken old fool with his belongings in a plastic bag.