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  1. Cob

    Wanted auto hatch in Melbourne area

    between 5 and 10k automatic. price is dependent on bank of mum and dad!
  2. Cob

    Medicare and Dental work

    We took a $900 bill to our private health fund office. That was for a 7 minute ride to the local emergency department last year! So make sure you get ambulance cover if you live in Victoria.
  3. Hi Lauren The Uni caters for lots of international students and is on a campus away from the city. Try gumtree for student shares. I will try and get more information from an ex McQuarie post grad student for you,who used to help out during freshers weeks, regarding areas where students rent. Cath
  4. Anyone needing to part with their hatchback? Must be automatic, reliable and cheap to run. Can view in Melbourne and surrounds. Thanks Cath
  5. Hi Kerry It all depends on what year your child is going into. And what school you want to send them to? There is an annual fee we paid roughly $1000 for Y12 - you pay differing amounts depending what subjects are studied. Then books to pay for and uniform, of course (eg about $80 for a jumper with logo). Church schools and private schools have their own fees. Things are getting a little silly where you are expected to buy expensive specific scientific calculators even for Y7 starters. Try contacting Landmark supplies who provide the books etc for examples of costs. there is one based in Seaford. http://www.elandmark.com.au Happy to find out more specific stuff for you if need be. Cath
  6. No, we applied for 457 as the fastest way to get into the country. As OH was over 45 he was mentored for 1 year, in his profession, before we could apply for 'Employer Nomination (Residence) (Class BW, Subclass 856) visa.' I believe you can change employers whilst on a 457 but I would check with an immigration agent.
  7. you could try a holiday-let for the very short term - try http://www.stayz.com.au. Dandenong is not too far by car from the bayside and mornington peninsula region and at least they are fully furnished. also http://www.moving-to-melbourne.co.uk/ offers a service and may contact you on here too. Don't forget to bring your woolies, it gets pretty chilly in the evenings, and central heating, double glazing are rare!! cath
  8. can't recommend, but this appears to be the only undergraduate programme. maybe there will be people on here with knowledge of NMIT http://www.nmit.edu.au/courses/search/no_keywords/full_time/all/equine%20studies%20-%20higher%20education/bachelor/false/1/0/1
  9. Cob

    What to pack?????

    We brought in an old lloyd loom chair, a wicker ottoman and bamboo nest of tables - the shipping company said it would be a problem. We declared all this sort of stuff including wooden items and stated it was all treated and bought in the UK. We left our garden tools behind and wish we had brought them now as stuff here is either rubbish quality or very expensive. I miss my long handled shears! Even some of our lovely garden pots could have been shipped I had one small xmas decoration destroyed for approx $60 but would have been hundreds of dollars to fumigate it. Another one escaped their inspection. Label your decorations as xmas tinsel and trimmings, then they may not bother looking.. It is obvious the checks are not thorough. You could take the risk of bringing in the wicker basket - could you label it as a cradle/ toy box? and make a decision to destroy or fumigate it when you get here if it is discovered - you get the option and it only causes a few days delay. Just might be costly. Best of luck and get going on the pressure washing!
  10. Cob

    Dance schools in Victoria

    I don't know of the local college in Melbourne but why not email the Principal of The McDonald College in Sydney. I am sure she will know. The McDonald College • Academic and Performing Arts
  11. Cob

    Who's going to Melbourne

    You are obviously both trying your best to make things work out in Australia. So think of trying to turn things around and make the best of a bad situation until you get the chance to move on again. Have you thought of launching yourself into the voluntary sector in Traralgon? That doesn't have to be working in an opshop - there are lots of opportunities that stretch the mind. In the past I helped in the running of a school canteen (tiny school, mind you) involved buying fresh ingredients and making sandwiches etc and a 'healthy' tuck shop- no cooking involved! Ask at your son's school. Or offer your skills to the local community centre. It takes guts and a bit of commitment but might save your sanity in the short term and put you in contact with some good people - they can't all be bike thieves. Best of luck Cath
  12. Here are 2 of the largest public hospitals in the area for you to contact: Careers/Employment | Peninsula Health Careers - Southern Health There are plenty more in the Melbourne area and may have their own recruitment schemes Good luck Cath
  13. haha - i wish too:party_hat_emoticon_ was a birthday pressie for my daughter
  14. Cob

    Duvet covers - what size if buying in UK?

    brought loads of feather pillows and duvets over plus sofa is feather filled and leather - not an issue. only untreated stuff is a problem such as your xmas pine cones and straw hats.
  15. I have used 'living social' for some great deals in oz and for gifts for the folks back home, best one so far cost $49 = 1 year night club membership, 5 VIP entries and $100 of drinks.