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    First driving offence...Help

    Hi, On Friday morning, I was driving to the doctors appointment at around 8.30 AM and was following the GPS instructions where at one point, it instructed to turn right and I turned right without noticing the 'NO RIGHT TURN: 7.30AM-10.30AM' sign. A highway patrol car was waiting to welcome me and my first ever driving offense was registered. $200 fine and 2 demerit points. I know it was really stupid of me to do that. In-spite of the GPS instructions, I should be looking all around. I'm so disappointed about my poor decision making. When I explained to the officer that how I got confused by the GPS instructions and only noticed the sign when it was too late. He said, I could write a letter of appeal to waive off the fine because I've got a clean record. I've been driving since 1995 (overseas) and from 2007 in Australia. Never ever had any trouble before with my driving anywhere. When I called at the number mentioned at the back of the ticket. They said, overseas driving experience and clean record cannot be considered and I must be driving in Australia for the past 10 years with a clean record to be considered for a waiver. I remember there were few threads earlier where just arrived UK migrants had written letter of appeal and it was taken into consideration. My overseas driving experience was not of UK if it makes a difference. Can anyone please share their experience and guide me about what to write in the letter. I will really appreciate all yours help.
  2. Sydneytina

    Is IELTS result mandatory prior to your PR application ?

    Thanks for your reply. However in the online application where you have to give details for IELTS result, it is mentioned that you can provide your result up untill the decision time of your application. When I spoke to a RMA he said its a grey area...I'm confused. Would love to see comments from George, Alan and other reputed agents who are active on this site.
  3. Hi all, I have a question about IELTS result. Here is my situation: My Graduate skilled visa (485) is about to expire in 15 days and I've failed to get 8 bands across all components in IELTS. Now I'm short of 10 points. Can I file my PR application and keep trying to get 8 bands in IELTS. If I'm successful in getting a positive outcome before I get a case officer then can I use that result for my application or will my visa be refused? I've spoken to to RMA but have got different answers from them. Can anyone help?? All advice appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. Sydneytina

    Neighbours 5 Yr old giving me nightmares.

    The little boy doesn't seem to be distressed or neglected in a sense which would raise doubts about his safety. In my view, his mother seems too lazy and thinks sending him over gives her time to relax. Looks like they do not buy much fresh fruits etc for the boy but instead he eats a lot of of junk. He is overweight for his age. At 5 yrs, he weighs 37 kgs which I think is too much. My observation: His mother doesn't really have any routine for breakfast/lunch/dinner or snack times. Doesn't cook healthy meals. (I've seen him munching on a full big packet of chips..) May be he's eating a lot of junk which adds to his calories but he doesn't feel full and wants to eat all the time. His mother is very lazy. Though I feel sorry for the boy but I have to say I'm more relaxed and happy now as his visits have reduced significantly. Thanks again for all the support PIOers
  5. Sydneytina

    Neighbours 5 Yr old giving me nightmares.

    Looks like you are facing exactly the same problem as mine. Finally, I've succeeded and I'm sure you will as well. As you said...just be firm and say "No". When this kid helps himself food from your cupboard...take him by his hand and tell him not to touch your cabinets from now on. Don't even let him wander through your whole house. I actually did this as well. I restricted his movements and said he's not allowed to enter any of my rooms except the living room. He soon got the message. I was never rude but did not let him feel comfortable at my place anymore. You are absolutely right, I feel the need to please everyone all the time and I feel so sad if I say NO to someone. This is the first time I shared my personal problem on PIO and the support I got here made me brave enough to start saying "NO". Please, you also put your foot down and don't suffer. I can very well understand how you must be feeling bcoz of all this. I hope you also sort this out. Sending you a big hug :hug: and loads of luck.
  6. Sydneytina

    Neighbours 5 Yr old giving me nightmares.

    Hi all, Finally...... after months of harassment, yesterday was the first day the kid didn't come around. It took so much to reach here and thanks for all your support and kind advice. From past few days after getting some wonderful advice from you all, I would straight say "No" to this kid whenever he came over, even said "No" when he touched my kids food and asked him to leave. It was polite but very firm "No". First his visits reduced and yesterday he didn't even come once. Looks like he/his mum got the message. I'll continue to be firm if this starts again. Phewwww..........what a relief. Still wonder how people are so insensitive and will try to take advantage of you at any instance if you are soft kind of a person. Once again, thanks heaps PIO people:smile:
  7. Sydneytina

    Neighbours 5 Yr old giving me nightmares.

    lol :biglaugh::biglaugh:......... I wish I could say so and I know it would work like a charm.
  8. Sydneytina

    Neighbours 5 Yr old giving me nightmares.

