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Found 6 results

  1. iloveaussie

    2nd stage 820 partner visa

    Hey can people tell me from experience what immigration will ask of me when it comes to the second stage (2 year wait) of the partner visa to show me an my partner are still together.. will it be statutory declarations, photos, bills, joint things..etc like the first application? just want to save this an keep safe now so I'm resdy not that I have even been granted first visa! thanks
  2. Charlotte Cox

    Perm 801 & an expiring UK passport

    I could not find any info online for this one wondered if anyone would have any further info here.... I am due to be granted my perm partner visa 801 in around April 2015 (after my 2 years on the 820). My UK passport expires in Feb 2016. Is it a requirement when on the 801 that you have a valid passport? I will be applying for my citizenship ASAP as soon as I have been on the perm visa for a year. Which will be a couple of months after my UK passport expires. It seems such a shame to have to go through sending all my docs off to NZ and paying for a new UK passport when I would be eligible for an Oz one so soon after! I know there are benefits to having the 2, but I don't care too much as my partner is an Aussie I have to wait for him in the passport queue anyway Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of this sort of thing? Thanks
  3. Hello, I am from the Uk and my partner Australian. We have been together for 2 years whilst I was in the country on working holiday visa. We submitted our partner visa a few weeks ago onshore and I have been granted a bridging visa A! While a decision is made! I have just just found out that I am pregnant and am trying to get as much information about my rights to medical care and benefits...any help would be much appreciated. I have already had my medical examination and x-ray for the visa so there is no concern there! I have read that being pregnant makes no difference to the application and will not speed it up which is fine! I currently work full time and have done for the past 5 months and will continue to work until the baby is born! As as I am from the Uk i have a green Medicare card! In the UK there are no costs to have a baby, what is the case with that here? What would I need to pay for and what is covered by my Medicare? Also, what sort of benefits am I entitled to? It is more than likely that I will still be on a bridging visa or the temporary resident (820) visa when the baby is born. Just looking for any advice and information regarding my situation. And any pointers I should look out for Thank you in advance.
  4. Hi, I'm new to this forum and looking for some advice. We've submitted my partner visa application already and just looking for some clarification. My husband and I are married with children and both my children are Aussie citizens (one born here and one through descent). On my husbands sponsorship form it asks in question 9 if he holds any other citizenship, to which he answered honestly that yes he has uk citizenship as he applied for a passport (his dad was born in England) in 1996. It has only since come to our attention that australian citizenship laws changed and he could potentially have lost his australian citizenship by gaining a british passport (on his passport it says british citizen) before 2002.. He has been living in the uk for the last 10 years but still holds an australian passport and we've been living here in australia since November (me on a visitor visa and now a bridging visa)... Anyone else applied for a partner visa where there partner also holds additional citizenship and it's all gone ok or had any queries etc? Hope that all makes sense! I'm hoping if the case worked has any queries they will ask about it, he only applied for a British passport to make travelling around Europe and Ireland easier and so it wasn't specifically to gain british citizenship and he certainly wouldn't have done so if he had been aware of the rules at the time about losing Aussie citizenship if you gain another etc
  5. Denise75

    partner visa 820

    Hello again, a posted days ago about my application for partner visa, asking questions because im so scared to be refuse of the 12 month cohabitation that we did not meet, but last thursday me and my partner received a notice from post office, and we went there friday morning to get it, and we are so nervous upon opening it because its from the immigration and when we open it it was my visa grant notice for 820 partner visa. We were very excited that finally i am granted without so much trouble, we apply last Feb 20 and was granted March 20, it only took 3 months for them to process it and made a decision we are very lucky. Now all our worries are gone and we can finally move on and start a new life together. To those who are applying for 820 partner visa just be honest with what you wrote and submit all the necessary documents and and in the end you will get what you aim for. Goodluck to all of you
  6. Hello everyone I am in the process of filling out my 820 partner visa application online. From a prospective marriage visa 300. And I was looking for some advice from people who have also completed this visa application. The main part that has me struggling is the 'Nature of commitment' part. What did everyone put? So far I have included details about maintaining contact while spending time apart (I had to go offshore for 7 months while 300 visa was processing), being beneficiaries on tax and superannuation and then about our future plans, buying a house, kids etc. This just doesn't seem enough? And should you include every single phone bill/ skype call information etc or just a selected collection from random dates? Also should this part of the application be completed in a third person perspective i.e 'the sponser and applicant have known each other for etc ' or is it acceptable to write it as ' my husband and I have known each other etc'? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks