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Found 30 results

  1. Guest

    Cost of giving birth in Oz?!

    Hi, I'm new here! My husband and I were/are due to go to Australia in January for him to start work on a 457 visa. We have an 18 month old already and I will be 6 months pregnant when due to fly. The company has said the health insurance they provide for the first 3 months will not cover us for pregnancy and from what we understand about Medicare, that won't either? We are having huge trouble finding real info about the cost, it's very contradictory so far from being , to 5-10K (I've even seen 20k!) in public hospitals alone! I will also be likely to have a c-section following one last time which will probably cost more too! Has anybody been through this and can really advise/point us in the right direction so we can make the right decision about whether we can even afford to go now?! Many many thanks!
  2. cartertucker

    Giving change of address.....

    Who do we need to notify of change of address? :unsure: Passport office, DVLA??? :confused: Im not sure?
  3. Hi all, Here I'm in a bit of fix. I'm a mum of twin boys ( 2yrs old) working part time and hubby working full time. We live in an apartment and I'm facing trouble from our next door neighbours 5 year old son. The list is endless but just to mention a few: He visits our house 5-6 times every day. Now, once he comes to play with my boys he doesn't want to leave so practically I'm left with taking care of three boys. His mother never seems to be concerned about his meals and snacks time. Whenever he's at our place he's always hungry and eats my kids food everyday. I tend to keep various fresh fruits and veggies in bowls on my kids table. So they can eat while playing and this way they get their daily 4-5 servings of fruits and veggies but from past few weeks this practice of mine has become a headache for us as this little boy will eat everything and anything that's kept for my boys and then will ask for more apples, banana, oranges or meals etc. Now, if this was about once or twice a week I would be more than happy to feed him but here I'm stuck with someone who comes at least 5 times everyday and have got a pretty good appetite. From the past few weeks we are buying twice the amount of fruits & kids food than usual. This is just part of the problem. Whenever I take my kids out in the garden (in front of our apartment) which is most of the time every second day if weather permits, he comes along and then again I'm left handling three boys. His mother never comes out to check on him and never actually tells me to take his son along. As soon as we open our apartment door to go out, he quickly pops his head out to see if we are going somewhere and before we even reach down, he's already standing with us ready to leave. When I insist he first gets his mother's consent, he says she has given him the permission to go outside and play with us. I find this very annoying as her mother is sitting inside and relaxing while I'm looking after his son in the garden too. The same thing happens when I come home from work tired. As soon as I open my apartment door he'll open his door and quickly come inside with me. I'm already tired and away from my kids the whole day so I love spending some quality time with them after I return home but now it seems impossible as he's the first one to enter my house. His mother never even comes out to check where he's going as she can hear him say that he's coming to our house. His mother never tells him that I've just returned from work and I may be tired. I already find myself over burdened with all the housework...cooking, cleaning, washing, handling my own twin toddlers and my job as well. So this has become too much for me. Now every night I feel I'm all the more tired and the stress is taking its toll on me :cry:. I don't know if this even sounds like a problem to you all but I feel trapped. Please help me and give some advice as how to handle this. Also please ignore any of my mistakes as I needed to rant and rave. EDIT: I've tried talking to his mother several times giving her hints as how inconvenient it is for me but she doesn't seems to understand. My hubby does not want me to bring up the issue upfront as he feels a good neighbour relation may be destroyed. P.S: Sorry for the long post.
  4. Hi All, Help needed folks, We are currently waiting on visa being granted (fingers crossed) now main sticking point is I would love dearly to have given up smoking by the time we get to Oz, for a number of reasons, the flight will be more bearable, the cost of smoking in Oz is mad, of course the health issues surrounding smoking and the fact I really want to enjyoy the great outdoor lifestyle !!! Heres were I need your help how did any of you go about quitting????? any help or advice would be great for those that just want to remind me smoking kills I already know so please try being a tad possitive at my worst I smoked about 80 a day (was a truck driver) now a days more like 15-20 a day I have tried in the past using tablets from the doctor (chapex) was great on high dossage tablets but when the dossage reduced I really struggled Please help if you can with advice or sharing experiences thanks
  5. hi, I joined the site when I went out to OZ the first time in 2008, my family and I have 136 residency visas, but I got very home sick and found out I was 3 mths pregnant (I'd only been in OZ 4mth before returning to the UK). I didn't use PIO all that much as I felt quite shy. i now wish I did as you guys are so supportive of each other. Since returning to the UK I began my nursing degree with every intent on returning to OZ once I qualifed which is in Jan '13. i have to apply for a sponsored child visa for my now 2 year old and flights to book for Dec'12 :biggrin:!! Going in Dec '12 as that's when my 5 year residency runs out. has anyone else gone to OZ as a newly qualified nurse or hoping to go in Dec'12?
  6. Guest

