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Found 191 results

  1. Hey all, I'm making my way through the De Facto Partner Visa paperwork (just been assigned a case officer, woohoo). Our original plan was to move to VIC because my partner's family are based there and it would give us an easy start (somewhere to stay while we look for jobs). Naturally we're going to settle wherever the best opportunities are for our respective careers, but I wondered if anyone has cautionary tales or advice on the pros and cons of crossing the world to live near your partner's family? It seems practical to do so, but socially it doesn't put us on a very even footing (my partner will easily integrate back into a community he knows well, while I'll be slightly out on a limb -- whereas if we both move somewhere new we're forging a new adventure together, and can still visit his family a short flight away (e.g. if we went with NSW). It feels more exciting for my partner and I to head to a totally new city, rather than move down the road from his mum and dad, but what do you all think? Any stories or similar experiences would be great! -- future melbs
  2. shoebox20

    Creative Industry Ping Pong Pom

    Hi all....and HAPPY NEW YEAR! So this is my first post here, Having been in Aus 4 years, on the cusp of citizenship (applying in feb) and I'm a few months into a new job (not totally my dream role but a good senior brand/packaging designer job, great team, decent agency and so far enjoying the work and challenges, learning lots and earning much more than my last role...BUT...I went 'home' for a month last year and somehow felt like I belonged again, realised how much I miss being close to my mum and the buzz of london (as a creative the European culture seems much more in touch there than here in Sydney) and so I've booked flights to move back ...now they're booked (for June) I'm all unsure, have I made the wrong decision, I'll miss my life here, but then I felt so happy there after being away so long, and surely I owe it to myself to go back and see how it goes and pans out...it feels right to try. I will get my citizenship first, but with all going well (on paper at least...but just because the boxes are ticked, good job, good lifestyle, nice apartment, etc doesn't mean we're happy, and despite having friends I often have such solitary moments) am I MAD to give it all up for a stint back in the UK? What if I don't get work there, and what if should I choose to come back here in 6 months theres no work here then...eek panic alert :-/ Advice, reassurance, experience, tips all welcome, I know you guys here are the experts Thanks Lisa
  3. PandaPaws1988

    Move back to Aus again?

    Hi, this is my first post on PIO so here goes :-) - sorry its so long! I moved over to Perth WA in Oct 2011 from London with my partner, after a horrific 2 year wait for a visa for him to start a company in Perth. 8 months into our move we amicably broke up and still to this day remain great friends. I continued on in Perth with great jobs and travelling around until May this year when I got mysteriously ill, and the doctors in Perth couldn't figure it out. I decided to go back to London for a 3 week trip to spend some time with my family (and to get away from a horrible breakup), and luckily I did because 2 days after landing my appendix ruptured - the NHS is amazing! I recovered well and started dating a long time friend so decided to stay for the summer at least. I now have a contract job for the next year and have been travelling around Europe on weekends which is brilliant. That being said I have a dilemma at the moment. Now that I have recovered and its winter here (I haven't really experienced one for 3 years!) I am deciding whether to go back to Perth or not. I guess this is down to the fact that when I left in May I didn't realise I wouldn't be going home. I went back to Perth for a week in August which turned into a mess as I bumped into my crazy ex and the encounter left a bad feeling, but I cant judge a place based on one person. I loved my time in Perth for the 3 years I was there, most of it being single and without any family which I didn't mind that much. I had a great life there, brilliant salary, lovely friends and the outdoor lifestyle I always wanted as I wakeboard and run. London is fantastic too, but I feel like I really grew up in aus because of being alone and maybe thats why I feel like its home now. My new boyfriend who I've known for years has family out there, and said he will happily go. But I am so used to my decisions just affecting me, and its difficult to ask someone else to give up the life they know just for you. But in my heart I know I want to go back and if I wasn't in a relationship I would. Do I give it more time as its only been 5 months, or just go for it again? Thanks guys :-)
  4. Ribbon Katie

    Dilemma - should I go back?

