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Found 11 results

  1. Hi folks, as the title says, our neighbours smoke alarm is going off....in fact it has been going off since 10am this morning......:arghh: our neighbours are on holiday not due back for another 7 days..... we have had the fire service out and they were satisfied there was nothing of concern going on...... so my question is does anybody know how long it would take for the battery to run out and we can stop listening to this constant noise, which is driving me and oh mad.....:arghh: Thanks Mandisfam
  2. Hi all, Here I'm in a bit of fix. I'm a mum of twin boys ( 2yrs old) working part time and hubby working full time. We live in an apartment and I'm facing trouble from our next door neighbours 5 year old son. The list is endless but just to mention a few: He visits our house 5-6 times every day. Now, once he comes to play with my boys he doesn't want to leave so practically I'm left with taking care of three boys. His mother never seems to be concerned about his meals and snacks time. Whenever he's at our place he's always hungry and eats my kids food everyday. I tend to keep various fresh fruits and veggies in bowls on my kids table. So they can eat while playing and this way they get their daily 4-5 servings of fruits and veggies but from past few weeks this practice of mine has become a headache for us as this little boy will eat everything and anything that's kept for my boys and then will ask for more apples, banana, oranges or meals etc. Now, if this was about once or twice a week I would be more than happy to feed him but here I'm stuck with someone who comes at least 5 times everyday and have got a pretty good appetite. From the past few weeks we are buying twice the amount of fruits & kids food than usual. This is just part of the problem. Whenever I take my kids out in the garden (in front of our apartment) which is most of the time every second day if weather permits, he comes along and then again I'm left handling three boys. His mother never comes out to check on him and never actually tells me to take his son along. As soon as we open our apartment door to go out, he quickly pops his head out to see if we are going somewhere and before we even reach down, he's already standing with us ready to leave. When I insist he first gets his mother's consent, he says she has given him the permission to go outside and play with us. I find this very annoying as her mother is sitting inside and relaxing while I'm looking after his son in the garden too. The same thing happens when I come home from work tired. As soon as I open my apartment door he'll open his door and quickly come inside with me. I'm already tired and away from my kids the whole day so I love spending some quality time with them after I return home but now it seems impossible as he's the first one to enter my house. His mother never even comes out to check where he's going as she can hear him say that he's coming to our house. His mother never tells him that I've just returned from work and I may be tired. I already find myself over burdened with all the housework...cooking, cleaning, washing, handling my own twin toddlers and my job as well. So this has become too much for me. Now every night I feel I'm all the more tired and the stress is taking its toll on me :cry:. I don't know if this even sounds like a problem to you all but I feel trapped. Please help me and give some advice as how to handle this. Also please ignore any of my mistakes as I needed to rant and rave. EDIT: I've tried talking to his mother several times giving her hints as how inconvenient it is for me but she doesn't seems to understand. My hubby does not want me to bring up the issue upfront as he feels a good neighbour relation may be destroyed. P.S: Sorry for the long post.
  3. We have been renting a fully furnished house in a quiet street for the last 4 months and so far have only managed to say hello or wave to 3 neighbours. We are a sociable family who speaks to everyone but have never had the chance to get even a short conversation going before they disappear into their house/car etc. Is this normal? Tonight I had a bit of a run in with one mum (who I have never waved or spoken to) whos kid had physically hurt my youngest daughter. When I went over to find out what had happened Dad ran away and Mum called me a few names while the rest of the family, 9 of them, just stood there!! We are moving into our own home in a few weeks and really hope that people will speak and be friendly. Do you get treated different if you rent or own your home? We moved from a small area where you knew most of the people and could spend hours out on a walk meeting and chatting to folk. I think this is the one thing that I miss and after nearly one year here, Im beginning to think that it might just be this way.
  4. I am currently sitting in my car, on my laptop, in front of my house, which has all it's doors and windows open. I've just had to fumigate the place for fleas. We don't have pets. So when my neighbour offered to pay my kids £10 to feed their pets, I thought win win. What I didn't know was the damn things were infested with fleas. The fleas jumped on the boys, who brought them home, and they are everywhere. I counted over ten bites on each boy, and they are reacting to the bites. I've had to fumigate the house, I've had to go out to dinner because the house stank, and now I'm airing it out. It's cost me five times what my boys got paid to look after the damn animals. Now the Australian in me wants to go over there and tap on the door and say - your cats infested with fleas - do something about it. But my English wife says you can't do this - it's rude, and I can say nothing. I'm not after compensation. I just don't think you should leave animals in that condition. What would you do?
  5. Guest

