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  1. klm081

    Reasons for moving back to UK?

    I'm also contemplating a move back after 5 years with an18 year old. I do like it here but can't ignore the pull back home. I worry about house prices now though and how my 18 year old will feel when back there. Lou556 will your children all go back with you? How do they feel about it?
  2. Hi! A few of us get together after speaking in here, let me know if ur up for a coffee and a natter and when ur free!
  3. Hi ladies - I just rang and they don't reserve tables he told me to arrive early and they will help organise one if they can! As I live about 2 mins away I will get there early and see what I can do! I own a bright pink sports bag so will take that and put it on the table! Look for that and an anxious looking me and we are good! Ha ha! Kelly
  4. I will definately be there too! Very excited at the thought of making new friends! Kelly
  5. klm081

    Any Perth Mums out there? :)

    Hi all there is a few of us meeting at the dome at mullaloo next Friday 4 October for a meet up if anyone fancies it? Kelly
  6. Hi Deb it's hard isn't it? Can't wait to meet others too! Dome at mullaloo sounds great! Shall we make it concrete? 4th oct at 11? kelly
  7. Wow great - I am on leave that Friday so definately up for a meet up - I'm usually working though and afternoons / evenings best for me even if its just for a quick cuppa!
  8. klm081

    Farmer jacks.

    I'm a regular at the one at ocean reef and have never had a problem
  9. Hi I've been here for 7 months with my 15 yr old son and in mullaloo - would love to get together with u all! Maybe we could all meet up for a coffee at the weekend as we re all pretty close together! Kelly
  10. klm081

    Any Perth Mums out there? :)

    Hi Jen I'm a Perth Mum I guess although my sons now a teen! I'm 32 and although been here for about 7 months still would love to make more friends and have coffee!?! Kelly
  11. Hi, I'm not a geordie but am originally from stockton on tees if that helps ha ha! Lost my accent years ago though when we moved! Myself (32) and my son (14) are in Mullaloo so not far away if you fancy getting together for coffee etc. We arrived in January.:biggrin:
  12. klm081

    Having a bad day

    Ah thank you that would be great! I work shifts myself so not a problem!