    Hi there I am new to this forum and was wondering if anyone had any advice and had been in a similar situation. Have been here in Oz for 8 months with husband and children. Living in Perth. Husband very settled, children very settled. Me (mum) not very settled....... Totally underestimated the value of strong friendships. I had many friends in Blighty as I'd lived in the same place for 16 years and was a bit of a social butterfly. Because my children are older there are no toddler groups etc to go too and they walk to school on their own so not a lot of opportunity to meet new people, plus I am working full time. Realise I have to give Oz longer as 8 months is far too short to make any rash decisions. The problem is I have a return flight back to the Uk soon (This is the return part after we decided to get a return ticket when we left UK last year). We were all going to go home as a family but we knew we would have needed to have booked one way tickets to then get back to Oz. The price of tickets have soared and we can't find any cheap one way fares for less than £1,1150. Husband and children weren't that bothered about going back so have decided to forget about trip and forfeit tickets. He says I should go back as I am so unsettled. But is this a good idea? Will it make me more unsettled? I'd obviously love to go back dearly to see friends and my widowed Father, but will it set me back? The other issue is that I feel I'd be neglecting my kids if I went back as I'd be going over school holidays in July. I can't change the date of the trip as I am working full time and I lodged the leave a while back and this would be difficult to change. So it would mean I'd be going back while the kids are off school. Hubby says he would take four days off to spend some time with them, but I am worried they'll be at a loose end during the two week hols when he is working. So should I go home to Britain for the two and a half weeks, which I'd like too, but have the possible risk of feeling more unsettled and miserable on my return or should I abandon the idea and stay put and enjoy some time off work with my kids in the hols? Any advice appreciated Cheers:wub: Ribbon
  5. Hello All, My partner might be transferred from the UK to Australia by his company next year. I think it's a great opportunity for both of us and let's put it that way I don't think that refusing is really an option. However I am still doing my nursing programme and I have another year to go... So I'm not really happy with the timing... I know that life throws things like that and you have to embrace it but it's quite hard to think that I'll have made all those sacrifices for nothing. Has or is anybody else facing the same challenges on this forum... if you are, I'd like to hear from you. I was also wondering if anybody else had already faced this issue and was able to re-apply to a nursing programme in Australia with the transfer of their academic credits from their UK college ? Is it also true that once qualified and registered with the NMC a nurse needs to have at least 3 months of post-registration experience before registering with the AHPRA ? If anybody has some answers, I'd love to hear from them :-) Thx Geoff
  6. Hi everyone, My husband Paul is a locksmith, starting his career as an alumium & Pvc fabricator, he concentrated some years ago upon locksmithing to that end he now holds the 'Masters' qualification which is with the Master Locksmith Association, & trains constantly to develop skills with 'safe opening'. An agency recently told us that unless he held City & Guilds 1,2,3 he was wasting his time for Australia, which seems absolutely rediculous as this qualification is above all of those, has anyone had this problem & how was it overcome. buzzybee
  7. Hi all, Would really appreciate the benefit of your experience on this one. We had our visa granted about 4 weeks ago and we are unbelievably excited about making to move to Perth. As we have limited funds, we decided to wait until I secured a job (VET teacher/lecturer) before making the permanent move out to Perth. However, so far, this has proved more difficult than I first thought. Despite having mountains of experience and qualifications and a diversity of skills, I am even struggling to get shortlisted for even a basic teaching role. I have changed my CV to suit, tailoired my letters to meet the criteria in the format that the Aussies are loking for, but time after time, they are shortlisting Aussies over me and after speaking to a number of employers (who have been brutally honest), they are stating that I am a risk to employ because of not being there for a face to face interview and the chance that I might not come (which isn't that case). I completely understand where they are coming from and know that if I could get my foot in the door somewhere, I would be fine. We have sold everything (and I mean everything short of our clothes and a few small bits we want to take) and are currently residing with family. Not the most ideal situation. We also have a 16month boy to consider. We vhave enough money to cover costs for the first month, possibly 2 at a stretch. Our dilemma is this: Do we sit and wait until I eventually get offered a job. Or, do we book our flights, apply for jobs notifying them of when we are arriving and do some serious job seeking when we get there. Any advice you guys could offer would be much appreciated. Thanks Chris
  8. Hi please could anyone advice...My OH, myself and my son have been asked to go for medicals..The problem we now face is My OH ex wife.She signed to allow his 3 children to perm move to Australia infront of a solictor!! not only this she s shown all 3 children stuff on the net about Australia and was more than happy for them to go!! Now 4mths later due to her boyfriend leaving she s changed her mind!! We attended court and to cut a long story short the judge would not allow the children to continue on the visa s!! he says its giving the children false hope!! And the mother as ever right to change her mind!! I just dont get it!!! i mean she was happy for the children to go when her boyfriend was around!! Now the kids cant do the Medicals :-((( we are soooo upset, the children are sooo upset :-(((( my question is what now? can the children come at a later date? does anyone know what age the children need to be to be able to choose where and who they live with? All 3 children want to live with us in Australia Jenny 13..14 in March 2012..Sam 10...and Jemma s 8...Any advice would be grateful?? we only have 15 days left to sort out Medicals!! Many thanks for taking the tme to read this wendy xxx
  9. BritChickx

