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Found 136 results

  1. I know its been discussed before but not for a while... My hair is very thick and i have loads of it. In the UK my hairdresser was fab at thinning it out with a cut throat and doing loads of layers. I've been to 3 hairdressers since arriving all who didn't thin or cut it right the worst was today :cry: The side fringe was looking a bit square and messy so popped in somehwere local for a trim and she just cut it on a slant above my eyebrows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :realmad: Please, please tell me there is a good hairdresser somewhere I dye it myself just want a trim cannot wear it pinned up with grips forever..... :wubclub:
  2. Hi I'm sure these must have been answered in various threads so apologies if so - looking for advice - we are looking to move to Mornington/ Mount Martha in January of next year. Currently our children (an August born boy - age 5 when we move - and February born girl - soon to be 7 when we move) are in primary school in the UK (a state OFSTED outstanding school). I have a couple of questions: 1. year groups of the children when they move (our son is very young in his year group - which is currently reception year - being only 2 weeks in the threshold of the year group). 2. schools that are recommended in the areas mentioned above 3. how to we go about registering them - do we need to have an address in the area first/ how have others gone about doing this logistically in terms of move/ registering/ timings etc 4. how long does the registration process take - and is there a chance they may not get in to a school at all (or end up in a school we don't feel is suitable)? We'd be super grateful if anyone who has been through this process recently with similar aged children could offer tips/ process information/ contacts that we should be in touch with? Many thanks - and apologies if this is long winded (my first post on the forum).
  3. Dear All, I'm new to the forum, we are moving to Oz in 6 months time. My husband has taken a job in Mornington, and we are planning to live in Mt.Eliza or Mt.Martha. Can you please advice me on what Mornington Peninsula is like? As far as I researched online, it looks like a nice place. Whats Mt.Eliza and Mt.Martha like for housing, schools and shopping? We have a 16month old son and we also need a good nursery for him. We love the English countryside, we like outdoorsy stuff, cafe's, restaurants etc and hoping that Mornington would not disappoint. Any input would be useful. TIA.
  4. Marie Jo

    Thinking of moving to Mornington

    Hi, I am new to this forum. We are thinking of moving to the Mornington/Mount Martha/Mount Eliza area. We have 3 children, aged 6, 8 and 10, and are looking to move to a good area for a family, with good state schools, primary and secondary. Our 10 year old daughter will start in High School in a year and a half so we want to move into an area where there is a good primary and secondary school. Any help with info/experience in the school/area would be very much appreciated.
  5. The Pom Queen

    Mount Eliza - Melbourne Suburb

    Mount Eliza Mt Eliza is 48km from Melbourne CBD or 7km to Frankston which is the largest town close by and has the train station taking you to the City. The population of Mt Eliza is around 18,000. 77% of which are Australians born and bred, 12% are from the UK. Mount Eliza is both a seaside town and an outer suburb of Melbourne, situated between Frankston and Mornington. The area offers its residents spectacular views and a friendly communal atmosphere. Its coastline is generally comprised of rugged cliffs, although there are some sandy beaches that offer fantastic swimming spots. The suburb is popular with retirees, as it is not far from the city, and it is also close to the spectacular Mornington Country Golf Club. Property Rentals Whilst there are some stunning properties in Mt Eliza rentals are hard to find. A 3 bed will set you back around $480pw and a 4 bed around $620pw http://www.realestate.com.au/rent/in-mount+eliza,+vic+3930/list-1 For Sale Mt Eliza properties are always in high demand, you won't find many new builds here, only older established homes. A 3 bed house to buy will be around $730,000 and a 4 bed will just be under the million mark. This is current in Feb 2016. http://www.realestate.com.au/buy/in-Mount%20Eliza,%20VIC%203930/list-1 Shopping The commercial centre of town surrounds the intersection of Mount Eliza Way and Canadian Bay Road. Here there are boutique shops and cafes, including the ever-popular cafe on the Mount. There is also a large IGA supermarket and a Woolworths. The main shops can be found 7km in Frankston Mt Eliza Farmers Market The market is held once a month within the Village Green, right in the heart of Mount Eliza. Depending on the season, shoppers will find both organic and conventionally grown vegetables, stone fruit, berries, free-range eggs, meat, smallgoods, bread, boutique beers and wine. There are hot food stalls and free entertainment. Schools Families will find there are also plenty of schools, including a campus of the Melbourne Business School, the highly reputable Peninsula School, four primary schools and the Mount Eliza Secondary College. Melbourne Business School Secondary schools The Peninsula School Toorak College Mount Eliza Secondary College Primary schools Kunyung Primary School Mount Eliza Primary School Mount Eliza North Primary School St. Thomas More Catholic Primary School Transport Mount Eliza is served by two major roadways, the Nepean Highway and Moorooduc Highway. The Melbourne bus routes 772, 773, 781, 784, 785 & 788 also serve the area. Recreational Parks The Mount Eliza Regional Park, accessed via Two Bays Road, incorporates the former Moorooduc Quarry and offers views across the surrounding plains. At the southern end of the park is a lake with picnic areas and a playground. The Mornington Tourist Railway, which offers steam train rides, has its Moorooduc station located adjacent to the park.
  6. The Pom Queen

    Mornington - Melbourne

    Mornington Mornington is a wonderful spot to live and it’s well renowned for being “a great village” to live in. Not only for its beautiful beaches and parks but for its shops, cafes, schools and recreational activities. Mornington’smain street is an iconic location with vibrant shops that allow you to stroll around. There is so much to do in Mornington making it a very attractive spot to live, for example you can play bare foot lawn bowls with beach views, golf, visit day spas, sail, play tennis or walk along the clifftop walking tracks. It doesn’t end there, it’s known for its spectacular parks, beaches and boutique shops. Both Mills beach and Fisherman’s beach are located at the end of Main Street Mornington where you will also find the Mornington Yacht Club. Mornington has a vibrant nightlife with pubs, bars and resturants which is warmly welcomed by locals for a night out. Belura Hill Estate is close to Main Street and the beaches making it more expensive than the other side of Nepean Highway or Mt Martha side of Mornington. Good news is that even in the estate off Benton’s road you have access to the large variety of shops at BentonsRoad. I have lived here for over 8 years and love it. There are plenty of schools/kinders/childcare centres and facilities so it’s well worth a drive to take a look around. You will love the lifestyle of Mornington Peninsula because you an walk to shops, browse around and feel the nostalgic vibes. There is always something happening in Main Street, markets occur on Wednesdays and there is also another crafty market at Mornington Racecourse,which are absolutely fantastic. How could I forget Mornington also have a racecourse which is home to the Mornington Cup. Mornington is a rural suburb , which has areas that are very ‘horsey’, you will see stud farms and trainers based in close proximity to the Racecourse. Mornington is no longer a secret, people identify it as one of the top places to live. Neighbourhoods close by to Mornington include Mt Eliza and Mt Martha these house many neighbourhoods and high numbers of permanent residents. Transport in and around Mornington is excellent, serviced by buses, freeways and trains that link to the city which is just 50kms to the North. Many workers commute to the city daily and say they won’t move closer because Mornington provides them with an opportunity to de-stress, unwind and live the lifestyle they choose. The area is a fantastic spot to bring up a family. It has outstanding state schools positioned near by and private schools such as Toorak Colledge and the Peninsula school located in Mt Eliza. Families like the fact they have the opportunity to give their children an opportunity to grow and reside in an area with outstanding amenities and services normally only seen in inner urban suburbs. You will have your choice of house type finding beach shacks, mansions, town houses and residential houses in and around the coast. Several new estates have also been established in the suburbs around Mornington such as Mt Martha which are more affordable to young families and couples.
  7. Hi gang, anyone in the Mornington area interested in getting together for a couple of drinks at the Mornington Brewery, or coffee in one of the cafe's one weekend? I'm from Oxford but have been in the Melbourne area a few years, (new to Mornington), and my other half has only been here a few months, moved from Essex. We have 2 kids, 10 & 14, and only know the people I work with in this area. I realised as I stared fondly reminiscing at the Pot Noodles, Rowntree's and Bisto in Richie's 'specialist aisle' the other day that it would be great if we could hook up with a few Poms here, and a colleague recommended this forum as a starting point
  8. Can anyone recommend a good accountant in the Mornington area? This is our first year to do the tax thing and I have 2 kids and lots of receipts!!:biggrin: Cheers x
  9. paddygunner

