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  1. byrned

    cost of living OZ vs UK?

    I have to agree with you in Melbourne anyway big houses very small gardens, units have just what I would call a yard at the back. Outdoor living does not happen In Melbourne we have crap weather 6 months of the year.
  2. byrned

    Stick it out or go home ??

    Do not leave it too late to go back if you know in your gut this place is not for you then its easier to go back getting the kids into school etc. I see ex pats all the time here at the park with their kids and at the beach I always feel sorry for the little ones in away because some will never know what it would be like surrounded by family ie grandparents, aunts,uncles cousins being apart of an everyday extended family feeling that love and craziness of a family a feeling of belonging. Then you have the die hards who protest too much ie Australia is the best thing since sliced bread and a lot of people once you start digging beneath the surface are unhappy as well or lonely, and for many, end up living to work due to lack of stimulation, especially if the kids are older and doing their own thing.
  3. byrned

    So many moving back to the UK!

    You like a lot of ex pats seem to spend their time worrying about the decline of the uk, is that to try and justify your existence in a foreign land. I would have thought for all ex pats if you love Oz so much why spend your time on a forum defending your need to choose oz over the uk. Quite baffling to me.
  4. byrned

    The consequences of a failed migration ten years on

    I would not let him go full stop. He could be upset at the thought of starting high school. His father should be supporting you in keeping his son in the uk until at least he has finished high school, he will not get the kind of education here that he will get in the grammar in uk unless you are willing to pay money for it, the state schools here are not on the same level as grammar in the UK. A boy needs a father yes but he needs a mothers love more, take it from me, his stepmother may think a lot of your son but will never be able to love him like she will her own children and your son after the novelty of him being there wares off will show. Just because he says life is boring in England it sounds to me like panic talk from him, you may have to put your foot down with him and tell him how its going to be.
  5. byrned

    Going back after 8 years

    to jasepom I think you are basing your post on yourself, you do not know the opening posters financial situation or what him and his partner do for a living and what they can and cannot afford. Every situation is personal and different to the individual and I should imagine that the opening poster is not that blinkered to not have an idea of costs in the uk. I find you are rather biased in your post and does not give a fair reflection and what was asked by the opening poster in the beginning. -
  6. byrned

    Last Tango in Halifax

    try barkisland, stainland, holmfirth, Hebden Bridge, soyland, ripponden, rishworth, kirkburton, highburton, look on rightmove.co.uk have you thought about North Yorkshire, some nice little market towns ie grassington is a lovely yorkshire village. I think Rishworth have a good private school.
  7. byrned

    Last Tango in Halifax

    try barkisland, stainland, holmfirth, kirkburton, highburton look on rightmove.co.uk have you thought about North Yorkshire, some nice little market towns ie grassington is a lovely yorkshire village, try the Yorkshire Dales, stunning scenery and beautiful villages.
  8. byrned

    Moving back - how to go about it??

    sell everything now just keep the mere basics to get you through and all your cars asap you can always hire one if need be for a while.
  9. byrned

    Going back after 8 years

    As a parent nothing beat seeing my children surrounded by close family ie grandparents,aunts, uncles and cousins at christmas, bonfire night, easter, summer holidays sharing special occasions and milestones in their life. We moved to oz when they were 15 and 8 yrs old so they had a taste of extended family and for that I will always be so thankful, because in my own opinion if you have good family and friends around you and your children you have everything, no amount of money, material possessions can surpass that. I will be returning next year as soon as my son finishes high school here and my daughter also wants to return, she had a 3 month trip last year to catch up with family her old high school friends and cousins who are spread all over england and that was the deciding factor for her. I now say, never say never, it is a big wide world out there who says we have to stay in one spot for ever.
  10. byrned

    Cost of living

    Hi here are some websites realestate.com.au seek.com.au http://www2.woolworthsonline.com.au www.originenergy.com carsales.com.au /www.abc-childcare.com/rates /www.ato.gov.au/Individuals/Income-and-deductions/How-much-income-tax-you-pay flightcentre.com.au myers.com.au target.com.au bigw.com.au kmart.com.au davidjones.com.au aldi.com.au coles.com.au caltex.com.au You will also have to factor in cost of school books and uniforms you do get some money back to help with fees and books see the government websites, dental care and doctors costs some bulk bill can be quite confusing but if you look on the medicare.com.au it should explain for you. You are better doing your own research as a family nobody knows how you live your life and what you spend etc but do not under estimate your income and outgoings so it looks good on paper you have to be totally honest with yourselves. good luck
  11. byrned

    8 months in and feeling depressed... Help???

    Hi, you sound as though you have situational depression as I call it, a lot of us ex-pats get and got it at some point. Yes this country is very nice, but it can also be extremely lonely, you could be in paradise and it could still be hard while you are getting used to not having the people you love most in the world near ie your close friends and extended family. The older you get the harder it is to make friends I found when I came that most people at my age already had enough friends in their life they did not need any more. What I did was to get a job, you may have to do this it will give you purpose and will also give you the social interaction that you may need. Try the job route first without the aid of tablets. good luck.
  12. Did you wife and family move back to australia with you, I thought they were still in Uk?
  13. byrned

    So you are going back/have gone back...why?

    I think you are going of topic here, its not why people come in the first place but more why people if they are going back and why. its peoples own journeys/stories not for us to judge
  14. byrned

    So you are going back/have gone back...why?

    Here 8 years going back next yr. Miss my country, family and friends the buzz of the cities in uk and being so close to everything. The feeling of isolation in this country and sometimes I have felt suffocated due to it being so expensive flights . May buy a small holiday home in Spain if I start missing the sun and outdoor lifestyle especially in the English winters a 2hr flight beats a 24 hr one. Australia has become very expensive.
  15. byrned

    Confused about Citizenship !

    It is 4 years.