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  1. My fella is still in Australia tying up loose ends. He currently has an Australian passport but his dad is Pom so applying for Pom passport. However my family seem to think l it's not so simple. Does anyone know if he needs a visa to stay? What about to work? I can't find any answers as my baby brain isn't helping!! Thankyou
  2. I am now in the UK and my partner is still over in Oz (sob!) we are finally in a position to get our stuff shipped but nneed our stuff within 6 weeks, max. Anywhere that does it in that timeframe? thanks
  3. kate25

    Moving back - how to go about it??

    Family calls! With one baby and the other on the way it's time for the adventure to end and a new life to begin.
  4. kate25

    Moving back - how to go about it??

    We live in SE suburbs and I hate it here! No way would I stay on here.
  5. Please follow link to ad. A few km's on clock but new engine fitted amongst other things. See description on ad. Happy to discuss/answer any questions. please someone answer my prayers, this is my ticket home!! http://carsales.mobi/cars/details/?R=SSE-AD-2803062&silo=Stock&vertical=Car
  6. kate25

    Moving back - how to go about it??

    I may have to have the baby here at this rate! But to be honest, a 26hour long haul flight with a newborn, toddler +\- man child sounds like my worst nightmare! Thanks for all the great advice everyone, it's given me a boost. I sold three wardrobes in 24hours on a roll lol
  7. We are looking at moving back to the UK ASAP. I'm 4months pregnant with my second bub, my first is 15m. We have three cars, two of which are up for sale but no interest so far. We have just $3000 in savings. We have two dogs that we are bringing home with us, costing $5,500. We are shipping some stuff but majority we need to sell. But we can't sell most as use it every day. We are renting so need to give notice. When do we sell stuff, what if it doesn't sell, how do we work out dates, are we going to have to go separately? It's so much more complicated with a baby! Hoping as outsiders you can clear this mess in my head
  8. kate25

    I need two large dog containers for flight home

    Thanks, I'm trying to source my own to save some cash
  9. kate25

    Can I reclaim my super?

    I'm returning to the UK permanently soon. I've been in the country for five years and a permanent resident for 6months. Is there any way I can claim my superannuation?
  10. Do you have a large container you want off your hands? I have two German shepherds requiring a travel crate for the flight home from melbourne to the UK. Hoping to get sorted ASAP. Thanks
  11. Hey. We've also had a request for further evidence. Generally, we've kept most things financially seperate so have found it a little difficult. We've now sorted itemised phone bills, bank statements, copies of birthday/anniversary/xmas cards, copies of insurance docs for cars and pets we both maintain and copies of installments for a new mattress. Hoping the 'every little helps' approach works! Such a faff!! Not sure if this helps at all but nice to get a reply at least
  12. kate25

    PArtner visa;Further evidence requested!?!?

    thanks so much guys! feel a bit better now!
  13. Our case officer has sent us an email requesting further documentation. 'Evidence that you and your sponsor are currently living together in a genuine and ongoing de facto relationship. Thing is we have already sent everything we can from the guidlines and are at a loss apart from a joint account we never used bar one deposit and an insurance document, with myself on his insurance as a named driver. We have always kept finances seperate generally. Alot of the suggestions are for joint things. Any ideas would be much appreciated!! :wacko:
  14. kate25

    457 to defacto

    I'm currently in oz on a 457 visa which expires in Jan 2012. At the start of this month we submitted our De Facto application and was granted a bridging visa as was told the processing time is estimated at nine months!! My question is, now that my application submitted and i have the bridging visa as back up, can I work elsewhere or do I have to wait until after January?