    Underage Gaelic football

    Hi all We are starting underage gaelic football training on sat 8th at 3pm - 4.15 and if we can recruit as many as possible it would be great. You don't have to have played it before to give it a go! Location Osborne primary school, craige road, mount Martha - just off the nepean Please contact me if you have any queries Regards Peadar Walsh
  10. :hug:Hi , Have been here for nearly 6 months now. Have had a really tough time because of one thing and another including breaking my leg! Not working yet as dont seem to be able to get my foot in the door, so to speak. I am a primary school teacher. Husband is working and happy but I am so bored. Love the area but need to find a social life. Anyone out there in the Mount Martha/Mornington area - maybe in the same boat - want to meet up for coffee locally? I am in my 40's. Love to hear from you - may stop me from going insane, or packing my case and going home!!! lol!
  11. Guest

    Moving to Mornington Oct 11

    Just thought id start a thread for Mornington as we are moving there this Oct. Anyone else would love to start to build a network of friends and vise versa. Age group 30-35 Me -housewife HO- chef 2x boys 1/half & 2/half Hobbies- biking, hillwalking, running(although not doen much since boys came along!!) reading, tropical fish, dogs, family. Cheers Maz
  12. Guest

    living in Mornington

    Hi all, We moved to Morninvton fron Dublin on Tuesday and My kids are feeling a little down. Was wondering if there were any other new Migrants in the area with children who might like to meet up? We have three children, Ben aged 9, Ruby aged 5 and Phoebe who is one. Would love to meet new people in the area as soon as possible.:smile: regards, the richardson family.
  13. Bordy

    Xmas BBQ Mornington Park

    Ok after having my arm twisted by Kate, lets have a social afternoon at Mornington park on Saturday 17th December. BBQ or Picnic, bring a few beers or wine except for the drivers of course & there is the kids play area in the park. Anyone up for it?? From Midday onwards on 17th.
  14. Hello everyone... Me and the gang are relocating to Frankston South on the 16th Dec and are really hoping that there might be a get together somewhere on the Peninsula around Christmas time. We moved over in April this year and initially got a 6 month rental in Lilydale, however, we've decided that as we'd always lived near the beach previously we wanted to be near the beach now. Have a lovely (but bloody expensive :wideeyed:) rental in Olivers Hill so have the kids enrolled at Derinya Primary School and my daughter will be able to get in at Frankston High School the year after! This is my wife's first Christmas in Australia and away from family and friends and I really want to make sure she enjoys it and I'm sure a catch up and BBQ somewhere would really help. Getting yourself a network of friends if crucial so here's hoping you're all up for arranging something. Not really sure of the best places to organise something like this so will through it open to those of you who are already in and settled. Will also post this on a couple of the other pages and forums to see what we can sort! Cheers all and hope to catch up soon! Cheers Spencer
  15. hi all we are moving to mornington,south frankston area march 2012. we are family of 4 including 3 girls ages 11 and 13. We are looking for short term rental approx 6 weeks in the above area. Preferably walking distance to beach. also pet friendly as we have a very WELL BEHAVED 5 year old cocker spaniel who will be joining us after his 30 days in quarentine. Any ideas?? collette & paul. x
  16. amibovered

    That chippy in Mornington

    the one run by the Brit, what's it called? we'll be passing through next week and I fancy some fish & chips :biggrin:
  17. Bordy

