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Found 30 results

  1. Dear All, I'm new to the forum, we are moving to Oz in 6 months time. My husband has taken a job in Mornington, and we are planning to live in Mt.Eliza or Mt.Martha. Can you please advice me on what Mornington Peninsula is like? As far as I researched online, it looks like a nice place. Whats Mt.Eliza and Mt.Martha like for housing, schools and shopping? We have a 16month old son and we also need a good nursery for him. We love the English countryside, we like outdoorsy stuff, cafe's, restaurants etc and hoping that Mornington would not disappoint. Any input would be useful. TIA.
  2. Hi All Just to say that we have received a letter from Vetassess, and it confirms that I have a successful outcome, and may proceed to apply for my visa. An 'offshore record' will be sent to me shortly and this is for presentation to any future employer. We're now in celebration mode for the new year!!! :jiggy: Practical Assessment If you are due to do a practical electrician assessment with VETASSESS, it will take place in City College, Birmingham, and will be over 2 days. It is your responsibility to find accomodation in Birmingham (I did £49 Holiday Inn Express)! A practical assessment is outlined, and you are provided with an individual work bay in the college. You are provided with info on what is required -ie cables run in conduit (saddle bends etc), surface mounted, distribution board, accessories etc. All materials are provided (eg switches, cable, d/b,mcb's, conduit). At the end (allowed 3hrs) you will need to test the electrical installation (IR and continuity), record results, and finally make the inst. live. I recommend you take your IR/Cont tester (make sure it's calibrated!). After a brief lunch, you are then given a 3 page written test, and this covers questions such as resistors in parallel, series, units of measurements etc. The type of thing you learn at college.... There are another series of practicals. One of them is to wire a DOL starter from scratch with a remote on and emergency stop. After completion and working, a fault is made on this, and you have to carry out full test proceedures to rectify. After all this, you are then given a series of technical questions verbally, and then this is followed by a technical interview. I was absolutely knackered at the end!! Everything is explained very well to you by the assessor. You are under constant supervision, and throughout the practical assessment you will be asked technical questions, such as expected readings on inspection and testing work, expected earth fault loop readings etc. This is from memory, and you are not allowed any books such as BS7671 on site guide etc. You are required to wear PPE clothing etc as required by the college. You will then find out if you have been successful by receipt of letter from Vetassess. The assessor is not able to provide you with the outcome. It's worth all the hastle, because at the end of the day you are assessed here and not in Oz, and you are able to apply for provisional licence when you arrive in Oz. The assessor is from Box Hill TAFE, which is one of the organisations that carries out assessments of migrants in Oz. Hope this helps anyone going down the electrician route with Vetassess. Happy 2008!!! Bernie the hubby
  3. Guest

    What to expect from relocation...

    First of, apologies if this is the wrong place for this thread. 2 Years ago, I met my lovely Cornish girlfriend while working in WA, where i'd spent all my life. Never thought about moving to the UK before but we've talked and its something Im looking at, now im doing a bit of research on the actuals... As I said, I was from Perth, grew up in the South West and now im in Tasmania. I work in Construction/Project Managment, and enjoy Aussie Rules and Golf. Nothing too unusual really. Im obviously used to the pricing/marketing over here and grew up on Bunnings and Holdens, beaches and bars :wink: But Im ready to move on and have had the itch and desire to 'spread my wings' (metaphorically speaking) for a little while now. With the experience of both address's, I figured people who had left the UK, come to AUS and gone back might have a unique perspective on the idea! Im open minded and can handle new new names for business's, different TV and the general changes, but are there a few major ones I might not realise until im there... How differant IS the day to day life and around the town/village/suburb?? Would love any help you can provide, Thankyou! :smile:
  4. Hello, My husband and I plan to rent a small self-furnished flat while we find our way in our new home of Melbourne; I'd like to know how much, per month, we should expect to pay for storing the contents of either a half or full 20ft container (we've not decided what to go for yet). All helpful replies keenly welcomed! Thank-you.
  5. Hi everyone I'm just in the process of getting my quotes and home visits organised but just wanted to know what I should expect be included by the company? Like for example they pack for you, customs clearance etc.. this is quite a dauting task and I don't want to get overwhelmed when they come and forget to ask if something is included. So was hoping someone could help and then I can have a bit of a list to go through! Thanks in advance
  6. Ammosaph

