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Found 17 results

  1. Peng

    How hard is it to migrate?

    How hard is it to migrate to Australia? I'm an 18 year old that in 3 years is planning to move to Australia. June of 2016 I spent 14 days there and fell in love with the country. I'm currently getting my associates in IT at a technical college which should help. Open to recommendations as to what I should do to make it a better and easier experience. Working holiday visa for a few years, waiting a few years, etc... let me know!
  2. Hi, Long story short : I lived here in Qld 10 years ago, had 2 children, got divorced then moved back to uk to be near family. x is Australian so he stayed. Now my situation so far is, I moved to qld in August this year with my 2 teenage children, 13 & 16. They have settled well into the lifestyle. They get to see their father who is Australian more often. I have managed to find a job but am unable to find full time hours in the area I chose to live. I left my house in the uk thinking I could rent it out as renting has never been a problem is the area. But then changes happened to the school and families are moving elsewhere. Sadly this has not happened and my funds are dwindling paying mortgage there plus rent, bills over here. The housing market there is not looking good to sell. The outlook of staying looks quite grim. So realistically thinking, I'll be going back. My eldest has also missed 4 months of gcse course work in the 2nd year, so am concerned as to will she be able to catch-up in time for exams. Any suggestions???
  3. mogsandrovers

    cost of living OZ vs UK?

    Hi guys! now have my nurses reg for OZ (or more like it will be official if i present to them before december) But now were huffin and hawing about the UK and talking about just staying here as its awfully expensive in OZ i have heard?? I lived in Melbourne in 2006-08 as a nurse and remember eating out a lot and must have had a lot of money - have the prices shot up? is the cost of living extortionate now? any advice appreciated
  4. We have our visa and are off in just 4 months. Most things are sorted but I can't get my head around all the financial stuff I should probably be organising. A company I met at an Expo ring me regularly and to be honest, he's got me really worried about things I hadn't even considered, such as paying tax in Aus on our property we are going to be renting in the UK. Anyway, thought I'd post my worries and see if anyone can help please :wubclub: Firstly, what are the finacial things I should be considering before we move to the other side of the world, these are what spring to mind: Mortgage, Life Insurances, Private Pensions, ISAs, Child Trust Fund, Will, Student loan. Secondly can anybody help me with these issues: *We are renting our house when we go, mortgage company are fine with this for two years, then we would have Can we still pay into a UK bank account if we aren't residing here? Accountant says we won't pay tax in the UK as it's within our allowance, will we have to pay tax in Aus? *As we are renting our house I assume we keep our life insurances in the UK? Do we then need additional life insurance in Aus? *We have private pensions but have very little in them and they're froze, we wasn't going to bother transferring these, will we incur any charges in Aus? *If we leave savings in the UK, will we incur charges, either now in the future? *Can we transfer a Child Trust Fund account to Aus? * Is it wise to make a will before we go? Any help at all is greatly appreciated x
  5. Hi there, we looked at submitting a 176 SS visa but it wasnt going to work as they were asking what cash we had in the bank. All of our money is tied up in our home, furnishings and vehicle and we will have enough money to settle after selling them to put with the savings we do have. Does the 175 Visa require the same information? is there an amount we have to have in the bank before we are accepted.
  6. Guest

    Making a plan and finances

    Having read lots of posts about the dilemma of moving either way from the UK to Oz or back again, I thought I'd offer these thoughts seeing as I've recently returned from living in Australia and I'm now very happy back in England. It is a huge move, there is no doubt. Moving countries changes your life hopefully for the better but not always as it effects people in different ways and you cannot know how it might affect you until you try it. There is an old saying, if you don't go, you won't know, and if you stay, you might decay so nobody can make the decision for you except you. The best tip I could offer if you decide to move either way, would be to keep all options open until you decide if you've done the right thing. It takes approximately 2 years to grow and acclimatise into a new life and it's not always easy making the adjustments. Once the honeymoon period is over and the reality hits, that's when the homesickness kicks in and it can be temporary or permanent. It depends on the person. You need a realistic amount of capital to take to any country so you need to research how much you will need to live on realistically. It's also a good idea to work out the absolute minimum you can live on. This way you haven't inflated the costs so everything else that comes as a extra is a bonus plus it prepares you for a lean time, if you don't get a job straight away for example. Personally, I find Australia has a lot of hidden costs and prices can change in the blink of an eye so you need to make sure you do not shortchange yourself when you're doing finances. When adding up projected bills, work on the broad side. Switching on the air conditioning can rocket when it's 45 degrees and you can't breathe. People assume there are no heating costs in Australia so this will cut the costs down, however air conditioning in the heat can cost much more if you're not on tariff 33. If you don't have tariff 33, it can cost several thousand dollars to install it. :yes: A pool pump can increase your monthly electricity bill by one third so these are all unknowns until you try living the Oz lifestyle. The extras can seriously add up. You need to preserve your capital so my advice is to keep it in the bank and rent for a year or two, until you decide if the UK or Oz is really where you want to be. Yes, renting can be dead money but you're not trapped into owning a property you might not be able to sell easily and you're not paying for the maintenance that goes with owning your own home. If you don't get a job or you lose your job, you have instant access to your cash. For the first year or so, don't spend your capital, sit on it, explore your new environment and take the time to see if you like it. Don't take out loans, buy a brand new car, buy furniture on loans or take out credit cards. Basically, don't get into debt. Wait, test the water, see if it meets your expectations before you spend all your cash or get into debt. Leave options to return home if you think you might need to. Keep a bank account active with a direct debit paying a credit card off. It pays to do this because it keeps your credit rating alive. This means if you return it's much easier to get a loan, rent a house, buy a car, obtain credit, etc. Stay as flexible as possible and at all costs, keep your money where you can get to it. The first 12 months will tell you if you really want to stay or leave whichever country you're in. If you know you're not where you want to be, make a plan to return within a reasonable time frame, again weighing up the costs and keeping your capital easily accessible. I hope this helps anyone who is currently trying to decide if they should leave or return to the UK.
  7. Guest

