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  1. Rodfan

    Is 54 too old to return?

    We will make contributions to top up our UK pensions, as we fall short of about 3/5 yrs however when I last enquired about topping it up was told by DWP, that it wasn't worth doing so until 2016 as UK pension requirements could change again. If then we do retire in OZ they will make us claim our UK pension anyway, as I understand...
  2. Rodfan

    Is 54 too old to return?

    We live in Melbourne.
  3. Rodfan

    Is 54 too old to return?

    Marisawright Thankyou. i guess I am trying to figure out where we will be better off when we retire. Will we be eligible for an Australian Government pension given our ages now if we do retire here? How does it compare with UK one, I believe it's not much. Not going to be rich anyway..lol!
  4. Rodfan

    Is 54 too old to return?

    Thank you for your quick replies! We did go back to UK in 2007 for 6 months, but Hubby couldn't settle and wanted to return (missed our boys) I reluctantly agreed, as felt guilty! I knew OZ was not for me almost in the first few months, but knew I had to give it a proper go. I am here because of them, not because I love OZ any better really. Just used to it, but can't be bothered making much effort nowadays to get out meet people etc.. We did not realise we could not access our super that we have paid since being here once back, and thought you could claim it once you left OZ permanently? Relieve to read that we could claim British one though still. Heyhoo...back to living a half life I guess again for now:-(
  5. Rodfan

    Is 54 too old to return?

    Not posted for ages!! Been trying to avoid forums about returning and just been getting on with life in OZ, always with one foot in each country! But here I am again!:wub: Cut a long story short, I have two sons settled here aged 38/25 who are not likely to move back, husband who prefers OZ , but prob would move back if our Sons weren't here, when I mention moving back says we are stuck here because of the boys. They are both getting on with there own life's (one going to make me a Granny soon) and could afford to visit us in UK if we went back, I would miss them like hell, but don't feel myself here, miss family so much too and way of life in UK. Does anyone know what our pension situation would be now on returning? Been in OZ since 2005. Tx in advance:unsure:
  6. Rodfan

    Dental Insurance

    Hi, Sorry for such a boring question! There are so many policies:arghh:not sure which to choose, just for two people over 50.? Can anyone advise please?
  7. Rodfan

    Mistakes made and lessons learned

    My post was meant for Blobby 1000, sorry not used to my iPad yet!
  8. Rodfan

    Mistakes made and lessons learned

    Excellent posts, exactly how I still feel, still can't leave uk behind (after7yrs) living here, going back would just cause more heartache for us. Dont look back once your are home (I have also ping-pronged) just be happy that you are going.
  9. oops sorry, this was in quote from harpodum
  10. Very reluctantly have to admit this too....not really that much more fond of OZ since the year I moved here (2005) tried my best to get back,(not going to happen) Now dont really try intergrating into OZ life much, reason still here ? two sons....so go home..miss them....stay here...miss home and so it goes on...and ..on.... Go home once a year, watch U.K. T.V. try and make the most of it...ere now i suppose!
  11. Hi, Well I could write a list of things that really bug ME personally, however a quick sum up,just be prepared for a bigger culture shock than you think, UK. with sun it certainly is not! we find it more Americanised...my biggest regret, leaving long term friends and family behind, no way has it been worth it.
  12. VISITED twice,loved it...moved here, well today hating it... wish I has given it a year's trial,before emigrating been in OZ 6yrs and no escape on the horizen!! so just goes to show, sometimes hard to tell either way!
  13. Rodfan

    Think long and hard before coming home

    Hi Ozsceptic, I am really hoping my OH will change his mind, he does miss Scotland,but not in the way I do he has adapted to the aussie way of life and has his family here that's the way he lookes at it, also with the worry of getting a job,once back so I do understand his reasons for wanting to live here. However exactly like you, I also feel like I am living a half- life and have considered trying to live on my own back home, but do not seem to have the courage to do this at 51yrs and after being married for 30yrs, I worry it will also be another wrong decision and I will then end up with nothing.
  14. Rodfan

    Think long and hard before coming home

    Thanks for your reply, well heading back in August, but looks like it will just be for a holiday as OH is dragging his heels once again, about a permanent return and he has our two grown up son's on his side, who also do not want to return to (Scotland) we are no spring chickens now either so time may be running out for us...always someone worse off eh:wink: at least your partner has agreed to a certain time to returning. I wonder more and more why our supposed "love ones" put us throught this? when they know how unhappy it make us? I do try to make the most of my time here, and am not always unhappy however the homesickness and missing my family is constantly on my mind, I made a mistake in my life 6yrs ago of emigrating here, one I may have to live with now for the rest of it:sad:
  15. Rodfan

    Think long and hard before coming home

    Just curious as to why you have to stay in OZ?