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  1. Workers World is a leading supplier of Work Wear, Boots & PPE. We are looking for a highly experienced Branch Manager with plenty of drive and energy to run our NOR store. The ideal candidate will be a team player with a hands on approach and will lead by example. To be considered for this role you must meet the following criteria:- Min 5 years recent experience in similar position Proven sales track record Strong knowledge of the Work Wear/Safety Industry Strong operations skills Excellent leadership skills Ability to negotiate at all levels Outstanding customer service skills Proven ability to meet and exceed KPI's You will be expected to spend the majority of your time on sales and also control the daily operations of the store. In return you will have a supportive team behind you and the opportunity to share in the business profits. If you have the experience and the confidence to run your own business and would like the opportunity to advance your career then we would like to hear from you!! You MUST be either a perm resi or citizen to apply. You can email your resume to me directly chloe@workwearind.com
  2. Mizzmp

    A good location to stay during a reccie?

    Really depends on where you want to settle. People either like NOR or SOR (north or south of the river). Vic Park is a nice area and yes close to transport for Perth CBD. If you go NOR, I would look at Darch, Warwick, Woodvale areas. There are more poms NOR and better beaches so like I say, really depends on where you want to settle and what you are looking for. We found a place on trip advisor to rent when we landed here, cheaper than hotels. Good luck.
  3. How many employees are there? There has to be under 15 employees to class as a small business and they HAVE to include casual employees. You cannot go for unfair dismissal if you have been employed for under 6 months no matter how many employees they have but they do need to pay 1 weeks notice pay in lieu plus any annual leave you have accured. They also need to give a valid reason. Sounds like they aren't very nice people to work for and you are better off with another employer.
  4. Mizzmp

    Proof of employment HELPPPPP!!!

    When we did ours, we managed to go back 8 years then signed a stat dec for the rest.
  5. HI, The company I work for in Malaga (NOR) needs an experienced A/R clerk who can also help with Reception. You will need to either be a perm resi or citizen. You can email me chloe@workwearind.com if you are interested. This is a genuine opportunity for someone either new to WA or that just fancies a change. This will be a full time perm position, Monday to Friday 08:30 until 5:00pm. Feel free to apply if you have A/P experience, attitude and ability are the most important factors.
  6. Welcome Kris! I live by Joondalup so not far. My sons 9 so I don't go to toddler groups but happy to meet a fellow pom! Happy to help you find somewhere to live if you want too. We have been here since May 2012, its a whirlwind trying to settle and find a perm rental but I stuck lucky within 2 weeks. Send me a private message if you want to mee.
  7. The company I work for is looking for someone to run their reception whilst supporting the accounts team. We are located in Malaga, NOR from Perth WA. You will need a good background in admin/accounts and be reliable. You also need the right to live and work in Australia permanently, we cannot accept WHV unfortunately. If you are looking for a new job and have some experience, please email me your resume to chloe@workwearind.com
  8. Mizzmp

    Settlement survey

    I called them when we had been here 6 months (now been here for 16 months) and they said it was scrapped to cut costs.
  9. Hi Maria, I am by Joondalup and in the same position. Been here 16 mths and have a few work friends but not really had the chance to make friends outside of work. Have a boy of 9 and work the 9-5 slog. Would be good to meet up, perhaps with our hubbys so they can chat too.
  10. Mizzmp


    Where abouts are you moving to in Aus?
  11. Mizzmp

    woop woop WA SS successful...what next

    Get all your employment info, bank statements, etc ready. Dont book any meds or police checks until they ask you as they have an expiry date.
  12. Mizzmp

    struggling with going back-is this normal?

    You have to follow your heart and what is right for you. Australia drives me mental at times and my hubby and son are real homesick but for us, we had no life there. How far are you with your plans to go back? I know you have made the decision but perhaps you could stall things for 3 months and see what happens. It seems like major homesickness to me. Being back in the uk with the family makes you feel like your back in your comfort zone but then the other side of the coin is you have to live. You need a decent salary etc so everything needs to be weighed up. I would try and stall things just for some headspace. THeres always the alternative of visiting every 18 months to get it out of your system? Good luck.
  13. We are a family with 3 boys aged 8, 15 and 17. Landed from the uk in May last year and looking for families to meet up with. Be good to hear from you.
  14. Mizzmp

    Gotta be close now

    They only ask you to do your police check and meds in the final stages. As long as your checks come back good you will be fine.
  15. Mizzmp

    what's the best plan of action?

    You can only get sponsorship from a state, family member (currently suspended) or an employer. If he was to employ you he could sponsor you if his company was big enough. The best way is to go state sponsored as a teacher for your mrs. Go on google and type in "state sponsorship south australia" etc for all states, check which one is looking for teachers and go from there.