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  1. OK fair enough. Like I said I don't currently work in the sector, although the hospitals I did the recruitment admin for a couple of years ago didn't have any of the job titles you have mentioned so it sounds like hospital settings could use different terminology...I'm not sure to be honest. I was just trying to help and remember seeing some AIN positions which didn't (m)any require qualifications if you had experience. scottishstacey, casual and temporary contracts definitely exist, I suppose it's just a case of finding them and seeing whether they work for what you're after. Good luck! I have a great admiration for all healthcare workers.
  2. Hi, first of all I must be clear that I don't work in the sector, although I briefly worked in recruitment for NSW Health, so perhaps I can assist a little. Although I may have understood your question wrong so if I have, please feel free to ignore the following. I think the job title in Australia for what you are looking for is probably Assistant in Nursing (AIN). If correct, this info might make further research easier for you. I think a Certificate III or equivalent experience is normally required, but there's no obligation to have PR, you can do these roles on a temp/WHV visa. Not sure what state you're going to but jobs with NSW Health are advertised here: https://nswhealth.erecruit.com.au/Default.aspx Hope this helps and all the best for your journey in any case.
  3. cappuccino

    Travel insurance for a trip to UK

    We have a joint card but he's the principal card holder on that too! He'll just have to come with me next time!
  4. cappuccino

    Travel insurance for a trip to UK

    Totally agree with you about the complementary insurance through a credit card. It's what we usually use and I even booked my tickets for the upcoming trip on my partner's card so I could get the insurance cover, but checking through the documentation, I'm only covered when travelling with my partner, and he's not coming with me this time. So looks like I need to get my own policy for this trip. Better safe than sorry!
  5. cappuccino

    Travel insurance for a trip to UK

    Hello, I'd really appreciate some advice on travel insurance for my upcoming 2 month trip to the UK, I am a British citizen living in Australia with PR. Is it feasible for me to get travel insurance to only cover the international flights between Australia and the UK? I'm thinking that in case of an emergency in the UK, I'd be covered under the reciprocal agreement with Australia, and my luggage isn't worth much! Or am I just being short-sighted / stingy and I should just get insurance for the whole 2 months I'm away? Any advice on insurance companies to use or avoid would also be gratefully received. Thank-you :notworthy:
  6. Good to know! My ceremony date letter says to wait 10 days after the ceremony before applying for a passport but somehow it doesn't surprise me at all that it's not necessary!
  7. cappuccino

    Dilemma - should I go back?

    I'm in the go camp too. Like others have said, it may well make you feel more unsettled when you come back, but you've seen the price of airfares from here now and who knows when you'll next have that chance to go back to visit. I think there's more chance you'd regret not going than going. I concur about making friends here too, it can take a really long time. All the best with whatever you decide.
  8. I doubt there would be an issue leaving Australia and I imagine it's perfectly ok to apply for your passport from overseas as long as you wait until at least 10 days after your ceremony for them to update the systems as advised by the DIBP. I'd expect it might take a little longer to process and perhaps be more expensive. Maybe you could call the passport office and ask what the provisions are at your destination? My situation is similar: I am going overseas 2 weeks after the citizenship ceremony date I was given, so also not enough time to apply for an Australian passport before I go. The best solution was for me to decline the citizenship ceremony date and wait for the one after my return to Australia. Something else to consider perhaps.
  9. cappuccino

    Citizenship Process - Rant

    That does sound rather frustrating. Possibly someone misread your form for your credit card number, or typed it in wrong, I guess they're only human too. I do remember thinking the online application required the same details to be entered several times! You could perhaps photograph your documents to get them in the required JPEG format to upload? I didn't upload the ID check at all, just took a paper copy to the appointment. In fact I only got it signed the day before my appointment and luckily I checked the validity of the form 1195 I'd printed off a couple of weeks previously, because I found that it'd been updated the day before. Having the most current form doesn't perhaps make a lot of sense to the applicant, especially when the differences don't seem significant but it's part of the process we all have to follow. Overall I found it much simpler and cheaper than the visa process - I look at it as a privilege and a way to avoid having to got through the visa process again! Good luck!
  10. cappuccino

    De Facto, Last minute touches

    Hi there, the DIBP website says processing times for the 820/801 partner visa are currently 12-15 months. I waited for 12 months for a CO a few years ago, and processing times were 6-9 months when I applied. So you could be in for a long wait I'm afraid I didn't include form 80 but was asked for it by my CO. Our statements were about 2-3 pages I think. When I lodged my visa they said not to bind it, use paperclips or anything so I just put a huge pile of paper in an Express Post envelope and sent it off! I did use coloured paper to separate sections in the hope of making it clearer and easier to read. I understand that you can now lodge your application online, and it's a bit cheaper so if I was applying now, I'd apply online.
  11. cappuccino

    Online citizenship application - attaching forms

    I used Adobe Pro to convert my PDFs to JPEG's because I was at work, but my backup plan was just to take photos of the documents rather than scan them. I used Paint to reduce the size before uploading. I didn't upload form 1195 at all, I just took it to my interview and it was fine. Randomly at the interview I was asked to provide my Medicare card which wasn't one of the docs I'd uploaded!
  12. cappuccino

    Updated Form 80 - Help

    Hi, I'm not sure if this is still relevant as I submitted my form 80 about 18 months ago. I had a similar issue of having lived on the continent and made various trips and being unable to recall dates, not even the months of travel. I listed the country and put a note along the lines of: between 'year' and 'year' I made numerous visits of 2 days - 2 weeks to 'country', dates unknown. This was accepted without any questions or issues.
  13. Hi there, You send all the forms at the same time. As you can apply online now, I assume the forms are available when you select Apply Now. I also found them under the Visa Applicant tab, under Document checklist for applicants: https://www.immi.gov.au/Visas/Pages/801-820.aspx For stat decs, templates are available for download on this page: http://www.ag.gov.au/publications/pages/statutorydeclarations.aspx Have you seen the Partner booklet? It's quite long but very useful as it steps you through everything you need to know and do in regard to lodging a partner visa: http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/booklets/1127.pdf I hope this helps.
  14. cappuccino

    on shore de facto visa application

    Congratulations on your visa grant bessiedoll! It must be a huge relief. When I applied for mine processing times were 6-9 months and DIAC asked applicants to submit police checks and medicals at time of application. After 9 months, processing times had jumped to 9-12 months, and my visa was finally processed after 13 months - luckily my case officer could extend the validity of my medical but I had to do another police check. So it's worth bearing in mind that just because someone has had to do 2 police checks and medicals, doesn't necessarily mean they didn't read the information correctly in the first place!
  15. cappuccino

    Older, confused Aussie needs help.

    Hi, Just in case you missed this information (as we did!): when registering your relationship in NSW, there's about a month's 'cooling off period' before they issue the certificate. Immigration only accept the certificate to waive the 12 months requirement, they don't accept the receipt of lodgement of the relationship registration. So I guess I'm saying don't leave the relationship registration until just before you submit your defacto visa application! All the best with your application.