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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, Here I'm in a bit of fix. I'm a mum of twin boys ( 2yrs old) working part time and hubby working full time. We live in an apartment and I'm facing trouble from our next door neighbours 5 year old son. The list is endless but just to mention a few: He visits our house 5-6 times every day. Now, once he comes to play with my boys he doesn't want to leave so practically I'm left with taking care of three boys. His mother never seems to be concerned about his meals and snacks time. Whenever he's at our place he's always hungry and eats my kids food everyday. I tend to keep various fresh fruits and veggies in bowls on my kids table. So they can eat while playing and this way they get their daily 4-5 servings of fruits and veggies but from past few weeks this practice of mine has become a headache for us as this little boy will eat everything and anything that's kept for my boys and then will ask for more apples, banana, oranges or meals etc. Now, if this was about once or twice a week I would be more than happy to feed him but here I'm stuck with someone who comes at least 5 times everyday and have got a pretty good appetite. From the past few weeks we are buying twice the amount of fruits & kids food than usual. This is just part of the problem. Whenever I take my kids out in the garden (in front of our apartment) which is most of the time every second day if weather permits, he comes along and then again I'm left handling three boys. His mother never comes out to check on him and never actually tells me to take his son along. As soon as we open our apartment door to go out, he quickly pops his head out to see if we are going somewhere and before we even reach down, he's already standing with us ready to leave. When I insist he first gets his mother's consent, he says she has given him the permission to go outside and play with us. I find this very annoying as her mother is sitting inside and relaxing while I'm looking after his son in the garden too. The same thing happens when I come home from work tired. As soon as I open my apartment door he'll open his door and quickly come inside with me. I'm already tired and away from my kids the whole day so I love spending some quality time with them after I return home but now it seems impossible as he's the first one to enter my house. His mother never even comes out to check where he's going as she can hear him say that he's coming to our house. His mother never tells him that I've just returned from work and I may be tired. I already find myself over burdened with all the housework...cooking, cleaning, washing, handling my own twin toddlers and my job as well. So this has become too much for me. Now every night I feel I'm all the more tired and the stress is taking its toll on me :cry:. I don't know if this even sounds like a problem to you all but I feel trapped. Please help me and give some advice as how to handle this. Also please ignore any of my mistakes as I needed to rant and rave. EDIT: I've tried talking to his mother several times giving her hints as how inconvenient it is for me but she doesn't seems to understand. My hubby does not want me to bring up the issue upfront as he feels a good neighbour relation may be destroyed. P.S: Sorry for the long post.
  2. Guest

    857 visa nightmares

    Hi, I've gone through the numerous posts on this forum about people being unhappy about their job or employer and feeling helpless because of the 857 visa obligations. I'm currently in a similar kind of situation and would greatly appreciate any advice offered. Basically I've been working with my employer since last 2 years (457 visa initially) and was recently granted 857 visa as well. Though I was supposed to be happy on that day, I was actually trying to hide my tears with just the thought of getting stuck with the same employer for the next two years in a regional area. Funnily enough, I was also offered a job with another company in city on the same day my 857 visa came through.!!! The pay was much higher and the work load was less (less stress), considering that there was a team of 10 people doing a job similar to mine in my current company...wow. The only catch being that there was no offer of Permanent Residency and I'd to take a step back and accept the 457 visa being offered by my new employer... If I take a look back, the situation was much better when I'd initially joined my current employer couple of years back. Just out of a rigorous Masters program from one of the best universities in the world, I always felt that I was moving at a pace greater than the rest. With a very high skill set and energy to work, my employers did not even blink before hiring me and offered me a position . The remuneration package though less was ok at that time for me because I did not have a clue about the market rates for my kind of skill set in Australia. Anyhow I started working with the company thinking that I'll probably get a major hike if I showed them my work (as suggested by the recruitment consultant and HR who interviewed me).. There was no limit to working hours (70-80 hours a week including weekends) as the workload was high...I got involved in numerous projects and completely changed how the things worked in just an year. I used to hear people talking/ appreciating my direct reporting supervisor about my work and that she recruited me at such a low salary package. I did speak to my supervisor about my situation (after approx. an year). Impressed by my work she spoke to her manager and told me that I'll get a major hike apart from the regular one in couple of months time.. In the meantime my employer agreed to sponsor my 857 visa and I also signed another 2 year contract immediately (as I was aware of the waiting times for subclass 175 visa. 2 -3 years is just ridiculous for a country like Australia where people talk about skill shortage all the time)... But the salary hike promised before never came through. Even though my salary is well above the award rates, I could have easily earned more than double the amount if I was working else where for similar kind of position. It's just the difference in making a fortune and earning a normal regular salary. Combined with huge workload, long working hours and low salary stressed me up. I wanted to relax a bit. I pushed my start times to a bit late like 9:30-9:45 instead of 8:15 - 8:30 previously. Even though I never complained about the workload and kept on working till late hours (6,7,8,9 pm. no limit). After couple of months, I got really pissed off when my employer started complaining of my start times. I got so angry that I almost had a verbal heated argument with my reporting manager on this. This eventually resulted in me getting a low end-of-year appraisal rating (no salary hike and no bonus). This has also reduced my chances of getting promoted to a more senior position within the same company for which I had applied for. Everything started going horribly wrong. Now my questions are as follows: 1) If I somehow manage to stick to my current employer for another 1 year, I'll be eligible for citizenship in Jan - 2012. I've confirmed this by calling DIAC hotline. By that time I would have worked for my employer for approx 3 years (2 years on 457 and 1 year on 857). Would it be safe to quit the job once I get my citizenship, considering that the 857 visa obligations (work until Jan - 2013) will no longer apply once I get my citizenship?? 2) Is there a forum or a govt. body where I can go and consult about my situation? I've tried before and I was told that the govt. institutions only interfere when the salary package is below the award rates (which are too low for highly skilled people like me). 3) What happens if my employer fires me or makes me redundant.? I think its high time now for the immigration dept. to start thinking about the skilled employees and not just give all the power in the hands of the employer. The system has to become more transparent for it to come in equilibrium and survive for a long period of time. Any pointers will be appreciated, as I just feel like a bonded laborer. Thanks in Advance !!!
  3. I left the UK in late June cancelling all direct Debits, spending ages writing letters and phoning people to say I no longer wanted various products. I gave my car away to a relative the day before I flew but left the insurance running as it was cheaper than the cancellation fee of £38.66. ESURE in their wisdom automatically renewed my car insurance in september and tried to debit the money, they were unsuccessful. I had written to them in early June (I still have a copy of the letter) to say I didn't want it renewed, but they claim not to have received it. I offered to contact my relative and get them to post a proof of ownership to them, ESURE says this is not acceptable as I have to do it. I explained in great depth that I was on the other side of the world and I didn't plan to return to the UK until 2012 for a holiday. No solution forthcoming. I am now receiving letters (my mail is still being forwarded from my old UK address) from a debt collecting agency threatening county court judgements and to add £200 to the bill for costs if I don't pay it immediately. I have phoned these people, (the calls have cost me more than £38.66) but their solution is pay now sort out later. It is now the principle of the matter that their incompetence is not my problem. Will this haunt me in Australia or can I tell them to stick it?:arghh: