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    Reasons for moving back to UK?

    I'm also contemplating a move back after 5 years with an18 year old. I do like it here but can't ignore the pull back home. I worry about house prices now though and how my 18 year old will feel when back there. Lou556 will your children all go back with you? How do they feel about it?
  2. Hi! A few of us get together after speaking in here, let me know if ur up for a coffee and a natter and when ur free!
  3. Hi ladies - I just rang and they don't reserve tables he told me to arrive early and they will help organise one if they can! As I live about 2 mins away I will get there early and see what I can do! I own a bright pink sports bag so will take that and put it on the table! Look for that and an anxious looking me and we are good! Ha ha! Kelly
  4. I will definately be there too! Very excited at the thought of making new friends! Kelly
  5. klm081

    Any Perth Mums out there? :)

    Hi all there is a few of us meeting at the dome at mullaloo next Friday 4 October for a meet up if anyone fancies it? Kelly
  6. Hi Deb it's hard isn't it? Can't wait to meet others too! Dome at mullaloo sounds great! Shall we make it concrete? 4th oct at 11? kelly
  7. Wow great - I am on leave that Friday so definately up for a meet up - I'm usually working though and afternoons / evenings best for me even if its just for a quick cuppa!
  8. klm081

    Farmer jacks.

    I'm a regular at the one at ocean reef and have never had a problem
  9. Hi I've been here for 7 months with my 15 yr old son and in mullaloo - would love to get together with u all! Maybe we could all meet up for a coffee at the weekend as we re all pretty close together! Kelly
  10. klm081

    Any Perth Mums out there? :)

    Hi Jen I'm a Perth Mum I guess although my sons now a teen! I'm 32 and although been here for about 7 months still would love to make more friends and have coffee!?! Kelly
  11. Hi, I'm not a geordie but am originally from stockton on tees if that helps ha ha! Lost my accent years ago though when we moved! Myself (32) and my son (14) are in Mullaloo so not far away if you fancy getting together for coffee etc. We arrived in January.:biggrin:
  12. klm081

    Having a bad day

    Apologies in advance at this post! Using this as a therapeutic (hopefully tool). Moved to WA 3 months ago with my teenage son from the UK where I had lots of great friends and a great support system. I knew it would be hard coming and not knowing anyone, but had no idea it would emotionally be THIS hard. I love WA and my son is settling in brilliantly. I have found work and everyone I come into contact with has been extremely nice. But I have no friends! I know good friendships take a long time to establish but where do you even start?! The people I work with are all older than me with families of their own. I have started activities such as fitness classes but although everyone is friendly its not the place to talk! A few people have been lovely and given me their number and promised to get together for a cuppa and a chat but it never happens! I am feeling really really down today and having a good cry feeling sorry for myself! I feel pathetic!:sad: I was supposed to meet with someone this morning for coffee and got up and got ready all excited and they cancelled at the last minute for reasons I totally understand I'm just really disappointed! At this rate I'll be on the anti depressants before long ha ha!
  13. klm081

    Shipping today!

    I'm writing this sitting in my front room whilst my packing is being done around me and I feel like a spare part! I just wanted to share my experience so far in the event it may help someone else! I had several online quotes and had gentleman visit my home to give me a 'proper quote' which involved actually walking around my things and really seeing what I wanted to take. By far the most pleasant and professional man (in my experience only) was a gentleman from Doree Bonner International. He wasn't giving me all the sales glib or condensending or arrogant as some were I'm afraid! He spent ages talking through everything with me making sure I was happy with everything! Likewise the office have been very helpful and have replied to my endless questions within hours (and there have been many!)! I have the mobile number of the gentleman who visited my home and he also texts me frequently to answer any questions that I have! Two men are currently in my home, very friendly, in uniform who introduced themselves fully and are taking great care with my goods (so far anyway he he). Basically it all seems real now as these boxes all state ' Perth, Australia' on them and although I am worried about a million things, I at present am confident my things are in good hands. Anyway this is only my experience and we are still at an early stage but I'll keep you posted to whether things were lost at sea or whether they arrived safely etc! Kelly
  14. klm081

    Having a bad day

    Ah thank you that would be great! I work shifts myself so not a problem!
  15. klm081

    Having a bad day

    Near Joondalup
  16. klm081

    Having a bad day

    I wouldn't be at all surprised if they can indeed sense my despair and desperation ha ha! I will carry on going and stick at it and see what happens - I hate feeling like this as I'm not usually the type and I'm so grateful that things are going so well and that my son is so so so happy! I'm sure I will feel better tomorrow, today I will just embrace the fact I'm having a down day and have a good cry. Again.
  17. Hi! We moved to northern suberbs of Perth in January and are looking for friends! Missing a good gossip and my son could do with a few more friends to socialise with! Mad on bmx, scooters etc and not so much AFL just yet so needs help broadening his circle of friends! PM me if you fancy meeting for a chat! Kelly
  18. I shipped lots of furniture here to WA as most was almost new and I wouldn't have got anything near its value had I sold it. The stuff I didn't bring I got from Gumtree - total bargains and if you message people sometimes they will deliver! Some stuff is crap but its always worth looking. I got a sofa bed for $10 and they delivered it for an extra $20. They were moving out of their rental and needed lots of items gone asap plus it doesn't have a cover but I can buy one cheaply. Tv cabinet, garden furniture = all from gumtree. If you go on there you will find quite a few people have garage sales (well they do here anyway) and they are advertised on there. Some people have signs up around the suberbs closer to the weekend advertising garage sales. There are definately bargains to be had. Good luck whatever you do!
  19. klm081

    Shipping today!

    Hi! Sorry its taken so long to get back! Well we are here and in love with Western Australia! The company kept us up to date with everything, such as likely arrival etc and it arrived right on time! The guys at this end who came and unloaded it all for us were super professional and friendly giving us lots of advice and numbers that we may need to help with other bits and pieces! All furniture was intact and absolutely fine! Was great to see it again! I would definately recommend them! Hope this helps someone - I know its only my experience, but it was a good one and made a stressful time a little bit easier!
  20. Hi We are NOR and looking for friends! Myself (32) and my son Sam (14)! PM me if you wanna arrange to get together! Kelly
  21. klm081

    School not accepting!

    I know I'm dreading finding somewhere! I have a permanent visa but no job yet. Can't enrol my son into a school unless in a 12 month rental contract but can't find somewhere until we get there! We have a four week rental in joondalup and thats it! Getting very worried! Let me know if you fancy meeting up when we're there - our kids are around the same age too so maybe we will all benefit in seeing some friendly faces! Ha ha.
  22. klm081

    Hospital 'Bank' Work

    Hi thanks - I'm actually neither but want to stay in healthcare while I wait for a 'my real job' to become available!