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  1. simonwilliams

    shipping dogs back to uk

    Hi thanks for that can you tell me who your shippers were please
  2. simonwilliams

    Moving a motorbike and 20ft container to uk

    We're moving back to uk next year and would anyone know how much a quote for a 20 ft container would be from Perth to uk and whats involved in bringing a motor bike back with me ,any advice would be greatly appreciated. simon
  3. simonwilliams

    shipping dogs back to uk

    hi I'm moving back to uk in a couple of years , and I'm bringing my 2 springer spaniels back with me, can anyone tell me if they have to go into quarantine in uk and about how much it would cost to ship them back. thanks simon
  4. simonwilliams

    perth quarantine

    the dog walking is seperate you have to go on dogwalking.com.au but i would suggest you use them as they get taken out and played with ,also i im not going to see them the week before i pick them up as i think they will get really upset when i walk away and obviously so will i so im keeping them to the routine they know at the moment also my boys share a kennel as well they need each other i think
  5. simonwilliams

    perth quarantine

    just a quick note to say my two springers have been in byford for two and a half weeks now the dog walking team have been to see them at least 3 times a week and upload photos of them on to their gallery so i can see , which makes me feel better they look really good and happy so it puts my mind at ease and ive spoken to Debs a couple of times and she has been really great and helpful so so far they are being really looked after and loving the attention:smile:
  6. simonwilliams


    ive heard off some people the dongle isnt very good over there is that our only option
  7. simonwilliams

    2 Months In Perth

    thanks for that post it was just what i needed to hear
  8. simonwilliams


    hi hope someone can answer this thread for me, my husband and i are in a holiday rental for 2months in december but it has no internet , but we need internet for looking for a unfurnished rental and keeping in touch with our children in uk any advice would be great thanks suzanne
  9. simonwilliams

    remaining daughter

    dont think she will ever get married and shes a medical records secretary so i dont know about her skills
  10. simonwilliams

    ANMC registration form and costs

    Hi emmylou 23 ive had my interview for a post grad nursing course in fremantle couple of weeks ago and got the job start next august after graduating in march! they seem very interested in UK trained nurses, so just be confident. the interview really didnt seem like an interview i got questions the night before to research but to be fair they were ok about the models of nursing etc.. ive been speaking to a nurse over in perth who say nursing is extremely different over there and apparently the nursing students there are not very hands on most of their training comes post grad whether this is true or not i dont know. good luck with your interview Amy
  11. simonwilliams

    remaining daughter

    Hi everyone hopefully can someone answer my question for me, im moving over to perth in december with husband and youngest daughter , but the eldest is staying here as she has a boyfriend and doesnt want to leave, (shes 24) what are the chances of her being able to come out if she ever hopefully changes her mind were on a state sponsored visa 176 permanent any advise would be great thanks suzanne
  12. simonwilliams

    Baker needed Mandurah WA

    Hi my name is Suzanne I'm coming over to the Warnbro area in December i'm a chef with a little baking experience if your willing to train me a bit more I would be very interested , I'm on a State Sponsored 175 Regards Suzanne
  13. simonwilliams

    TV and DVD compatability in Oz?

    were coming in December and the removals said to tune the tv to Germany it has the same signal as Australia if that makes any sense
  14. simonwilliams

    Health and Safety NEBOSH

    Hi I found this thread very interesting,my wife sue and I are moving over to Perth in December. I work as a Health and safety advisor for a large construction company,having read a few posts from some time ago and doing a fair bit of research I decided to enrol in a distance learning course for the OHS Level IV. I currently hold NEBOSH General and Construction certificates as well as a few IOSH courses. Should anyone have any links to recruiters in Perth I would be very grateful. Hope this thread keeps going as its becoming very useful. Thanks Simon
  15. simonwilliams

    Families needed for a new Ch4 Series

    hi Helen were going to Australia in December so if that helps more details would be great