    Medicals - what to expect

    Hi Everyone - we're off to have our medicals today. I know its something many of us are anxious about - mainly from the point of view of what to expect (me included). :unsure: Tomorrow I'll post what happened, what we had to do and - once I know - what the outcome was. :smile:
  7. Hi everyone! I would love to hear from those of you who have made the move to Oz. You all had reasons for moving there, has it lived up to your expectations? There are a lot of posts where people regret it and wish to come back to the UK but others stay and love it. My wife and I are considering it, not to emigrate but to go there and work for a couple of years and see how it goes. Thank you!
  8. Hi, I would like a little information on what the CO asks for.... Im a bricklayer waiting for 175 visa. will I need to provide all my tax for the last 4 years? thanks :daydreaming:
  9. I have lodged my 176 state sponsored application on 01 SEP 2010 (SOL- Schedule 3) and attached all documents. When can I expect a CO ? Regards:notworthy:
  10. All documents were met around 2 months ago including experience, medicals, photos etc. Does this mean that no job verification is required?
  11. hi im danielle, ive only just signed up on here because my mum finds it really interesting because obvs we are moving to australia.its my first time writing soo we are moving to the north of brisbane. is any-body else moving there with a daughter around the age of 11 ??? im excited but scared at the same time and dont know what to expect, how to react and how to settle in because im not that kind of girl that can just walk up to people and say " hi im danielle whats your name , can i be your friend? " and walk of as bff's can some-one help me and give me some advice ... id really appreciate any-ones help ??xx :tongue:
  12. Dear friends, Thanks for all members sharing views/information in this forum.I want to know the information from some other forum it will give some help to our members.So i want to paste it. Thanks Ritu Phasing out of the CSL was linked by DIAC with the strategic and policy direction it will announce as an outcome of the MODL Review which it undertook with with DEEWR; and which was to lead to a new prioritising mechanism called the Future Skills List. DIAC originally intended to announce the results of the MODL Review in December 2009 after it had gone to Parliament. It wasn't able to meet that timeframe and Parliament will next sit between 2 and 11 February. Hopefully, things will progress soon after that, but it depends on the Order of Business during the sitting. If it doesn't make it during the February sitting, Parliament 's next sitting will be 9 - 18 March. Unfortunately, all we can do at this stage is "watch this space" and keep an eye on the daily Order of Business and Hansard between 2 - 11 February. The proceedings of Parliament will be recorded in Hansard. But the implementation of whatever is agreed, the way it works, when it becomes effective, and its timing will be decided by DIAC. Best regards Susan __________________ Susan Wareham McGrath Registered Migration Agent, MARN 0635687 susan@metaanz.com www.metaanz.com
  13. Hi been looking at forecasts and they seem varied. Arriving in Perth 14th September for 3 weeks and just wondering what kind of weather to expect and what we will be able to do (will it be warm enough for beach etc etc) ? Grateful for any replies Tina :wubclub:
  14. Hi Guys, Got our meds tomorow. Looking forward to getting them out the way! How long do they take? Just to double check do you need 2 passport photographs? I know they check height, weight, blood pressure etc blood tests etc. Is this all that's involved? Thanks Shreen
  15. Guest

    Vetassess...what to expect?

    Hi guys, I have read a few posts on here about what to expect for the general electrician assesment and everyone seems to just repeat what the vetassess send you by e-mail. Anyone out there with some advice on what to actually expect? I'm worried because I haven't done any calculations or used any formulas since I was an apprentice. (20 years ago!) I do commercial and domestic rewires and new installs. No motors at all. I use Amtech design software for any small designs I'm required to do. I have been online and brushed up on the relevant formulas and calcs. How involved are the questions? Will a basic revision do or do I need to buy some books and get studying? Seems strange to be tested on areas that are not relevant to my skills, as I'm applying for a skilled visa based on my current trade skills. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, perhaps I'm just worrying too much? Test was for 29th October and they just moved it up to 4th August! So not much time to get ready. Thanks
  16. Guest

