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  1. Hi, have a look at Living Waters in Warnbro too, I sent mine to Maranatha Christian College when we first arrived but changed after a year. Delighted with Living Waters, I hear Kolbe has a good reputation also. Good Luck
  2. Hi Tash, We used White & Co, we had a 20ft container they came to collect in Brittany (the driver was on his way back from Spain), took it back to the UK to pack it securely and arrived here 2months later for £3500. All quotes from french companies were nearly double. Everything arrived in fantastic condition and I think we only had 2-3 breakages (cups and plates) so not bad at all. Would recommend them. Good luck x
  3. JR56

    Category 2's - Where are you now?

    Hi Tasha & Co, Just read your thread as don't come on often! Yeah you have a visa, well done you!!!!!!:em4700: Hope you manage to sell quick and get on with your new lives in Australia xxxx
  4. JR56

    2 Months in WA

    Hi Sam, Not been on here for a while, it was "no worries" about your 40th! It was so nice to meet you and Paul. Pleased to hear your settling in although it's hard isn't it! Great that your up the road and we've become mates! Tasha, not seen you on here for ages, hope all is well in Brittany and you get your meds and visa's soon. It'll be worth it. We don't regret leaving France for a minute but miss the countryside and openess, although probably our fault for buying on a housing estate! Australia has it's faults but i'd rather stay here than put up with the french system anyday! Cheers Janet x
  5. JR56

    Getting a life!

    Hi I'd love to join you for walks, Let me know if this is ok. Thanks Janet
  6. JR56

    893 Permanent residency granted

    Hi Christine, That's fab news, congratulations to you all! We changed visa and got granted a ENS121 Permanent visa on 19th April, had to leave Australia for a week so went to Singapore and loved the shopping! M&S etc, fab! Hope your still enjoying life to the full Janet & Co x
  7. JR56


    Bonsoir, I've spoken via pm with a few of you. We made the move from Brittany over to WA last August, took 2.5 years of paperwork and house selling nightmares but we're here and do not regret it for a minute. Going to France was a great decision, also a great decision to leave. Keep on going, i know it can be a nightmare but worth it in the end. We don't miss france at all, we have the same sort of red tape problems over here but at least we can argue in our mother tongue! Australia is different to france the one thing we miss is our lovely garden and grounds, now we're on a housing estate but can walk to the beautiful Indian Ocean - how fab is that! It'll happen and the wait'll be worth it!!!! Bon courage to all of you and stay positive. Janet & Co
  8. Well done Tasha, I knew it would come soon! Good luck with getting the visa and out of Brittany Janet
  9. JR56

    Horse riding Rockingham area????

    Hi Thanks for that, we looked at Foxdale but now have found Giddyup on Thomas road which is really good and my girls delighted with it. kind regards JR
  10. Hi New to the area with 2 teenage daughters who are missing their riding and pony club. does anyone have any suggestions of some good pony clubs for them to ride weekly? they havent' got their own horses? Stuggling finding the type uk pony club here where you havent' got to have your own horse? Any recommendations much appreciated kind regards JR
  11. hi i have just been granted a 165 business visa, the case officer asked for evidence of advertisement that i had managed it myself. this was after all the paperwork had been sent and quite a bit after submission. might be a good idea to send it initially also that i was directly involved in advertising the sale of the businesses myself. good luck there aren't many of us around unfortunately to ask advice on.
  12. JR56

    Which Migration Agent are you using? - List

    Go Matilda - just got our visa last week and couldn't fault them. Always received a reply to a query usually within the hour! Very happy with their service.
  13. JR56

    Any Business Visas out there???

    hi i received my visa grant last week for a business visa 165 WA SS - probably the same client Alan mentioned had received one - Thanks Alan and John at Go Matilda! On our way next week and can't wait!
  14. JR56

    Business Skills Visas?

    Thanks Gill for the reply, I'm hoping someone could enlighten us soon kind regards JR
  15. JR56

    Business Skills Visas?

    Hi Gill does this apply to the 165 visa do you know and has anyone responded to you question. Hope you can enlighten us as we lodged in Jan kind regards JR