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    Shipping pets Sydney to Singapore

    Hi, I'm sure this has been asked a number of times, but can anyone suggest pet shippers in Sydney? We are moving to Singapore later this year and obviously the cats are coming with us. Thanks for for any help.:biggrin:
  2. nicolaj

    Why Don’t People ‘Get Australia’?

    I haven't read all the threads, so sorry if I have repeated something! I tend to believe, (only my opinion) that people who moan about Aus, and things they can't get out here are probably ignoring their real feelings and just 'transferring' these feelings onto the price of food, no M&S (for goodness sake they deliver out here for £15, no matter what size of order!) or whatever else annoys you. The same can be said for those people who UK bash, moaning about the crap weather and whatever else gets their goat! There is a reason why products are more expensive here, mainly due to supporting what once were Aussie jobs, but slowly the manufacturing jobs are being erroded with production moving to cheaper alternatives, such as Asia, but I have to say somewhere along the line, somebody is making a lot of money out of importing back those cheaper goods, but still charging the premium rates for the product. We had an opportunity to move out here for OH work, never had any strong feelings either way about Australia, so when the offer came along we put a lot of thought into it and decided to give it a go. I did a lot of research in the costs, the area, spoke to people who had lived out here, but, no matter how much research you do, it can never quite prepare you for the move. There are things I dislike and things I like, but it is exactly the same as back in the UK. If it was all perfect, you would be living in Stepford!!! Now I am settled, certainly don't dislike Australia, but I am not 'in love' with Australia, but it doesn't owe me anything. I knew it wasn't the UK in the sun, nor would it be like Home and Away, although if we believed TV soaps then everyone would think they UK is like East Enders (all bloody miserable), Corrie or Emmerdale (with some of the most bonkers plot lines ever!)! Had no massive expectations of what my life would be like out here, but I know I don't want to be here for the rest of my natural life (of course hoping no nasty accidents come my way!). That is in no way being critical of Aus, just the way I feel. I think I can sort of see where the OP comes from, as it does annoy me when I see those ranting I hate Aus because of XYZ and the same I hate the UK because of XYZ and comparing the two, Aus is better than the UK because of blah blah blah...... If you are a Brit out here and don't like it and are able to move home then start making your exit plan, just the same as you would have done to move out here in the first instance and vice versa. But it will not happen overnight. But sometimes, we need to go through a few stages before we can reach an acceptance stage. I'm sorry I'm not being harsh here! I know that it isn't always that simple! Anyway that's my own little 'gem of wisdom' and now I'll go and retreat to my corner!
  3. nicolaj

    New South Wales Council Shoot and Dump Dogs at th Tip

    It is totally gross!!! Apart from the fact the ranger 'put them down' at the tip, then just to throw them on the tip with all the general household waste is disgusting! I mean there must be regulations regarding the disposal of biological waste material. Vets must have to adhere to specific regulations when it comes to disposing of pets they have put to sleep and no doubt so do butchers and slaughter houses. So why does this person think a few 'stray' dogs are any different?
  4. nicolaj

    Cruel to fly cat to UK from Perth?

    I suggest you talk to one of the many good pet relocation agents around, they will put your mind at rest. Let's face it many of us bring our pets out from the UK to Australia without mishap and there is no reason why it will be any different going back the other way. There are only a few airlines licensed to carry animals, I know Qantas and BA both carry animals. They are put in a special section in the hold, which is kept warm although I think they do dim the lights in the section to help keep the animals calm. I'm not 100% sure about the regulations regarding vaccinations and quarantine in the UK, but I think you will need to get puss vaccinated against all the usual stuff, but I think they will need feline lukemia and also rabies, although I don't think you need to go through all the blood testing. If they have all the vaccinations done then I don't think they need to go into quarantine in the UK. This is only my very very vague understanding of how it works, you really need to speak to some pet relocation agents for more information. I think they can travel on the same flight but again it depends on who you are using to fly home with. They will be checked on the stop-over section and re-watered as well. There is no reason why a healthy two year old cat should not be able to undertake the journey. To put it into perspective, our oldest cat was 16 when she flew out last November, the youngest was 2, and they are all non the worse for wear.
  5. nicolaj