    what to expect

    i am due to take my skills assessment test on 21 july in pluming really worried heard a few different rumours off some unrelliable sources, so here i am. i would like a heads up on what to revise for and what to get practice with on the practicle part. i have been fitting bathrooms and working on domestic properties for the last 7 years. i am kind of hoping they don't want me to do a roof fabrication as i always use a qualified roofer when i need to, any advise would be gratefully recieved it may calm the nerves if i know what to expect cheers:frown:
  17. Hey, I am Mechanical engineer (HR country) applied sept 08. on 16 april got Co who requested form 80, pcc and meds . i did meds dated 21 april and they reached HOC and were finalized dated 25-05. I sent other requested docs dated 3 may. To add, my online status never changed from required.requested things to MEt as yet...only last time the change was further meds received. I have confirmed from HOC in reply to which i have received an email indicating that my meds have been finalized dated 25-05. Now the real question, what time further CO needs to make a decision? is the rumor of visas quote has been up for 08-09 is ture? why my online status is not changed as yet???? I will be very thankful for anyone comments about this..:wub:
  18. hi everyone! just had a look on net but wondered if anyone had a more informed idea? we would want to borrow $200,000/250,000 australian dollars to put towards a property. does anyone have an idea of how much this would be per month? my husband would be earning $60,000/70,0000 per annum is there a particulrly good website which gives you an idea about oz mortgages? we're hoping to move to adelaide also i've read before that the moe kids you have the less you can borrow?!is this true! thanks to any knowledgeable people out there who have any idea on the above qustions! thank you
  19. Well - as it says on the tin... I *hate* doctors and have been known to have panic attacks there when i have to go for tests... (probably not the best start for this one!) Also... with my usual wonderful timing, I've woken up this morning with a blocked nose and a sore throat... Am wondering if going to the medical ill is going to be an issue too!! Lissa x PS: Just found a thread all about what to expect in a medical... but the cold is still a question...
  20. Hi there, i always wanted to know what to expect after vetasses and have done some research and found out. Hope this helps everyone and makes things a bit clearer They tell you vetasses is the only thing you need this is not true, once you have your OTSR from vetasses and get your visa granted, to get licensed iin australia you have to do about 12mnths worths of on site training, now i have spoken to the energy regulators of 3states and they all say about the same thing. Submitt vetasses papers This lets you apply for a provisional license which allows you to work supervised Do competency based training, this is practical,and college based Depending on the experience they want you to have this can take up to 12mnths but not neccesarily. Do the CAPSTONE TESTS this looks to be something similiar to the UK AM2. After that you get issued with a CERTIII electrotechnology systems,once you have this it can be transferred to any state as it is recognised nationally. Here are the numbers of Electrical regulators in AUS NSW... Barbara fernandez 02 93388953 Victoria.. Ken Gardiner 03 92039710 Queensland.. Owen pezel 07 32383135 WA.. Don saunders 08 9422 5255 SA.. 08 8204 9643 Tasmania.. John Hammersley 03 6233 7869 Northern territory.. Penny de souza 08 8999 5516 I HOPE THIS HELPS EVERYONE if you need individual email adresses pls email me and il send them to you JUst want to bump this up as im getting some messages from guys concerning this...HOPE THIS HELPS
  21. Firstly Happy New Year everyone, here's to all our dreams coming true in 2009 and may this year be filled with good health and plenty of good cheer! I'll be doing my IELTs test on the 17th Jan and must admit I'm feeling more than a tad nervous. Is it really difficult? What pass mark do I need to acheive? What happens if I don't pass can I re-sit the test? HELP :arghh:
  22. Hi, I lodged my De-Facto application on 25th February 2006, and i was approved within 3 months. I am now waiting for my 2nd Stage letter which i understand will be 2 months from application, is this right? Does anyone have any experience of the time frames coming out of the Sydney office? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. JB
  23. Hi all Just before you say anything, this is'nt a negative thread ... we actually love Australia (been here over 8 weeks now and certainly don't want to go home) but thought i'd let any Plumbers/plumbers wives know of our experience getting Plumbing jobs in Oz. Before we left the UK we was'nt able to find out much about pay etc., as most plumbing jobs advertisements dont actually put the salary in the advert.... its all negotiable !!! Also, we knew my hubby would have to get Registered and/or Licenced and possibly retrain out here but was'nt sure how, when and why and its apparently different in each state. So here goes, these are our experience as follows: When we first arrived we had to contact the Plumbing Industry Commision in Victoria about Registration. However, we arrived in December and bare in mind that most trades, industries and institution close for the holidays over christmas, new year and a bit more (as its there summer too) so it was all closed till mid/end Jan. so had to week weeks to contact them. You have to pay $50 approx. to get the ball rolling. We then had to wait for an appointment with them, a few weeks later (by this time it was begin.Feb). My hubby had an interview/chat with them and because he had a vast experience in plumbing with over 25 years in the trade, they granted him a Provisional Registration for a year (cost $85 and another $85 for a Gas info. book). Some people only get 3 months provisional or not until you have done the exams, depending on your experience. However, within that year, he still has to take training and exams before the registration runs out. The training is over $600 then the exams are over $600 to (that for 5 components and there are six, so if you want them all that would be more) So, considering he has all this experience, he has been offered work for, dont laugh......