    What to do? Dilemma!

    So me and Paul have been applying for jobs, including harvest jobs for 1 person for him and asking if there is any work for me aswell. One employer got back to us and said that there is full time work for him 7 days a week 8-12 hours a day but only about 30 hours for me and I might not have that every week. That's fine, except we'd have to commute (one of them is an hour away) to a couple of areas, and as we would be working in different areas or similar hours we're finding it difficult to work out what to do as i would either have to get a job in the area we're staying in or use some kind of publisc transport. My work would be mainly around the farm and their house doing general work and Paul's is taking down a vineyard using machinery. Paul's very keen but I'm unsure as if I didn't have any hours for a couple of days I'd be stranded in an area I don't know and as i don't have a license i have no way of commuting other than by bus. And by the time i've earnt some money and get the tax taken away I wouldn't have too much to save. But Paul would be earning lots of money. I just wondered what people's opinions are on the situation? Am I being selfish by not wanting to go because of the lack of hours and commuting situation? We can both see it from each others POV but was wondering what you guys thought. Sorry about the essay lol. Thanks for reading :cute:
  10. Guest

    Am I Depressed?

    Hi everyone I've just joined PIO and want to write something very happy and jolly about being here in Australia. But the reality is is that I feel quite sad, not because I am missing home but because I realise that my partner is not the person for me. I've struggled very hard to achieve the temp partner visa only to feel that it is slipping away. I had to stay in the UK whilst dealing with family issues the last several months and gained my 309 from there. I've been back with my partner now for 5 weeks. He is not emotionally supportive or physically demonstrative. He is carrying on with his same lifestyle before I arrived. Its like I am in his way - I am left out of any decision making to do with the flat, shopping, where we go, what we do etc. He eats and breaths his job. He and his brother constantly take drugs (cannabis) and he cannot go an evening without drinking alcohol. He is always saying he's going to change his behaviours but he never does. He also said strongly that he wanted to have children but he's sabotaging that with his drinking and drug taking. I feel quite alone, worried about my visa status if we split. I can barely speak with him with civility. At the moment we sleep in the same bed but on either side. I still love him but I know he is not for me. How can he be? He offers me no support in a new country. I've managed to find casual work but now he is asking for my share of the rent AND for me to pay him back the monies he spent on me whilst I was with him last year. He's suddenly sprung this on me. I know some of this is down to me but he never 'sees' me, he is never the one to start to talk about us, it's usually me. I've suggested counselling, I've tried talking to him before he gets right into his routine about our relationship and what WE can do to make it better and loving like it should be. He just says the right things but then does exactly what he wants. In March last year, he went all out to have a holiday in Thailand with his family and guess what - he managed to find time and money to f*** at least 3 Thai women - all without his family knowing. Whilst with them, he's texting me telling me how much he's missing me and loves me. He comes back to me and breaks my heart. He has never given me a reason for doing that, (I'd only just moved in with him about 2-3 weeks previous). The arguments, tears and disbelief that this happened to me is indescribable. I had to make him do an STD/STI check and I had to get myself checked out as well. How long can I do this for? I've worked so hard to get here to Australia. I'm not sure I can manage another year and a half like this. I know it would help me if I could get a good job. I want to have time, space and confidence building for myself. All I want is to settle down, be in love and love my partner - is that too much to ask for?
  11. Hi All, Just thought i'd let people know about the situation we are currently in - Not sure if anyone is aware of this, I haven't seen any posts on this site. Basically - My OH is a Tiler by trade with many years experience but no qualification. We have 55 points (with regional sponsorship) so in order to gain the extra 10 points it was a case of either doing the ILETS or AQF. My OH isn't very good at spelling or reading so we were considering going for the AQF. We then found out that DIAC are currently in a dispute with TRA because TRA are insisting on not recognising employment before gaining AQF. Apparently DIAC does not agree with this approach and other skills assessing bodies are not taking the same approach (Just our luck that it is the TRA who assess Tilers!). DIAC and TRA are currently in discussions to resolve this. We now have a dilemma - We wanted to apply for our visa before the changes in July 2012 and we definately need to apply before August 2012 as that is when my OH turns 34 and we lose age points. The question is do we wait until the TRA/DIAC make a decision therefore taking the risk that we might not get our application in before our deadline or do we go ahead with the AQF (which costs around £2000) which is a risk as TRA may still insist on not recognising pre-qual experience and we may just waste our money! What would you do? Is there anyone else in the same situation? Sue
  12. bensdad