    Giving up my job to go :-/

    Hi all This is my first post on here and i am hoping you can help me in this decision. I know ultimately this is my decision but was just wondering anyone elses opinion as my father thinks i am mad. I am 29 years old wife 27 daughter 7 and son 9 months, my wife is a nurse and really wants to make the move to Oz with her career, we have friends and family but this is not a great issue for either of us. so the only real issue is me giving my career up for the move. I am currently a full time firefighter with 10 years service and pension, i really enjoy my job but not so much i wont give it up for a better life for me and the family (((you work to live, not live to work))) and all that. I just feel it is all down to me as she is taking her career, my kids will adapt am sure as kids are great at this and family and friends arent that close to us anyway. So as you can see its an issue for me being 29 in a good job now having to find a new job as you cant transfer to the australian fire service. Thanks in advance for any reply to my issue. Cheers
  7. Glad I Moved

    Giving something back to Australia

    I've just done something that I've been meaning to do for a long time and I'm kicking myself for not doing it years ago. About 3 months ago I finally joined the local branch of the NSW State Emergency Service (SES) and have just completed my probationary period. I wanted to do something useful for my new country and I reckon this is one of the best ways any POI can give something back to their new Aussie community - not to mention meeting a whole new group of people. For anyone who doesn't know, the SES is a volunteer organisation that turns out at any time and in all weathers to help the community in emergencies arising from floods and storm damage. So if a tree falls on your roof in the middle of the night, it will be the SES that comes out to deal with it. More topically, if Australia ever gets hit by a Tsunami it will be the State's Emergency Service volunteers who will be in the front line to manage the aftermath. They also support other emergency services to assist in things like missing person searches or giving (non-firefighting) backup to the RFS. Less exciting things will also include helping to man the routes of events like the "City to Surf" type events. Volunteeers get full training in whole range of essential rescue skills as well as access to loads of other optional courses (all free of charge) so if you've ever wanted to learn how to use a chainsaw, drive a flood boat, control a fully loaded 4WD vehicle in offroad areas or even act as a spotter in plane, here's your chance. If you're not the gung-ho type who doesn't fancy trying to fix a tarp on wet roof in a howling gale at 2am, they always need people in the Ops centre to man the radios, organise supplies and generally keep the whole thing running. You can join at 16 but have to be over 18 to go out on calls. However, there is no upper age limit to help in other areas. In my unit there are a dozen or so volunteers in Ops who are well into their 70's! Sorry if that all sounds like a massive spruik for the service - must be my enthusiasm shining through!
  8. Hi all, I don't know if any one remember's my other post? We found out that my partner's occupation was on the WA SOL, after speaking with Engineer's Australia (very helpful) and finding out what his job title is called over there. So, all we have to do is check with the TRA, (who is the skills assessment authority for my partner's trade) the requirements of my partner's occupation. We have been passed from pillar to post....Engineer's Australia said its TRA, the TRA said its Engineer's Australia. Then after speaking with the TRA last night they said to ring the oversea's qualification unit WA (which ment staying up till 1am!), they said ring the national office for oversea's skill recognition. Who, in the end said ring the TRA!!!!!:arghh: The TRA shut at lunch times so we went to bed....will try again Sunday night, hopefully we will get to the bottom of this and find out if we have a chance at all this polava :rolleyes: Any advice would be very welcomed! Partner's trade is Mechanical Engineering Technician #312512 Cheers, Gem
  9. Guest

    Giving OZ a proper go.

    Hi peeps I've heard alot of people say there are times when you've made the move to oz that you just want to come home. My OH and I have decided we will make a detailed list of of all the reasons we are moving and all the things we moan about daily whilst here in the uk, so on the hard days we can look at it and not make a rash decision to come back to uk. It does worry me that one of us will become really home sick before we've settled properly in Perth. You hear all the time of people moving, coming back to uk and wishing they'd stayed longer to give it a proper go. Anyone got any other ideas they can share of how to get through the really hard days as I expect most of people that have made the move have experienced this.
  10. hogan

    help, close to giving up

    Hi Guys what do you reckon we should do, we got our visa last feb amd activated it in may, we love the central coast in sydney and dream about it all the time, we have now took our house off the market because we just cant sell it, nothing is selling around my village at the moment, we tried renting but nothing was happeneing there either, the excahnge rate is really bad so we will lose lots of cash, we took it off the market because we have been having our life on hold for soo long, not wanting to buy this and that in case we sell tomorrow etc the other worry and concern i have is that if we try again in a couple of years my boys will be getting too old for the move at 14,12 and 8 (or wont they), so i dont know what to do, we bought a new car and strated to buy things for the house but we still live in hope of the move and talk about it all the time, i wish i could put it all to rest !!!!!!!
  11. biggaf

    Giving it a go!

