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    A whirlwind 2 weeks in Perth and Adelaide

    Hi, weve just been to perth too Didnt you go to the Freemantle weekend market? Might be what your OH is missing
  2. mogsandrovers

    my $4.50 coffee

    So weve just been to Perth and Freemantle for a week to do a recie around. Its lovely and a lot quieter over there...stayed in a beach shack at Coogee which I highly recommend. Qatar airlines are amazing! So accomodating and professional No hiccups Oz security was a smooth transit through Perth airport and transport was easy to the city Visited the CBD, Freemantle, coogee, swan valley and the Perth Hills All accessible by car with little heavy traffic Swan valley is lovely although we were told by a local that you need megabucks to buy there after the mining boom has blown the prices up I love the buzz of Freemantle - great artsy scene and a host of eateries. Cappuccinni strip run by all the Italians. The markets were fun to browse But it seems so expensive to eat out now Ie.. Coffee flat white $4 Chai latte $5 Cappuccino $4.5 Meal for 2 $60 at a greasy spoon Bottle of house wine $15 (not bad) Is this the same everywhere now? We got talking to a guy at the service station who says he makes $30/hour in perth Think ill change my job On the other hand, fuel was a lot cheaper (filled our 1.4 tank for $40) Meat in the supermarket is cheaper and bigger cuts too Nonetheless, people in WA were friendly and helpful.i got a tan! Then we came home. Via Heathrow. Shoot me in the head. 66million people live in the uk 23ish million in oz? Not sure what life holds for us now.....
  3. mogsandrovers

    Do you live in a small town?

    HI @DawnAndGraeme what's Orange like for living? is there much to do out there? Im having visions of horse trekking, cheap rentals and wineries?
  4. mogsandrovers

    Do you live in a small town?

    Aw no thats not nice! How is your treatment going anyway? (dont answer that). I guess its nice to know that people are there if you need then. In Guernsey, if someone had a baby or was just out of hospital, local people would rally around and bring food dishes to see them through the week.
  5. mogsandrovers

    Do you live in a small town?

    thanks Maryrose02 - i will check it out. Also looking at Penrith or Wollongong or Newcastle regions as options
  6. were you sponsored in regional NSW @xxlornaxx ?
  7. ....and also Ive come accross lots of MH nurses jobs on the NSW health jobs website - a lot of the 'out of the city' jobs will take sponsored nurses as they cant fill the posts - just might have to comprimise a bit
  8. hi there are agencies that will sponsor if you are that stuck Mayday nursing (used to work for them - theyre good) Nursingaustralia dont let your LOE slip - im making a trip all the way to perth to activate my rego as i cant face writing to all my past employers again for refs and letters and solicitor fees and all the gumf AHPRA ask for
  9. Hi - apologies if this has been covered already, but Im wondering if anyone has found a hospital employer that provides sponsorship recently? The bulk of the jobs are looking for residents (rightly so too as I believe the auzzie graduates arent getting jobs) - theres no longer a shortage of nurses I have 10 years experience in acute care and AHPRA reg - not sure where to start now though as I cant find any sponsorship vacancies. Have had emails back from employers saying theyre looking locally first. Looking for posts in NSW or Adelaide Have looked on Seek.com.au. Any other job sites for nurses? Anyone in the same boat?
  10. mogsandrovers

    Arrival in Perth.

    i just saw on RCN jobs website that WA Health are recuiting nurses from UK for Perth so they must be short over there
  11. mogsandrovers

    Where to go

    And New Zealand too whilst your there... i lived in Oz for 2 years. I wasn't into the backpacker scene but did do a camper trip Sydney to nimbin which was so much fun and lovely. other memorable trips were Great Ocean Rd,Fraser Island, Tassie weekend trip! 6 weeks working in the 'outback'.......didn't go to to Alice springs which I regretted most of all,I made lovely Sydney friends and went on a lot of weekend trips to Sydney sites Enjoy xx
  12. mogsandrovers

    cost of living OZ vs UK?

    yes it would have for sure £2.50 - £3.25 a pint , £5-6 for a 175ml glass of wine A 2 course meal will set you back £25 you wont have much change left for a taxi home
  13. mogsandrovers

    Flying dog and cat BNE to London with Thai Air

    hi I would love to know how you got on here - did you fly with Thai airlines on the end? were also looking to ship 2 large dogs....headache
  14. mogsandrovers

    Do you live in a small town?

    Yeah - Im not sure what I am anymore really - if I have to be labelled. so therefore were unsure where to live when we come to OZ. Grew up in a large town - Trained in Edinburgh city - Lived in Sydney (loved it) - Lived in Melbourne (hated it) - lived in Guernsey which is a small island 7miles x 3 miles (best time of my life -still have lifelong friends from here - cant live in guernsey though due to workvisa) Back in Edinburgh city now but on the edges so were a 10 min trip to the hills and beach which i cant live without.
  15. mogsandrovers

    Do you live in a small town?

    i liked this answer so much that i tried to read it out to my hubby in a thick auzzie accent