    Exactly...I feel my every move is being watched..and likewise I also hate going outside most of the time. My hubby doesn't want me to talk to his mother about the issue directly coz he feels its too awkward a situation and moreover he doesn't wanna spoil his terms with the boys dad (Although, I know he's more concerned about hurting their feelings). And yes, the mother has a 1 yr old to take care as well so may be she enjoys having a break but in all this I feel as a victim coz I get over stressed and tired and I feel most of the time he's at our home. Its not once in a while. It's everyday several times a day. Phew...............
  9. Sydneytina

    Neighbours 5 Yr old giving me nightmares.

    Thanks for your reply. Yes, he plays well with my kids. I do not have a problem with that. Its just that it is getting too intrusive and he does not take " No" as an answer. " What message it give to my kids"..... Forcing yourself on others and making them uncomfortable is not what I would like to teach my kids and moreover Neil his mother actually never comes and check on him when we are outside. Its like she dumps him on us and assumes we are taking care of him. This attitude bothers me the most rather than the kid himself.
  10. Sydneytina

    Neighbours 5 Yr old giving me nightmares.

    Thanks heaps to all of you for your kind advice and support. I was feeling really miserable and thought I'm doing wrong by feeling bad about a little boy but as you all said, I really feel I'm being taken advantage of because I come across as a soft and care free person. Yes Taylors4, I feel I'm being stalked and it feels crap. I can't believe how some people can be so inconsiderate towards others and careless about their own child. I'm over burdened by taking care of a third child and will definitely follow some wonderful advice given by you all. Will keep you updated.
  11. Hi all, Here I'm in a bit of fix. I'm a mum of twin boys ( 2yrs old) working part time and hubby working full time. We live in an apartment and I'm facing trouble from our next door neighbours 5 year old son. The list is endless but just to mention a few: He visits our house 5-6 times every day. Now, once he comes to play with my boys he doesn't want to leave so practically I'm left with taking care of three boys. His mother never seems to be concerned about his meals and snacks time. Whenever he's at our place he's always hungry and eats my kids food everyday. I tend to keep various fresh fruits and veggies in bowls on my kids table. So they can eat while playing and this way they get their daily 4-5 servings of fruits and veggies but from past few weeks this practice of mine has become a headache for us as this little boy will eat everything and anything that's kept for my boys and then will ask for more apples, banana, oranges or meals etc. Now, if this was about once or twice a week I would be more than happy to feed him but here I'm stuck with someone who comes at least 5 times everyday and have got a pretty good appetite. From the past few weeks we are buying twice the amount of fruits & kids food than usual. This is just part of the problem. Whenever I take my kids out in the garden (in front of our apartment) which is most of the time every second day if weather permits, he comes along and then again I'm left handling three boys. His mother never comes out to check on him and never actually tells me to take his son along. As soon as we open our apartment door to go out, he quickly pops his head out to see if we are going somewhere and before we even reach down, he's already standing with us ready to leave. When I insist he first gets his mother's consent, he says she has given him the permission to go outside and play with us. I find this very annoying as her mother is sitting inside and relaxing while I'm looking after his son in the garden too. The same thing happens when I come home from work tired. As soon as I open my apartment door he'll open his door and quickly come inside with me. I'm already tired and away from my kids the whole day so I love spending some quality time with them after I return home but now it seems impossible as he's the first one to enter my house. His mother never even comes out to check where he's going as she can hear him say that he's coming to our house. His mother never tells him that I've just returned from work and I may be tired. I already find myself over burdened with all the housework...cooking, cleaning, washing, handling my own twin toddlers and my job as well. So this has become too much for me. Now every night I feel I'm all the more tired and the stress is taking its toll on me :cry:. I don't know if this even sounds like a problem to you all but I feel trapped. Please help me and give some advice as how to handle this. Also please ignore any of my mistakes as I needed to rant and rave. EDIT: I've tried talking to his mother several times giving her hints as how inconvenient it is for me but she doesn't seems to understand. My hubby does not want me to bring up the issue upfront as he feels a good neighbour relation may be destroyed. P.S: Sorry for the long post.
  12. Sydneytina

    Good RMA in Sydney for business visa

    Hi, I am looking for a good migration agent for advice on business visa 160/163. Any recommendations would be highly appreciated. Thanks
  13. Thanks Saani, I do not know what team my CO was as it was a direct grant. All documents were current and frontloaded. I do believe you can send him/her an email notifying that all your documents are ready. Wish you luck. May u get your visa soon. Cheers.
  14. Thanks User Name. Wishing for everyone here to get their visas soon.