    Well, after visiting some very good friends at Christmas in Perth, myself, my partner and 2 children have decided to live the dream. Have just started dealing with a company who are sorting out the paperwork side of it all. I know its gonna be a hard slog but BOY WILL IT BE WORTH IT!!!!!:biggrin: I'm a been a fully qualified electrician so hopefully there'll be plenty of work out there in WA.
  12. I've just moved over to Sydney from Manchester and was previously a Police Advanced Motorcyclist. Whilst looking for work out here I'd like to offer my experience to any fellow motorcyclists for free (a donation towards fuel costs is all I ask). I live in West Ryde but can travel any where in Sydney, we can either have a short ride out or have an extended day out which ever you prefer. Anyone interested, must have their own motorcycle and all the right gear. If anyone is interested or they just want a ride out for the day then please either private message me or reply to this post and i'll get straight back to you. Nat:policeman:
  13. great news today, got our visa, even though told we should get it around the 2012 time, so a little surprised, but they have also told us we need to activate it by 16th may,a little confused with this as i was always under the impression that it was a year from when medicals were done, which we had them done and put on computer 22nd sept 09, does anyone have any information on this and is this right. but still pleased never the less xxx
  14. kellyjamie

    Giving up for now

    Morning all how is everyone? So for those of you whom im friends with and who have always kept an eye on our progress its bad news for us, we are giving up. It just doesnt look like it will ever happen for us and we have to realise when to call it a day, at that day is now as my health is suffering. At the docs yesterday she has decided to place me on anti depressants for a bit, just light ones but on them none the less. I have really been struggling the last few months with the situation about my son which has just broke my heart, on top of that the whole Esperance saga was awful, then we found out we didnt get the Ballarat job so all in all the last year has been very stressful. I am such a positive person glass half full all the time but enoughs enough for me. We were always going to fall back on the student visa idea so we could Jamie into the country on a visa with work rights and hope he would secure sponsorship once there and if not have my course to use, but its such a risky option with the bad exchange rate and the poor house prices, thats if you can even sell, its looking too hard to acheieve. We are under no illusions we will not be on any SMP and even tho we have had 2 interviews and one farcical job offer its proving mega difficult. I think at some point you have to know when to stop. Im aware of the whole if its for you, and never stop chasing your dreams but i am physically and mentally drained right now. We are going to day to look at booking a hol for next year somewhere nice and warm and relaxing, fancy Malta or Thailand! I dont know if we can ever really totally give up as that spark for Australia is so strong in both of us that i think one day we will hope to be there, just not right now. I always like to keep a wee eye on the site see all the news and theres a few peeps i will be overjoyed for when they get their visas so will keep checking but for us its Thanks PIO for all your help and support but Goodnite for now:hug:xxxxxx Kelly and Jamie
  15. Neither myself or my OH are getting any younger and the kids are growing up fast we have had our hearts set on emigrating sooner rather than later for some time and now I think I have run out of steam to fight any longer. When we applied for our visa well over 12months ago we were assured by our agent that we would have our visa within 12months of applying and would be off on our way to start our new life as soon as possible. How things have changed we have gone like loads of others from top of the tree to not even being a seed in the ground. I understood Aus battening the hatches when the global cash crisis hit the world, I was quite happy that Australia was protecting its own but how come we can apply for a visa as yes we want you and now be in CAT 4 with the prospects of never getting a visa at all. In the next 12 months we have decisions to make that will effectively decide for us whether we can emigrate or not. I’m sure there are loads of us it the same position do we forget the Australian dream and start to make to most of the life we have in the U.K so we don’t ruin the childhood or children have or do we keep making sacrifices to save every penny just in case one day Aus will say yes. How long do we let this go on for? I don’t know the point to this post just needed to get something’s of my chest sorry if the post makes on since as I have not lifted my head from the keyboard since I started writing……………………… :unsure:
  16. emma&vas

    Feel like giving up.

    Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone else is feeling the same way as me. Im a hairdresser and i have had my 176 visa lodged since June 2009. Is it worth carrying on with this annoying visa business or just giving up and trying to focus on my life here? Anybodys thoughts would be great Thanks Emma:sad:
  17. I;ve just received a letter from my bank saying that HMRC has asked them for personal information of customers who have opened Australian bank accounts via their London office. it is a standard letter so has anyone else received one? unfortunately the letter and FAQs are not very helpful I fail to see what it has to do with HMRC when i live here and why they need my old Uk address. i know the UK is hard up and on the verge of bankuptcy but chasing ex pats is a bit over the top
  18. Guest

    Considering giving it up?