    Mornington Meet up 2nd October

    There is a Britvics / PIO meet up in Mornington park on Sunday 2nd October. I will get there about midday or before to put up a Scottish flag so anyone going for the first time can see where we are meeting. Don't be shy, come along for an afternoon & bring a picnic or BBQ, we will be close to the kids play area. If you need any more info feel free to pm me. Bill. PS This is the day after the AFL Grand Final.
  18. Hi Guys, Need to get from the airport to Mornington on the evening of the 29th November, any recommendations for a taxi firm to do this? I know its going to be pricey but dont want to get ripped off. Any help greatly appreciated.:biggrin:
  19. Guest

    Moving to mornington

    in about five weeks,and looking for advice on where to live.All towns have good and bad areas,anyone in mornington tell me any areas that are nice or not(in their opinion).Ideally would like to be walking distance to main st. cheers simon
  20. Hi All, We moved to Mt Eliza from England about 4 months ago and are loving it so far! I'm 31, my husband is 37 and we have an 18 month old son and a new baby on the way (due in a week!). My health nurse mentioned that there was an English playgroup in Mornington, but from what I've read on here it doesn't seem to exist anymore - is this correct? If it is still running, could you please send me the details of where and when? If it's not going anymore, would anyone be interested in setting one up again - or just simply a general regular meet-up in the park, etc? We are currently attending some toddler classes and a playgroup, but it would be great to meet some like-minded people with little ones in a similar situation to ours. Thanks! Jenn
  21. Guest

    Mornington Peninsula Playgroup

    Hi All, We moved to Mt Eliza from England about 4 months ago and are loving it so far! I'm 31, my husband is 37 and we have an 18 month old son and a new baby on the way (due in a week!). My health nurse mentioned that there was an English playgroup in Mornington, but from what I've read on here it doesn't seem to exist anymore - is this correct? If it is still running, could you please send me the details of where and when? If it's not going anymore, would anyone be interested in setting one up again - or just simply a general regular meet-up in the park, etc? We are currently attending some toddler classes and a playgroup, but it would be great to meet some like-minded people with little ones in a similar situation to ours. Thanks! Jenn
  22. I have a stupid question. I am looking for some advice about some weekend getaways in Melbourne and around. The problem is we don't own a car and I was wondering, especially as some of you lovely guys are living there, if you would recommend going to Mornington, Mt Martha or Sorrento by car (rental) or public transport. I have checked Metlink and I can see there are a couple of buses leaving from Frankston which I think is the last train stop. But is it doable in one day to go to Mornington, and maybe take a boat to Phillip and French Island and go back home? (Home is St Kilda.) Sorry if my question sounds stupid. I am really without a clue, and we have not had the time to see a lot in or outside Melbourne let alone Australia so we thought it might be a good idea to start with something nearby. Any advice would be much appreciated.:wubclub:
  23. We're looking to move to Mornington/Martha but I'm just wondering what the position is like in the area for part time jobs maybe along the lines of audio/copy typing, shop work or that sort of things? OH will most likely be working in the CBD but I just wanted to do my bit for the finances and of course start to meet people. Have you found it easy.
  24. Does anyone know if this is a good school please. Many thanks.
  25. http://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-vic-mornington-405458531 Link to agents page above Hi guys We have just left our rental property in mornington vic as we have bought a house. The rental we were living in is now available we have 4months Left on our lease. It would be available for a 4month lease from September 5th or A shorter lease after this date till January 5th. The landlord would extend the lease for up to 1year beyond this. The house is fully furnished with everything from tv's to bed linnen towels kitchen utensil pots pans ect and would really suite people comming over and waiting for their container to arrive. It,s a lovely clean 3bedroom house 2 doubles and one room with 2single beds. Master on suite and family bathroom. It's right in the centre of mornington 5mins walk from shops and 2 mins to the beach. It's in the catchment for mornington primary (state school) and is only ten minutes walk from there. We loved living there and have only moved as we got a lovely house of our own but had to move into it quickly. Rent is 880 dollars per week, but as I say it's fully furnished and it really made settling in easier for us being in a beautiful house for our first few months while finding our feet. You can contact me on site mail for more details