    Passport Dilemma

    Right next problem any help appreciated. Applied for 176 visa as defacto Got married before visa approved Filled out change of circumstances form Notified diac who changed application to normal married one. Visa approved as married couple Visa grant has come in wife's maiden name, no problem as she still uses that anyway However here's the fun bit, her passport expires late next year whilst we will be in oz When she renews her passport she wants to start using her married name So how is best to do this? Do we get new passport now before we go in her new name , but how do we get visa in new passport Or do we Wait till next year and do it from Australia? Any help would be appreciated
  13. Guest

    work exp dilemma?

    Hey guys, hoping someone here can help me with a slight dilemma regarding work experience for SS SA. According to acs website they are looking for minimum of 2 years work experience (which i dont have,i currently have 1 year). On the otherhand the website of SA immi are stating 12 months. Do i have to meet both these requirements? Any help much appreciated.
  14. :arghh:Ok, where to start.... my OH is a bricklayer by trade, he passed all skills assessment, we have found we are 10 points short for 175 and 176 visa. my OH is dyslectic and barely reads and writes he was told to sit ielts test to gain the extra points but when he went for test he couldnt said couldnt do it:no:. so now we are in the worse situation, i have been reading up about 475 visa, we have family out there mother and father in law, sis in law and bro in law... the bro would be the one to sponsor us on this 475 visa and that then gives us our 10 points we need.... but we have two young children and despeartly want to live in perth with our family, can we live there? i need to know any info on this visa and wether this is our best option. does anyone know also how long this visa takes to grant as we have so many hold ups that we just want to be out there! also i know there may be others out there in similar situations so if you have any advise or questions feel free to ask. thank you in advance.:hug: laura & brad x:tongue:
  15. Hello I've been offered a job in Sydney with a not-for-profit employer (government and charity funded). I would love to accept but the salary is too low ($50,800), but they offer salary packaging ("It simply involves using your pre-tax income to pay for your day to day expenses thereby reducing your income tax which increases your disposable income.'') My brain is the size of a pea and I'm struggling to understand. I'm trying to work out what difference this would make to my take home pay should I claim the max amount possible, in the hope that'll it'll be enough for me to accept the job. I'm informed that, "You can package up to a maximum grossed-up amount of $30,000 which is $16,050 net. This is the maximum fringe benefit exemption limit. The remainder of your salary will be paid as cash on the usual fortnightly basis...An employee must not exceed the $30,000 ($16,050) cap within the packaging year (1st April – 31st March). If an employee does exceed the capped amount they will be required to pay back the difference to the employer...The number and range of items available varies according to your personal circumstances but examples of expense items that can be packaged include: · Credit card payments · Mortgage Repayments · Motor vehicle leases and expenses · Health Insurance · Income protection insurance · Household Expenses · Entertainment...Employees who have cars as part of their package will have a reduced amount to package due to the FBT liability on their cars. FBT (Fringe Benefits Tax) is payable on your vehicle. This tax is calculated using an ATO formula based on the cost of your vehicle and the number of kilometres you travel in a year. HR will calculate how much tax is payable based on your car information and deduct this from your $16,050 salary packaging amount. You will be provided with information detailing your FBT liability on an annual basis or as frequently as you change your vehicle." I'll need to rent accomodation (with my partner) and buy a car. Can anyone advise? Much appreciated. (I'm meant to be interviewing for a much better paid job on Thursday, but I'm not sure I can stall my decision on this job that long, as I don't think I'd know the outcome of Thursday's interview for a while). Dilemma! :unsure:
  16. Guest

