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Found 54 results

  1. xxlornaxx

    home internet in nsw..need help..

    We really want internet at home now but cant find any good deals...everything seems so expensive for what u get n then I just get all confused and dont know what the providers are talking about! (Doesnt take much!) I used sky in uk n they were great £23 a month for unlimited wireless n phoneline too with free calls off peak.. anything like that here? We dont need a home phone or any package like that as we dont call anyone regularly n get enough from our mobile contracts. ..would like unlimited broadband or ay least alot..not 5gb or sumthin..we're in sydney n think we would get good signal wth most providers...but which one? ? Anybody any recommendations or advice would be much appreciated.. i will research the rest myself if someone can give me bit of starting point or their own experience. Telstra advised us not to use them as they wouldnt be value for money for us..which I thought was nice n honest of them. Thanks xx
  2. Anyone used any good and reasonably priced shipping companies in Scotland? Trying to get some quotes and decide on the best company to use! Any tips would be appreciated!
  3. Hallfamily

    Which State?

    Can some please tell me which state in Australia would be the cheapest to live in?
  4. Hi guys, Can anyone give me any tips on the best / cheapest private medical care? I was just going to go Bupa...... thanks!
  5. Hi all, whats the cheapest way to get a parcel back to the uk, it will be about 5kg, but could split into a few smaller ones if ths makes it any cheaper? any guidance appreciated sarah:wubclub:
  6. Hi, I have been to Perth and back again... Nothing has changed. Needed a 20ft container going and needed a 20ft container coming back. Yet, have had 6 shipping companies out for quotes and even though they know I have already done the trip (twice) some still insist on telling me I have more then a 20ft container... And YES the prices are sooooooooooo different. After looking at other shipping posts I see everyone gets different quotes and there is no basis for why? So, WHO WAS THE CHEAPEST? WHAT WAS THE START OF QUOTE? AND HOW MUCH/HOW LONG DID IT COME DOWN? I am in Essex, last time we went with Anglo and was very happy with them... However this time they are the MOST expensive out of the lot!
  7. The Pom Queen

    Britain's Cheapest House

    Earlier this year the cheapest house in Britain was on Pritchard Street, Burnley Lancashire. Which sold for 10,000 gbp Now there is one for sale in Maerdy, Wales for 7,000 gbp Would you buy a house in such run down areas?
  8. fairystar32

    Cheapest flight to UK

    Hi all we are looking inot visitng family in the UK, so only need flights. Does anyone know where we can loook to get the best deals? Is it cheaper to book nearer to the date or well in advance? Looking at going next xmas thanks
  9. My daughter is trying to send a box to us from uk to oz- the post office have quoted her £90 at their cheapest rate. Anyone know a cheaper way to send it? Thanks, Donna :cute:
  10. we want one way tickets had a look around but dont know what best price is...... HELPPPPPPP
  11. Hi, Tried to google but it takes forever so anyone who uses them etc which are the best, reliable and/or cheap taxi around the southern end of the gold coast? ie: robina, varsity,mermaid waters Thanks for the info its really appreciated
  12. Guest

    Calling Oz - cheapest way

    Hi all, Just wondering on the cheapest way to phone Oz (need to speak to DIAC / WA). Is there a particular calling card or service you would recommend?
  13. Hiya I am trying to get a mountain bike back with me to Brisbane, I fly on monday and would be very grateful if anyone knows the cheapest way to send it! Is there a cheaper way to get it to Brisbane without paying excess baggage on it. I don't want to wait weeks to have it shipped there... running out of time!! Thanks :biggrin:

    Cheapest time to fly to oz

    Hi Am hopeing someone can help am looking to go to Oz in the next year to validate my visa can anyone tell me when its the cheapest to travel, which airport is the cheapest to travel too and the best/cheapest airline. Thanks for all your help....my mind is working overtime at the moment :biglaugh: Thankyou Lindsey

    Cheapest time to travel to OZ -- PLS

    Hi I am just in the process of doing my medicals and police checks and wondering if anyone knows the cheapest time to travel. We are going over to validate so need it cheap to save us some pennies.... Also which airlines. My head is working overtime :arghh::biglaugh: Thanks
  16. Guest

    Cheapest cities of VICTORIA

    :biggrin:Hi friends Which cities of Victoria are the cheapest for living? Regards, Mohammad Reza Roozbahani
  17. Been in perth for 18 months now and when we came over we didnt fill a container just shipped a few boxes using PSS removals. We hardly brought anything out with us deciding we would buy new out here but are now regretting that! Anyway, baby number 2 is due in april and all my old baby things are still at my mum and dads house back in the uk, so I am wanting to ship them out. Will probably be only 2/3 boxes - one being the moses basket and then some clothes/toys etc. Just wondering what is the cheapest way of sending them here, would it be to use a removal company like PSS again? They have quoted me 135 pound for the three boxes, is this a good price??
  18. Any tips on cheapest shipping companies (20ft) and flights to Perth? Thanks x
  19. Hi can anyone advise me when is the best time of year to look for internal flights. I have two daughters living in Brisbane and I would like to start flying over twice a year if possible with my 9 year old sun. Its a bit difficult looking on the websites because they ask for specific dates and I just want the cheapest really. So Perth to Brisbane, direct no stops and we are easy with the dates. Is it best to just wait and get a last minute booking do you think? Any advice would be greatfully received :wubclub:
  20. Hi everyone, I already use skype but not everyone has it at home and it's not always convenient to do it. I've gathered that phonecards are the cheapest way of calling the UK, 3 questions :- What's the best value phonecard at the moment? Can you call UK mobiles reasonably? Can you call the UK using a phonecard from an OZ mobile or does it have to be a landline? Hopefully there's a few of you out there that will be able to advise. Thanks, Mike
  21. Guest

    Cheapest shipping

    I will be returning back to UK, I have a few things I need to take back ,tv,computer etc and few clothes. I don't want to pay excess baggage, I am flying with Emirates to Manchester. Any cheap options to send my extra baggage back to Manchester?
  22. Hi guys, Im hoping that Nigel will be able to help me with this one, I am hoping to get my father in law out here as a suprise for my wife, Im after finding out trade secrets as to when is the best time to fly...not so worried about time of year alsthough if there is a certain time of peak season that is best I would like to know this, Im more keen to find out if there are certain times of the week that might be cheaper, also if there are any good deals around? Thanks, Terry.
  23. Hi All, I'm looking at setting out to Oz in December / January could someone please advise me as to what is a decent / typical air fare there are three of us my wife and I and our little girl who is three. A rough ball park figure is just what I need the few quotes I've had are about £1000 which seems an awful lot any help would be brilliant. Much appreciated Cheers Nige
  24. Hi guys, I wonder if you can help, I have recently left Australia and really want to go back for another year to Perth and study for that period. Does anyone know the cheapest palce to study as I can find is TAFES starting at $10000 a year.
  25. I want to keep my UK mobile number active while I'm in Oz as I have had it for 15 years or so. Has anyone looked into the cheapest and easiest way to do this? 02 do a pay monthly SIM (no contract, monthly rolling) but the cheapest is still £10/month. Pay and Go is a pain as if you don't use it/top it up then it becomes dormant and you run the risk of losing your mobile number. Anyone any ideas or looked into this please? Cheers Rob