    Hi All, Me and the missus are really considering giving up the Oz way of life. I've been here for 3.5 years. I like the place, but really miss home. What concerns me is I have a great job here, well paid, great benefits, etc...and have just bought a place off plan! Due for completion in December. I will also qualify for citizenship in Jan! Really not sure what to do as it is obvious the missus is massively homesick. I really don't want to go back to England, so wouldn't mind somewhere a bit closer to home. Anyone got any suggestions for in and around Europe where it is an easy going way of life, has a reasonable IT market? Or should we just go home! Cheers
  19. Hi everybody! I would like to ask you if you want to fill in a survey of the University of Amsterdam(the Netherlands). In this study we aim to compare television viewers in three different countries. You would be a great help if you could give me five minutes of your time to complete this survey. If your from America click on the following link to start the survey. www.thesistools.com/?id=130505 If your from Australia clink on the following link to start the survey. www.thesistools.com/web/?id=130537 If your from the Netherlands click on the following link to start the survey. www.thesistools.com/?id=130490 Thank you for your cooperation. Lisette van Reijsen (University of Amsterdam).
  20. Guest

    Giving it a chance

    People always say " it's what you don't do that you regret, not what you do do". I would argue this point. If you are in your 20's with no kids and little comittment then do whatever the hell you fancy. HOWEVER! If you are older than that and have kids then think twice about any radical life changes. Not only do you have your own unhappiness to deal with but the unbearable guilt of what your life decisions have done to your kids. You really can regret the things that you do do!!!
  21. Guest

    wer not giving up yet

    hi all been on poms for couple year but after lots of investigating my proffession as a truck driver isnt on the list boo hoo wish the a u gov would allow us in....my wife is a clothes machinist //dress maker to trade altough shes been out of this proffession for a few year now....so the question is can we get into oz on her occupation although she hasnt done this for bout 5 + year and would we need to show proof etc 1000s of questions but were not giving up coming to a.u and leaving these shores etc any help on this would bemuch appreiated thanks rob and angela.....:confused:
  22. You know I find it sad that so many of us feel so disillusioned and at odds with many things we encounter here in oz after such a short space of time. When you think of the incredible lengths most of us go to to reach this point and obtain this new way of life, it is astonishing how quickly we are ready to 'jack it all in' and 'throw in the towel' as soon as we feel any disgruntlement or come up against difficulties on this journey. I am as guilty as the rest in that I frequently feel this way and struggle with this inward battle, but always in the back of my mind is the thought that I really shouldn't give up however bad I might be feeling at this time, at least not yet. It is extremely stressful moving house anywhere, even if it is just down the road, let alone over the other side of the world so we really should prepare ourselves for this gut wrenching feeling and loss of familiarity that most of us experience after making such a move. We need to see the real picture and find the strength to really give it our best shot, at least try. Once we give up, we can either slot back into the very situation that we were originally running away from or make plans to return at a phenomenal cost both financially and emotionally. It affects not just ourselves but our family and friends too! Once we have embarked on this journey, I feel that we have a duty to ourselves and our immediate families to see it through for at least a couple of years. No one can be absolutely certain that this is their chosen path for the rest of their lives until they have tried, I mean really tried making a life for themselves here. It remains to be seen whether I actually heed what I eloquently preach as I too am amidst this predicament! jackie x
  24. Hi Guys Wonder if someone can help me, you know whats its like when you can't find that crucial bit of paperwork just when you need it, then with the time difference in the UK:wacko: OK now circumstances have changed for us, we have let our home in the UK out for one year (ends December) but we need to try and sell asap, can we put our home on the market and then give the tenants say 2 months to vacate the property or do they have the right to stay there until the end of the lease? I think here in Australia you have the right to stay until the end of the lease, but not sure about the UK rights on this one. Hope someone can help Many thanks Kim
  25. Hi All We have a fairly new member called colletteblue and he and I are stuck on a query about TRA. Colletteblue (Bill) drives an excavator and in Oz he would be called a Drainer. He is hoping to move to WA but at the moment he is stuck because TRA have closed Pathway D and he has no formal qualifications. Bill says that he could do NVQ2 via a workplace assessment, RPL etc. However TRA told him that they will not accept NVQ2 unless the person gets it within 2 years of completing their formal or informal training. I am 99% sure that I have seen posts by Alan Collett of Go Matilda saying that TRA have no basis for this assertion. I think the gist is that the relevant legislation does not say that the NVQ2 has to be obtained within a specified time of anything else. However I am not sure because I do not understand the TRA process at all. Can anyone shed any light on this, please? Also, does anyone know whether it is possible to do AQF III as a Drainer instead? If so, where can it be done, please? Many thanks Gill http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/members/colletteblue.html