    Employer Sponsored - Dilemma

    Hi, new member to the forum but have been lurking round for a while. I have a good job offer for a firm in Perth who are willing to sponsor me on a 457. I do not meet the GSM tests and do not have direct family in oz, so think sponsorship is my only route. After 2 years can they sponsor me for PR if my role is not on the ENSOL. I am changing role slightly (broad industry experience got me the job) so my current occupation would not be relevant at that time. There are 2 close categories but in my opinion not exact and thats it. Question is can an employer sponsor pr for role not on the ENSOL? I am getting really confused :err: and want to make decision on job this weekend so any help would be appreciated. Thanks Richie
  17. Danaproz76

    Employer dilemma. Can you help?

    I am an avid user of this site and found an answer to nearly all my questions. It as been a great source of information. This however is my first post. :shocked: I have an employer sponsor and we are currently going through the visa application. I have been informed that this could take approximately 6 months. My problem is this, I have not yet told my employers and I have just been offered an internal promotion. I have declined the offer but, they have come back with an improved offer that should I decline, then they are going to be suspicious and question why. Should I tell them the real reason? When did other people inform their employers? and Where do stand legally in terms of, if I tell them can they dismiss me? I look forward to any help and advice. Danaproz76 :cute:
  18. Hi all, my names wendy we have applied for a 176 family sponsor visa in May 2011 ( my brother being the family sponsor) and my OH Andy the main visa applicant .we have been very lucky that both our ex partners have signed in front of a solicitor to let us take the children..i have one son 15 yrs, Andy has 3 children.one at 13yrs, 10yrs..and 8yrs..The problem we are now facing is Andy s ex wife is now saying we can not take the children!!!!..she blows hot and cold often and at times is nasty with the children saying they can go when they turn 18!!! does anyone know or have been in this situation?? any help would be grateful..The children all want to move to Australia and with his ex signing infront of a solicitor that states she is happy for the children to leave the uk and permently live in Australia!!! can she really stop them when the time comes to leaving?? Many thanks for taking the time to read this wendy xxx
  19. Guest

    GCSE Dilemma

    I am moving back to the UK because we have frankly had enough of this country and want to return home to Britain. I have lived there all my life apart from the passed two years. When I return I will be going into the beginning of Year 11 and I am worried that I will not know the adequate things and if it is all a bit late for starting GCSE study. Please help!! Thanks in advance.
  20. :biggrin: Hi Everyone Can anybody help? I am looking at moving out to Australia ASAP (Perth) with my family but I am looking for a sponsor to help me migrate. I am a fully qualified electrician by trade but have been working and am still currently working as an electrical engineer / project manager within the building services industry and have been for the past 5 years +, the issue I have is that I do not have a degree in engineering or project management and because I have not been on the tools for the last 12 months I cannot do the vetassess. I do want to study for my degree but I want to do this in Australia as it will take another 3 years before I can apply for migration if I study for my degree here in England. I know that it is a long shot but I have friends and family that currently live out in Perth and they have advised that there could be some opportunities coming up for sponsorship due to recent government announcements. If anybody has any info or may be able to point me in the right direction than it would be most appreciated. Thanks for reading.
  21. gasmainlayer