    Neighbours Gossip

    I tend to keep pretty much to myself & so dont really count my neighbours as friends. I do on occaision pass the time of day & am on nodding terms with most. However when I decided to get married & move to Aus, I began selling my belongings so did mention to neighbours that I had things to sell as I planned to move to Australia in the not too distant future & they've seen various pieces of furniture taken away throughout this process. My plans did progress but there were some delays, which I hadn't anticipated. But In the world of gossiping neighbours delays are not enevitable & thus whenever I encounter the leaders of Gossip Spreaders Inc I'm questioned as to the progress of my plans. I'm so tired of explaining that I have no news to tell them & that when I have good news I'll let off fireworks so they will know, I have my Visa. Anyway a couple of weeks ago I bumped into a neighbour, he asked how it was going & I said everythings fine & my husband is coming over soon, & I then went inside. A couple of days ago, one of the ladies came rushing up to me & said congratulations & she was so pleased that I now have my Visa & she hears that I'll be returning to Australia with my husband ,who is coming over for a short holiday, she even referred to my husband by his first name. Today I go to check my post only to find a hand written note saying that this other neighbour hears I'm going soon, as I have my Visa, that has taken so long & not to forget she wants a couple of my things. Unbelivable ! I haven't even submitted my Visa Form yet, I'm hoping to do that when My husband arrives in August. :biglaugh: Has anyone else had their Visa granted by their neighbours ? Or do you have any funny tales about Gossipy Neighbours ?
  6. Hey all, I know everyone does not think much to Australian tele, when I visited myself I actually ended up watching some show that was so bad it was good!! However, in the UK since a small child I have enjoyed Neighbours and Home & Away, and continue to watch it today. I am that sad I even visited Palm Beach (aka Summer Bay) when I was in Sydney.:biglaugh: Got the t-shirt and no I wouldn't dare throw it away. However, I will still have these great aussie soaps when I arrive so I will be happy :wink: Remember boys and girls before you judge me, there are plenty of topless and bikini clad good looking people on summer bay.....go on, give it a try...:cool:
  7. munchbaby99

    Sh7tty neighbours - do u suffer?

    I have had a sleepless night due to ignorant inconsiderate neighbours having a party. Now, I don't mind people having parties and if I knew they were having one I would have made arrangements to stay at a friends but this is a regular occurrence and they get a frigging DJ in!!!! This happens every 6 weeks or so. I made a complaint to the noise pollution people and they came round about 02.00 am, the music was turned down for about half hour and then full blast again. The noise pollution service finishes at 03.00 and I'm sure the neighbours know that so nice that has closed they just turn the music up again. I fudging hate it but to be honest I wouldn't speak to neighbours about it as I'd probably get stabbed, the area is generally fine but the kids next door are always in trouble with the police!! I cannot wait till I'm able to get to oz and live in suburbia for a while in Brighton qld!! Aaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Thanks and rant over  Hoping for a move to oz in the coming year or two.......hoping not three!
  8. tracy123

    Have you met your neighbours?

    Just wondering how many people know their neighbours? Myself I've met most of mine, only 2 I have introduced myself too the rest have made the effort to introduce themselves to me while outside. All my neighbours are really nice, and once again I've been really lucky.
  9. Linda Irvine

    Escaping our neighbours!!

    At last our lease is up and we can get out of here!! We've had the neighbours from hell for nearly a year, mainly her - mega-loud foul mouth, constantly rowing, barking dogs, the only saving grace being that they haven't been aggressive to us, mainly because we avoid them! Can't wait for the peace and quiet, and larger gap between houses. (I did have to laugh to myself when she screamed that he was a "psychiatric mongrel" yesterday though). :biggrin:
  10. PommyPaul

    neighbours goes MA+

    YouTube - Neighbours Underbelly Skit for the Logies! 4r4wWPQUHys
  11. Guest

    Neighbours - Crying Time

    I must confess to being a Neighbours fan. OK it’s out in the open now I admit it. Its the only soap I watch, probably because its Australia but more probably because I’m always making the tea around about 5.30 each day. :dull: The last few weeks have got me feeling very sad and emotional. Anyone who watches will have seen the story about the old man on the show with dementia. He seems a loveable old rogue of a character just like my Dad. I can’t help feeling the sadness that in January I will be waving Good Bye, Cheerio Oh or whatever to my old folk and wondering when I will see them again. You can’t help having thoughts in your head about how will they be without us, how will they cope with what seems to them as though they are losing us for good, no matter how we try and assure them. Last week I must confess to crying :cry:when I watched a few scenes about this old man and his relationship with his son and family. I know TV and neighbours especially is a load of old twaddle in the reality of life, but be honest, you can’t help thinking these things can you. I already feel very guilty about leaving them, God only knows how I will feel at Christmas and in January when we go. Sorry to make anyone feel sad and I'm sure many are laughing at my stupidity, but just wondered what everyone else does to cope with these feelings. Emmy Green