    Cat Sitters in Sydney

    Hi Was just wondering if anybody had used a cat sitter when they have been away? Just looking at catteries for our three, but the ones we like are all quite a drive away and so I was thinking about cat sitters. If you have used one, who were they and would you recommend their service? There are a number of them on the internet and they all 'talk the talk', but fancy websites aren't all that matter! We want to know our little pride are going to be well looked after and the people who you are letting into your house are trustworthy! Thanks :biggrin:
  6. nicolaj

    Recomend Dive Schools in Sydney

    Hi Folks Hubby wants to start scuba diving, never done this before, so I suppose we are wanting reviews of dive schools in Sydney so he can do his PADI and go from there. We are heading to Cairns in November when my sister and her partner are over, so I think he would like to get this completed and a couple of dives under the belt before we head on up there. Obviously if there are any that you wouldn't touch with a barge pole, then PM me as I don't want to get anybody into trouble! Glowing reviews below! Thank you guys!
  7. nicolaj

    We cant leave the dog !

    We used Golden Arrow for our three cats, and couldn't fault them. Good luck with your journey and whoever you pick to transport your furry friends!
  8. nicolaj

    Any good ZOOs in OZ??

    Agree that Taronga zoo is good and also the Sydney Wildlife Centre in Darling Harbour are great!
  9. Some great advice and sharing of experiences. Can't ad d anything else. Just good luck, it's going to be an emotional journey for you all as a family, but hopefully you will find the right answer for all of you.
  10. nicolaj

    Does money bring happiness in life?

    I while back I saw a documentary on TV about Lottery millionaires, a where are they now sort of thing. One couple stuck in my mind, I think they were in the late 50s early 60s, grown up children that sort of thing, living in a modest semi, somewhere in the UK both had jobs with modest incomes. They won a significant amount on the lottery, moved to their dream home, driving round in a Rolls, helped their kids out. When they were asked if the money had made them happy, the lady said 'no' as they were already very happy before, it has just helped make their lives more comfortable and taken away all those lying awake at night worries. But sometimes it isn't about having millions (although I wouldn't mind giving it a try! LOL), no it can just be about removing the worries such as securing the roof over your head with no mortgage or as little as possible, so if one of you lost your job you wont be facing having to get rid of your home or the bank taking it back.
  11. nicolaj


    I don't know what my excuse is, I don't have any kids, but the house always seems to look like a cyclone has gone through it 99% of the time! I'm having a hate relationship with the wooden floors in our house. They are such a pain, have to be hoovered up first and then mopped. Takes me ages! Or maybe I'm just getting a little to obsessed!
  12. nicolaj

    A Crazy Idea - need advice

    Think long and hard before you jump back in. Look into the costs of your Uni' course in the UK and in Aus. You may get stung for international student rates, which are breathakingly expensive. If nursing is what you really want to do, might be worth sticking it out back in the UK and then plan properly for a permanent return to Australia. Get your qualification and work experience under your belt, look after the money your partner has come into, and as others have said work on getting your visa sorted out in the UK during this time so hopefully you can then make a move back. Don't know your story, but just skimming the posts you moved back to the UK for a reason, if it was financial, then just because you have come into some cash, won't make it any better out here when it runs out. I don't know how long you have been back in the UK, but just like moving out here it will probably take a good 12 months to settle back down in the UK. Of course you also need to help out your partner as well and get to the bottom of why he is feeling so depressed, and if it is because he is struggling to settle, then again using your sensible head, plan properly for a return to Aus so hopefully he wont feel quite so trapped. Listen to your sensible head and good luck with what ever you decide to do.
  13. Hi 3fatcats, yes if you are in the area or cbd, then pm me and we could sort something out. I am starting to make a few friends, but they work! So it would be nice to meet new people who are like me and have time on their hands in the week.
  14. Wondered if there were any ladies in Balmain/Rozelle fancy meeting up for lunch/coffee during the week? I'm 41 and living in Balmain with my husband and three cats. I don't have any children, but don't hold that against me! LOL!!! We have been in Sydney for nearly 6 months, so if there are any newbies out there who want to meet up, or any 'oldies' as well, I'd love to hear from you.
  15. Okay, I've got my MIL and Auntie in Law out next week for three weeks. They are both over 60, yet I was looking at Taronga Zoo and the ID cards accepted to demonstrate their 'seniorness' and it seems that ll the acceptable cards are restricted to Oz only. I mean as long as they can demonstrate their age by their passport, they should be able to take advantage of the 'senior' rate surely! Seems a little unfair that they have to pay full price and this is only available to proper Aussies. Anybody else had this issue with older relatives visiting them?