    Sorting out finances!

    Hi all , at the minute we are waiting for our house to sell before we can make the move and would like to get our money in one place ready to move over when we go. We are looking at opening a bank account with someone that has a branch in Perth. We were thinking about HSBC. With the exchange rate at the minute want to do the best we can as were not mega rich especially with the house prices at the minute lol! Is this the best way to go about it if anyone has any better ideas would be much appreciated.Cheers.
  8. Guest


    Sorry to keep posting, but does anyone have an idea of where to start when looking at finances, the OH has been offered employer sponsorship (yay!) but it's a 457 visa and I'm worried about how the numbers will add up :twitcy: What do I need to take into account, baring in mind we have 5 children to support, schools etc, and the wages are $48000 per year. Are we going to survive?? We were told there was help available to families with children, but have since been told there is a wait of 2 years before we could apply, and I know it sounds wrong to ask about these things, but I need to factor for everything until we have settled and I have been able to find a job also!! I don't want to be posting on here in 12 months moaning we can't afford to stay there because I didn't look at all of these issues! Karen x
  9. Hi, I'm a long time lurker and rare poster on these forums. I have asked a couple of questions on here but now I'm going to blow my load (so to speak) in this thread. You can check the BOLD bits for the questions if you don't want to read a spiel! Ok here is my situation, I am a 28 year old computer programmer with 3 years post grad experience. My wife is an interior designer, also 28, with 5 years post grad experience. We are from N. Ireland. I have a sister (14 years old) in Hobart and have been down numerous times to see her. On the last occasion, this time last year, another emigrant I was talking to basically offered me a job and sponsorship. I have been in contact with him since and there is still a position for me if I move over. However, numerous problems come in to play. I have checked with estate agents and there is not as much equity in my house as there once was. I could probably make £5-10k if I was lucky, at this current moment in time. We have no savings to speak of, and some loans to pay off. And by my rough calculations we would need at least £10k to pay off whatever we need to pay off, buy flights, ship our belongings over and ship our 3 dogs. That's before any fees for the actual visa process. So, I would need to wait maybe 2 years to raise cash and, hopefully, have the property market in NI become less of a bottomless pit. But I don't know if there would be the job there for me in that time. What would people advise me to do? I could just begin the 175 application process, as it seems it would take long enough anyway. Then by the time it was approved I could have raised the money, or won the lottery. But this leads to the first question. How long after visa is approved does it have to be validated? And say we went and validated the visa but came back to sort things out. Is there a time limit on when you can come back for? What would the process be for applying? Get skills assessed by ACS then apply? Then wait for CO and do everything else they say? Also what about costs? What should I factor in for (rough estimates): Flights (We're thinking around £1300) Ship Dogs (£5000 for 3 Jack Russell's?) Ship possessions (I'm thinking £3000 for 20ft) Visa application and surrounding costs (Again guessing at around £2500) Then we'd need to have some money on arrival, again £10k was what I was hoping to bring. Is there anything that I've missed or should think about? It's an awful expensive process, but a worthwhile one I reckon in the end. We will eventually be in Australia but trying to work out what the quickest route would be for us. Any help you guys can give would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.
  10. Guest

