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  1. tazbear

    Wa police

    Congratulations James ...new adventures ahead ...good luck
  2. tazbear

    Hello - Family moving to Perth

    Hi Sadie We are NOR ..our youngest is 12 and is now in year 7 at school which in most schools is the last year of junior school ...your daughter will be in year 7 as the school year has just started in feb ...so your kids would be in the same school until feb 2014 then your daughter will go off to high school .I know how you feel about the kids I was a wreck over our eldest who never said very much prior to arriving then he told us he wasnt staying he wanted to go home ...it was very hard to see him so upset but he made friends and moved on ...he loves it now ...but it wasnt easy with him however the youngest who is very quiet walked off into school and never looked back Once they make a friend or 2 they will be fine we as parents worry so much and they just get on with it .There are loads of horse riding schools etc around so sell that to her she will be fine im sure .If you keep telling her all the good things she will see them sooner or later lol.... Julia
  3. tazbear

    Hello - Family moving to Perth

    Hi Sadie Star Good luck with the move you will be fine we came here 4 years ago now with a 14 and a 7 year old and no it wasnt easy ....the eldest made live very hard for the first 6 months but we got through it as did he ! We all love living here in Perth and wouldnt live anywere else ...even the child who didnt unpack for 6 months lol.. If I can give you one bit of advise it would be remember its not england ...and things are not the same ...doesnt mean its better or worse but its very different ...Like your husband myne is also a police officer from the uk who transfered here .. Good luck
  4. tazbear

    Wa police

    Hi Speed1439 I have sent you a pm .
  5. tazbear

    Wa police

    Mongrel ..you nutter ..I will ...although he leaves that to the boys who can hide in bushes ..lol....
  6. tazbear

    Wa police

    Hi James well done with your application this far We have been in Perth almost 4 years now my OH is also a police officer who transfered from the UK . No one can really tell you were to live as everyone likes different things .We rented a holiday home for three months when we first arrived near Joondalup as thats were you do your training .As you go through traing you have to apply for postings to stations ,so we didnt want to get settled in one area then have to move because of travel time to work . During this time we had a good look around the areas and soon found plenty of places that suited us . Good luck with the whole application process .Its so worth it when you arrive or at least it was for us ..
  7. tazbear


    Hi Kelly everyone has a different opinion on areas for lots of reasons but I think Joondalup is pretty good lots of things to do for your son....and you of cause ..great transport links into the city and beyond .As for schools dont have any experience in Joondalup but just remember whats good for one isnt always good for all so go have a look round with your son and im sure you will find something to suit ...good luck
  8. tazbear

    Great places for all in Perth - free

    Well said Mizzmp .... Life is what you make it ...You only get one go at it so get out there and enjoy it
  9. Yes that is very true Sammy 1 .If you opt to work a country posting then you recieve subsidised housing .Just remember that you dont know were you are posted until you apply and get excepted whilst in the training accadamy so you would need temp acc. in the joondalup area for this time .
  10. Hi Jim and Clare We have been in Perth 3 and a half years now and oh is a police officer who transferred from the UK .I can tell you they do not help you with any accomodation etc ...you have to sort everything out for yourself .We came over a few wks before oh started the accadamy so we could sort out a house car etc etc ...More than happy to answer any questions you have .Good luck with the interview .Julia
  11. tazbear

    do your children like Australia

    Mine were a bit older when we arrived eldest 14 and youngest 7 ....The youngest loved it from the moment the plane landed he cant really remember much about the uk and really doesnt have time now at 11 to talk to any relations in the uk .He loves everything about Australia and often says we will never go back to the UK will we ! The eldest hated everything about Australia ....however after a long time he did settle into ozzie life ..which he does love ...but he has been back to the UK twice in four years and I think the pull of his best mates and family in the uk will always be there .He has now realised what Australia can offer him in his career and how little his mates have compaired to him back in the UK . I do think most children are very addaptable but the younger they arrive the quicker they settle .
  12. tazbear

    Anyone Moved to Oz without visiting first???

    Hi yes we also did it ....been here almost 3 years now ...best thing we ever did ...sold everything and landed in Perth with 5 cases and 2 kids ...we wouldnt change any part of it ...Go for it ....Julia
  13. tazbear

    School 15 yr old (5th Year)

    Hi there when we moved over our son was 15 and he went into year 10 ...but we came over in feb so he did most of year 10 . As its oct now thats right your son will do the end of year ten at his age then into year 11 in feb ...Its the fact the new school year starts in feb not sept as it does in the uk ... Hope that helps a bit ....
  14. Oh my I could never even think about not having my mobile ...I use it for everything ...to talk to tx ...the internet ...work ...I too take myne everywere ....it sleeps on the bedside table ...lol....How did we manage without them ....I do agree the kids can get hold of you far to easily but hey cant have everything !
  15. Hi Moirclan ....yes I totally agree with you probs 90 % of the kids at Clarkson High are good kids and you shoulnt always believe what people tell you ....go have a look and make up your own mind ....dont write things off on someone elses say so ...I have friends whos kids go there and they are very happy with the school .Its the old saying of give a dog a bad name !.In my experience some of the worst kids come from private schools .....but hey hoo .....thats just my opinion ....