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  1. diane_d

    186 TRT

    Hi Rocky89, In case you are still looking for information on this, what were the circumstances of the occupation change? Unfortunately, to avail yourself of the grandfathering arrangements you have to stay in the same occupation. It is unfortunate you were not advised to apply for the 186 TRT in 2019 instead of renewing a 482 because on the face of it it looks like you could have done so then. Once your occupation changes, the time starts to run again and your current Occupation does not provide a pathway to residency. Is there an opportunity for you to be sponsored again as a Systems Analyst? If you would like to consider options, a Migration Agent, such as me or one of the others on this site, could advise you accordingly. Kind regards Diane MARN 1574430 | Ozbound Migration
  2. Hi Questionsearch, It's one application so there is no need to upload everything twice. Having said that, and without knowing exactly what docs you have in mind, you need to make it easy for the decision maker. You should be uploading new documents to verify the ongoing nature of your relationship at this stage. Kind regards Diane MARN 1574430
  3. diane_d

    Visa 191 and 491 English Spouse

    Dear Tuliovargas, Your spouse does not have to have an occupation on the SOL but you may be able to claim extra points depending on your spouse's occupation if they do. In relation to English, you need to prove your spouse has 'functional' English or pay an additional charge. The easiest way to prove their English level, subject to a small number of exceptions, is to do the appropriate English test. A Registered Migration Agent will be able to give you full advice on the matter. Kind regards Diane Dennison MARN 1574430
  4. diane_d

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hello whoiam, The health requirements will appear in your online application once it is submitted. From there your agent can download a questionnaire and obtain your HAP-ID which is the reference number you need to book the medicals under. i hope that helps. Diane (MARN 1574430)
  5. diane_d

    processing time of 457

    Hi there, Standard processing time for a 457 is 8-12 weeks. It depends on the quality of the documentation you submit and could be delayed if DIBP have to request further information from you. I hope that helps. Good luck!
  6. diane_d

    Probation period?

    Hi, The three month visa that has been mentioned in the eVisitor visa which allows 'business' travel. This means attending a conference, exploring business opportunities etc. It is not valid for working for and getting paid by an Australian employer.
  7. diane_d

    Probation period?

    Dear Mongoose, Hi there. The three month probation is a standard practice. Even in the UK I always had a probation period when I started a new job. From the employers point of view I would think they would apply for the 457 for the 2 or 4 year period rather than get a visa for three months and re-apply again later. Just because your hubby has a visa doesnt guarantee him a job. The employer is entitled to cancel it if the employee doesnt work out. It's probably a case of the boss offering a permanent job and the HR department then having to say actually this is the way we normally do it!! As long as your husband is competent at his job and gets everything in writing including the bit about 'moving to get your family here' I would think you are OK. There's always a risk in starting a new job, even if you did it in the same country - although you wouldnt have had to move half way round the world for it! Good luck
  8. Make sure you buy a nice thick coat before you come. It is flipping freezing! Thanks to a cold front from Antartica And the quality of coats is much better (and cheaper) in the UK...
  9. You could always stay somewhere further out of town - Parramatta or Ryde area. Still going to be expensive on New Years Eve though wherever you go. There are 9pm fireworks for the children - last year I got there at 8pm and easily found sitting space at Milsons Point, practically under the bridge. Could easily see the fireworks up and down the harbour. It is much easier to get home afterwards too because it only gets REALLY busy for the midnight fireworks.
  10. diane_d

    Cost of Living in Sydney

    Hi, There is no such thing as a TV licence here. Aussies laugh at that! (Probably a good job there isn't because Aussie TV is quite rubbish and there would be an outcry if they had to pay to watch as well ). You can get Foxtel (same as Sky) which as someone said above is around $75 per month although you can also get limited channels through an X-box and I think that is cheaper. I have Foxtel and usually end up watching channels 7,9 and 10 which are the terrestrial channels you can watch without Foxtel. And anyway, you wont be in watching telly,there is much more to do... Good luck with the move.
  11. Hi there, What is your budget? NYE will be expensive - I tried to book around this time one year and it was all booked out already. Four Seasons, Shangri-la, Park Hyatt, Observatory hotels would all be really nice and close but expensive - Rocks/Circular Quay area. You have the Novotel or Holiday Inn/Crown Plaza at Darling Harbour or the other option is a Vibe hotel. There is one at Milsons Point on North Sydney side and it is right opposite North Sydney train station, otherwise there is another one in town on the corner of Elizabeth St. I hope that gives you a few options. Good luck.
  12. diane_d