    ACT Evidence of Finances

    Hi My daughter and her OH are in the process of applying for State Sponsored Visa via ACT. They have just been told by their agent that they must show proof of £30,000 plus in savings. They do not have this but have about £80,000 in equity in their home and about £10,000 in savings. Their agent has said that ACT are very strict on the minimum savings limits. However, some posts on this forum indicate that ACT will allow proof of fund via house equity. I have told my daughter to contact ACT to try and clarify the position. Has anyone got any further info as to how strict ACT are on this. I did read somewhere on POI that you could possibly apply for a waiver with ACT in regard to your savings. Regards
  11. Hi, My Aussie girlfriend and I are in the process of completing our de-facto application. We've been together almost 4 years, lived together for 15 months etc so on paper comfortably meet most of the criteria for the visa. The one possible stumbling block we have is the fact that although we live together, I am the only named owner of the property that we live in and I pay the mortgage myself from my own bank account. This isn't for any financial hardship reasons on my girlfriends side. I'm wondering how to address this in the application given that sharing finances is an important part of the criteria, and obviously a mortgage/rent is a major component of this. We can prove that we have lived together continuously for over 12months at this address, have a joint account, share household bills and so on, its just the mortgage part thats worrying me. Anyone been in a similar position or got any advice? thanks for reading Mark
  12. Hi all, I am new to this site although the talk of moving to the land of Oz isn't !!! I was wondering if anyone as advice for us. Basically my oh is the one that would get us there. He is a civil engineer he has 15 years experience and that involves working for the armed forces in a number of positions and places!. I work for the council as a area sales manager however realise that I will have to re look at my career options. We have quite a lot of equity in our property even allowing for a a percentage drop in house price. The move to Oz has been our dream for a number of years (mine probably for longer) but now the situation where we live is scary and to move elsewhere would still cost a fortune either moving house getting a bigger mortage but still having the low quality of lifestyle. we are not stupid we know the risk and we are not looking at this without thinking of leaving family and friends. A lot of our friends live all over the country or world due to being in the army. We have been doing research for years and exhibtions and now is the time to start the process....any advice etc would be superb!!! xxxxxxxx Erika, Mark, Elisha Pie (6) and Maisie moo (4):spinny:
  13. Hi Guys. I am a UK Citizen by birth (UK passport), and moving back to the UK soon permanently. Will immigration ask me questions about having a job to come back to or having enough finances to tide me over till I find work? Or do they only worry about that with visa holders on holiday etc? I was thinking because I am a Citizen by birth and have a UK Passport with right of abode, that it doesn't matter if I have a job or not, or whether or not I have a cent to my name. Incidentally, I will have enough money to last 4 - 6 months of unemployment, though I am a nurse, so unemployment won't be an issue, and I have family to fall back on if need be. I need to stop reading forums, I read certain things and then they get me questioning myself. :err: Cheers Matt
  14. Bobbsy

    Finances: PR vs. Other Visas

    I've noticed a few threads lately mentioning the relatively low pay that many people find after they get to Australia. I've had a thought on this which I've not seen mentioned before in PIO--but apologies if I've just missed it. I'm in Australia on a PR visa which I gained through my spouse. Caer has lived all her life in Aus so, between her and my visa we're entitled to all the various benefits that citizens get--and these add up. The pension I bring in from the UK each month is far from small (it works out to a bit over Aus "average pay") but, even with this level of income, we get government benefits of between $800 and $900 per month. It's my understanding that people coming in on the various work-related visas do NOT qualify for these payments (please correct me if I'm wrong). However, based on the premise of "you don't get ought for nought" I have to assume that wages in Australia are pegged at a level that assumes most workers get various benefits on top of that pay. An extra $10,000 or so per year makes a pretty substantial difference--and that's before the one-off "stimulus payments". All in all, I would guess there's a pretty substantial difference in financial situation between citizens/PRs and those on working visas--enough to explain the difference in perception about whether Australia is "good value" or not. This is certainly something to consider when deciding whether Australia works for you or not...and also what visa to apply for if you have an option of something better than an employment visa. Bob
  15. Guest

    De facto sponsor's finances

    Hi We are about to start the de facto application. I ( the austalian) have been living in Germany for 5 years, but would like to return with my Polish partner.Weve been togehther for three. Obviously i have no house there yet, and will look for a new job once Im there. I've also got not much money! Does anyone else have this experience? Will they grant him a defacto visa based on our partnership alone or do we have to have lots of assets and money? thanks sorry we are not poms but this forum seems to have the most know how
  16. Guest

    Finances in emigrating

    Hi there, I need to ask a question in regards to emigrating as a friend of mine as they had to declare bankruptcy, this will more than likely be written off in the next 5-6 months, will this affect them if they decide to emigrate to say Oz of NZ? Does anyone know anything about this as I have asked other people but they didn't know. Many thanks. Jx
  17. Guest

    Are your finances in order ?

    Hy there folks, Not posted for a while as i have been desperatly trying to get my finances in order, i hope to be going over to Oz in April 2008 and i have recently been told that Oz has acknowledged they are in receipt of my TRA. My finances are somewhat in a mess and recently i thought " i had better get my act together and quick " as time comes around very quickly and before i know it i will be ( hopefully ) flying off to Oz and i don't want to be on a last minute panic with banks etc. I have been on so many financial websites recently its blown my mind, but one of my biggest concerns is the state of my credit cards and how to reduce them. I then thought about you guys and i bet some of you are in a similar financial position, hence my post. I have decided to keep a blog on how i am doing in reducing my debts and hopefully some of the information may help others, particulary those of us emmigrating, i am not doing this for any financial gain so please don't accuse me of spamming, its for information purposes only. There is a couple of google adds but that came with blogger.com thats the sum total of any adds that will appear, they are similar to the ones one here. I would value your opinion and suggestions and perhaps you could offer tips yourself. If there are any areas you think i should cover then please let me now. Cheers Rod P.s the link to my blog is in my signature