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  1. Hey there after lodging my 820 partner visa last April, I have just recieved an email saying its being process, I haven't been assigned with a case officer though, it just explains to get together any documents I haven't done already, which I have question is how will I hear if I have been approved, via email, phone call? Also anyone know from experience will it be any day now or weeks? Thanks
  2. iloveaussie

    820 lodged, need 457 will it cancel my 820 partner visa?

    great, thanks for your help
  3. iloveaussie

    820 lodged, need 457 will it cancel my 820 partner visa?

    Okay so the new company lodging the 457 nomination will not cancel my 820 partner visa? can they not nominate me for upto 4 years and this stays in effect? Or is it because my last company dos until October 2015 that the new nomination can only go until then? thanks
  4. Hello there i was on a 457 and got made redundant in the last month, however in April 2014 I lodged my 820 partner visa, I understand it can take 12-15 months to be processed and haven't hesrd anything i have a new company who want to take over my 457 nomination, as I'm applying for another visa, if the 457 is approved, will this cancel my 820 partner visa application? Or will the new 457 be in effect until I hear back about my 820 partner visa? As I understand you can only have 1 vosa also, what if my 820 partner visa is refused? Will my 457 still be in effect? im scared to lodge the new 457 as I don't want to lose my partner visa! But I need to work thanks
  5. iloveaussie

    457 to 820..what if denied

    Thanks Quinkla, I did think that I guess you never know what happens and have to weigh your options im in a steady/good job aswell as a future planned with my partner and no reason to break up!
  6. iloveaussie

    457 to 820..what if denied

    Hi there, I was on a 457 visa when I lodged my 820 partner, I probably will not hear back from my 820 partner visa until earliest April 2015 because of the long processing times since lodging this, I was made redundant on my 457, however I have found a new sponsor for my 457 to enable me to work my question is... I get a new 457 visa contract until 2018, once my 820 first stage comes back approved, will that cancel my 457 entitlement until 2018? say if me and my partner were to break up (hope not!) before immigration get back to me for more proof in 2 years, if were not together or denied the visa after 2 years, can I fall back on my 457 contract? Sorry if this confuses anyone! Thanks
  7. iloveaussie

    Can an approved 187 sponsor company sponsor a 457?

    oh okay, I'm not sure on exact procedures with the 187 visa. all I know is that she has gone through 5 girls on a 187 Perm Resident visa, and I hope that means she can sponsor me on a 457
  8. Hello i am on a 457 visa and looking for a company to take over this by nominating me a company is keen to take me on, however the employer is an approved 187 sponsor holder, my question is, can she take on my 457 by nominating me or does she need to apply to be a 457 approved sponsor? thank you
  9. iloveaussie

    457 visa just got cancelled what now..help!!

    Thank you everyone and QUINKLA I didn't wish for this thank you and there's no need to say comments like that right now
  10. So my employer just told me they are cancelling my 457 visa because they no longer meet the requirements to sponsor me.. basically they aren't earning enough it was due to expire next October 2015 however I have already applied for my PR 820 partner visa in April an won't hear back till early next year because of the wait times so I want to know what happens now? Will I get a bridging visa with work rights? can I look for any job now? Or because they cancelled my visa will I not be able to work for anyone? Or leave the country? i get 2 weeks pay an that Is it!! I'm screwed! I cannot wait for my 820 visa because I cannot live on no wage until then please help me guys!!
  11. iloveaussie

    2nd stage 820 partner visa

    Great thank you will that be required from exactly the same date but two years on from when I lodged it? does my partner need to be in the country or just me? what is required from him?
  12. iloveaussie

    2nd stage 820 partner visa

    Hey can people tell me from experience what immigration will ask of me when it comes to the second stage (2 year wait) of the partner visa to show me an my partner are still together.. will it be statutory declarations, photos, bills, joint things..etc like the first application? just want to save this an keep safe now so I'm resdy not that I have even been granted first visa! thanks
  13. iloveaussie

    Anyone lodged 820 partner visa this year?

    wow! That's amazing. I wonder how you got so lucky! There's people who lodged theirs last year an still haven't had a word off immigration! I hope mine gets lucky too I'm so desperate to leave my current employer, they aren't paying me correctly or giving me enough hours, it's so hard to survive on a part time wage but I'm unable to tell immigration that right now otherwise I will end up on a no works right bridging visa an unable to leave the country! Which I plan on going back to England for Christmas an it's a lot of money to lose if I can't leave!
  14. iloveaussie

    Anyone lodged 820 partner visa this year?

    wow!!! That's amazing quick! Congratulations. have you kids together, married? I suppose it doesn't work with first come first served