    can someone PLEASE give me some advice. My husband and i had been discussing moving to OZ for ages however on discovering that we were once again expecting, we decided to wait for a couple of years and see how we felt once the new baby was a little older. therefore i had completley moved it to the back of my mind and was starting to plan things here in the uk. Yesterday however my husband found an advert for his job in the national newspaper and sent of his CV (having discussed it with me first). we thought that seeing as it was something we had been looking for whilst we had been searching previously that it would be a wasted opportunity and that we would see if he heard back (i never thought he would if i am honest). Today he received a phone call from the company stating that they feel his qualifications etc would be widely needed in Oz (Perth) and that they would like to give him an interview, etc. This has therefore thrown me into turmoil, it is a 6 month contract initially with the company then deciding if they want to keep you on for a permanent basis. My dilemma therefore is what should we do, do we all go out together, give birth out there and then return if he is not kept on, or does my husband go out there alone for 6 months whilst i stay home with the kids? They have said that he would be on roughly 300AUS dollars a day, is that a good wage??? sounds it. Is this an opportubity that we have to grab with both hands and see if we like it. in one way it would be ideal as it would give us that 6 month period to see if it was for us without committing too much. Any comments would be grateful, i feel so confused and i dont think my hormones are helping. sorry its such a long post.:confused::confused:
  22. Guest

    Payment of 176 Visa - Dilemma

    Hi there, I wondered if anyone can help. I will be paying for my 176 visa online (£1880!!!) but I dont have a credit card, I never have had one either! Would I be able to give a friend/family member the money and use their card do you think? Or will I have to get a card just for this? Thanks. Luke
  23. Guest

    Novated lease dilemma

    Hello, I have the option of a novated lease through work, I have compared the cost v's a car loan for the same vehicle and the novated lease comes out tops. It's via sg fleet and I wondered if anyone could give any advice if they have done the same, and what there thoughts are? I have done a search on here and there are some conflicting views. Many thanks Tracy
  24. We put a deposit on a 10 yr old Subaru Outback yesterday. It's a 5 seater, 90000 kms - $16k. Expensive but that's the going rate. Anyhow, I woke up this morning and thought of a scenario we'd not considered. What are we going to do when parents come over to visit? We're a family of 4, so 2 visitors would not fit in the car to explore on the weekends. How do people cope when visitors come? I can think of 4 scenarios: 1) not buy the Subaru Outback (we have 3 day cooling period) and instead buy a 7 seater. 2) hire 7 seater when visitors are here - very expensive option, and as parents may stay for weeks this is not an affordable option. 3) It's more than likely we will be a 2 car family, so we could buy a small second car and when we have visitors go out in 2 cars. (2 lots of petrol when travel to coast etc) 4) stick with the subaru outback, and in a few months if money situation allows, buy a real old station wagon (7 seater). As it's unlikely we'll have visitors in first 6 months this would give us 6 months to look around for someone who's selling an old, cheap reliable one. Other people must have the same dilemma as us and I'm wondering what people do? Thanks! Mike. Based in Canberra and loving it.
  25. Guest


    Hi! First ever post in a forum like this so bear with me but I'm soooooo confused I thought it may help to seek advice, hear opinions from those who have moved back to the UK and also hear from those Poms who have chosen to stay in Aus. I'll keep it short, myself & my husband moved out from London 5 years ago and due to our jobs and location of where some of my family live we ended up in Sydney. After a very tough first year we found our feet & our lifestyle has never been better. We live in a beautiful part of Sydney, our working life is easy in comparison to what it was like in the UK & our weekends are spent outdoors enjoying the awesome country that is Aus. BUT, we have found ourselves becoming more & more homesick as the years have gone on, admittedly we haven't helped ourselves by going home once or twice a year to see family & friends but I honestly thought it would get easier to say goodbye to folks at home & that I would feel less of a pull towards the UK. I've found myself missing things that were part of the reason for our first big move out to Aus and every goodbye is heartbreaking. We've made some lovely friends out here but if I'm honest they're more like acquaintances...would probably only miss 1 or 2 if we left tomorrow which sounds terrible I know but we've never found that 'thing' that we have with our friends from home. We're at the point where we're weighing up whether the sunshine & beautiful lifestyle is worth the empty feelings we have when we think of our friends & family back at home. I do believe this country is a fantastic place to come back to when we're older perhaps & have a family of our own & we have citizenship so what do we have to lose by giving a move home a go...another mini adventure so to speak? Would love to hear from people who have made the move or who have wrestled with the same dilemma, have read through numerous posts & would like to point out that I appreciate the good & the bad in both the UK & in Aus, I know that neither place will be the utopia that some people are chasing. I just worry that we'll give up more here by going home than we gave up coming out this way. Thanks!