$800 per week (thats before tax, and then you have to supply your own work vehicle) The most he has been told he could earn would be $50,000 or if he's lucky $60,000 a year . Thats quite tight after stoppages with six of us in the house, and teenage boys who dont stop eating all the time!!!!! Local firms will take you on without any Registration atall, but for even less money.. as they have to get another Plumber to sign off your work. Now, you can go self employed, but this needs further expense, as you would have to be Licensed as well as Registerd with expensive public liability insurance . The self employed option is where you can earn big bucks, as they say, but definately not a good idea when you first get here. You dont know the areas (and coz Oz is sooo big, they travel miles to each job, the bylaws & regulations are different, pipe sizes are different, fittings have different names, no electricity on housing sites so you have to get an expensive generator too and obviously it takes ages to get yourself a client base, contacts and a good reputation for yourself. Its certainly has to be done if you want a more comfortable lifestle, but definately would have to wait a while to establish yourself. OH is going to do that as soon as he can. My OH spent hours too walking round the city looking for sites, and asking for jobs but could'nt get to talk to anyone, as did'nt have a Red card and work boots etc.,so he was'nt allowed on site, so he only came home with a few numbers. They work slightly different out here as you have to send in Resumes to the HR department and wait for a phone call.... they only ring you if they are interested!!!! OH is stil hanging out for something better, but will have to take something local soon (as the old dollars run out pretty quick when you first arrive, especially with four kids in tow). Just have to add...... we hav'nt even thought about coming home, we struggled financially back in the UK,so might aswell stay put and struggle out here, where the sun shines, where I know my kids are safer walking the streets, where everyones really friendly, steak and petrol are half the price, where we can go to the beach most days and nights till late and the lifestyle is more relaxed. So if your a Plumber, dont expect too much at first..... but we still feel its all worth it, we have no regrets and we're still hanging on in there. :yes: Good luck to all Sally-ann & Nick
  24. I have been on this site for years now gaining valauable experiences from all of you who have been through this process. My hubby after buying one magazine(which was reccomended on PIO) is treating it like the gospel. what ever issue i rasie the magazine doe not say that lol. So the above is one question. I know it is variable. But on personal experiences would be great many thanks sharon
  25. Hi, After passing the 1st round of these practicals back in December I have been inundated with questions from fellow brickies wanting information so I have decided to post this thread in the hope it might help. The Assessment lasted 2 days and was held at Accrington and Rossendale College in Lancs. You are required to take your basic bricklaying tools, hard hat and high visibility vest (although we didn't wear them). There was 6 of us taking part and the 1st day consisted of : Sitting in classroom introducing ourselves and meeting of the Assessor - then given set of plans. Inside the workshop we set about constructing the gable end as on plan - basically 2.7m wide x 1.8m high. First four courses in 9" English Bond, then became 4" wall. Window opening in the middle of the wall with a course of soldiers on the sill and lintel above. Wall ties at appropriate spacings. Simple 2 course corbelling at the end of the gables and cuts up the gable end and a row of stretchers above the cuts to the peak. Next practical was a 9" pillar, 4 bricks high. Work was checked very thoroughly - the first thing checked was your spirit level and you were asked if you knew how to check it, ie up a door jambe and reversing it round, sounds basic stuff but two brickies levels were quite far out !! Wall was checked for plumb at various points, Guage checked carefully, levellness of courses, etc etc. The Assessor even plumbed every individual soldier with my small level !!!! There were also one to one interviews with the Assessor - asked questions about yourself, and what you had put in your application forms ie. experience, skills etc. Asked questions like "What do you see when you look at a set of plans ?" - "What problems have you come across? How have you overcome them ? ". They are basically looking at whether you can actually do what you say you can and that you have the experience of the trade. It is very pressurised we all felt under pressure - there was not much talking going on during the practicals!!. We left not really sure of the results - whether we had passed or not - they don't give anything away. Last word of warning we were told we would have a result within 5 days - 4 weeks later I rec'd letter saying I had passed. Hope this gives a bit of insight and Good Luck to everyone.