    Where in Sydney should we AVOID living

    I agree with Ellie2 - the Hills District is very nice. And who said Beecroft was affordable? I lived in Beecroft for 5 years and you would have to pay at least 800,000 for something decent unless you were prepared to put in a lot of work! If you are looking at renting, anything less than 600-700 per week is likely to be a dump. It is not that Beecroft is overpriced, just the properties are so big - 4-7 bedrooms is the norm and usually lots of land. I wouldnt have thought St Leonards was a family area - I work there and everything bar Cabana Bar is dead after about 6pm when the workers go home. It is TERRIBLE for parking, the properties are nice but small with postage stamp gardens and there are no shops, unless you want to walk into Crows Nest. Personally, when I am in a position to buy somewhere I will be comtemplating Thornleigh or Normanhurst - they are a bit further out than Beecroft/Pennant Hills and the properties seem cheaper as a result. There is a direct train into Sydney and there are some good schools in the area. I reckon you could get something there or Hornsby in your budget.
  13. diane_d

    I hate Australia!!

    Dear Mcginlm72, Sorry to hear how you are feeling but I can totally relate to what you say. I also feel sometimes like the sane one in an insane world. Things dont work the same as they do in the UK and I agree some things are EXTREMELY frustrating - like Medicare and the fact that you cant find a post office open on a Saturday - grrr. A couple of years ago I was going through a bad time in my relationship, he was being made redundant and drinking a lot which caused more stress plus the fact I was on his visa and couldnt leave and every time something went wrong I thought 'I hate this country' so eventually I went home to London. Then I realised all the things I thought I missed and that had seemed so logical when I had left were actually just as frustrating in some respects as they are here, and that Australia wasnt the real problem, so I came back! Now when things frustrate me I just try to think of the good things, like the friends I would miss if I was not here, the sun and beaches and try not to get annoyed by the idiot who doesnt know how to use a slip road properly because he really has no business upsetting my life. I dont agree with all those people who say you need anti-depressants. Thats like admitting you are the one with a problem and not treating the cause. I think you can be forgiven, given all that is going on and the feelings of being trapped. Probably you need to discuss with your hubby to start with and go from there. if he cares about your mental state then hopefully he will help with some solutions. I do think though that it is easy to blame 'Australia' when things go wrong when the real issue is none of those little things. If you did go home and people asked why, would you feel a bit silly saying it was because the postman used to drive over your grass? I am not saying its a silly thing to get wound up about - I do the same but in the grand scheme of things.... I hope I havent come across as condescending because that was def not my intention. I agree with all of what you said and I wish you lots of luck in finding a solution soon. Diane
  14. Hi there, Just so you are aware - the 457 visa doesnt automatically lead to PR. There is no guarantee that you will be granted PR just because you have had a 457 visa. In order to get PR, you have two routes - 1. to apply under the general skilled migration scheme, in which case you still have to satisfy the points system and the assessment for an HR position. 2. The alternative is to go the employer sponsored PR route. This requires your employer to sponsor you on a permanent basis and an 'expectation' that the job is available for three years. However, there is nothing to say you have to stay working for that employer once you have your PR. You have to have worked for an employer for a set amount of time before you can apply through this route (cant remember off the top of my head whether it is a year or two) and it is usually much quicker than the General Skilled Migration route. If you get a job offer I THINK your sponsor can take over your application. You can always get your 457, then apply under the GSM while you are already working on the 457. You cant be in the country when the visa is granted so most people take a weekend in NZ and get the visa validated on their return. You do run the risk that there are unscrupulous employers out there - employer/employee loyalty does not seem to be very strong here (my partner was told he was being made redundant from his sponsored job before our furniture arrived in the country although we did find an alternative in the end after a very stressful six months) but I would hope most companies have a genuine need for the role they are employing. I hope that helps and good luck, Diane
  15. Hi, Cant do Weds unfortunately. I could do Friday... otherwise will catch you another time. Northerngirl - I work in St. Leonards. I probably see you on the train! (You're not the Chinese lady who sings along to Pink at the top of her voice on her ipod are you - hee hee - I am only saying that because I have seen her more than a month ago so it can't be you or I would be v embarrassed!)? Diane