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Found 89 results

  1. mrsr1976


    Hi can anyone tell me more about Cooloongup as a place to relocate? Thanks
  2. We are hopfully moving out in Dec and were planning in looking round Rockingham, Baldivis and safety bay. we have the opportunity to secure a six month rental in rockingham and would like to know all about it from a family point of view and any other info. We are Zoe (34) Dom (35) Oscar (4) Nicole (3) and Dominique (1). I am quite used to socialising at playgroups ect with the kids. What is Rockingham like please? The Good the Bad and the Ugly. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Zoe
  3. Guest

    rockingham wa

    Can anyone give a bit of information on Rockingham WA ? My family and I are due to emigrate in the next 3/4 months , I have done some research and thought Rockingham looks nice . I am just after general information , like what does it offer as i have a 17 & 21 year old who will also be moving . :rolleyes:
  4. Hi We emigrated to Australia in September this year after a very long and anxious process. We had a very good network of friends in England that we have regrettably left at home. We lived in Portsmouth (south of england) So we are seeking friends in and around the area of Rockingham, Waikiki. I am 40 hubbie is 41. 3 kids, 21 year old daughter, that is still in england, coming over after she finishes her degreee. Two boys 14 and 13. We are very social just trying to adjust to the australian way of life. Any meet ups or get togethers we would be interested in. Cheers. Sharon and Carl.
  5. Hi, my partner and I have been lurking in the shadows of PIO for what seems like years!!! She is an Aussie citizen, returning home, I'm coming in on the "I'm with her visa" (OK, the 309/100 sub-class). We have been planning this since 2006! The planets are aligning and at last we have been able to tell people - what a relief.......!! Living together for 8 years, so defacto visa no problem. Business interests in UK and Oz, so job not really a problem - though I may start on a contract job first to fill the coffers more! Location not firm yet, though will start in Rockingham, WA staying with family and use it as base-camp for road-trips (and air-trips!) to find the ideal piece of land. ETA in WA? Well....target August-October, visa and 'leave to remove' permitting..... Interested in hooking up with people that know the Rockingham area (we lived there for for almost a month, but only checked out the beach!). Info needed about schools (especially Rockingham Senior High - anyone got kids doing the maritime programme?), dentists, doctors etc. Woo-hoo!! We're on our way! And the GBP/AUD rate is FINALLY creeping in the right direction!
  6. Hi, we are looking at secondary education for our eldest son (would be starting Year 8 in Feb 12) and have been recommended Kolbe College in Rockingham. Has anyone on here sent their child there? If yes, what do you think?? Many thanks
  7. BricklayerBirmingham

    Bricklaying Jobs in Rockingham?

    Can anyone let me know the work situation for Bricklayers in Rockingham, if there is much work about and what I can expect as a day rate? Just deciding on areas so need to be where the work is Thanks
  8. Guest


    hi me and my girlfreind are moving rockingham next year my girlfreind is carrying on with her college. what colleges are close bye that do artistic makup???? thankyou
  9. johnhenryshammer

    Primary schools in Rockingham area

    Hi all, i'm coming over at long last this month and my family comes out end of november. I need some serious advice regards state primary schools. i'm working in Medina and i'm thinking of looking for a rented house in Rockingham/safety bay/cooloongup area. My daughter is 9 and obviously it's imperitive i make the right decisions for her. Any advice would be welcomed.
  10. can anyone advise me on leasing a 2 bed property flat/apartment for short term lease ? in rockingham wa :unsure:
  11. Anyone got some advice on schooling in Rockingham - moving there on 23rd Jan and need to find a school for my 14yr old. Help please
  12. FOR SALE Nissan Terano 4x4 2.7L turbo Diesel Auto 1991, Black, Roo bars on front Excellent Runner - Rego'd $3750 ONO Purchased when we arrived in Perth 12 months ago, reluctant sale but now purchased new car and need room in garage. PM me for any more info.
  13. you have to have a drivers license. you will be assisting me in the instalation of garage doors. i can pay cash but if you want to be on the books it means giving me an invoice every week.
  14. Guest

    Rockingham Crime Rate

    I have been doing a little research on Rockingham and there appears to be an awful lot of serious crimes , a stabbing in the shopping centre, drug lab found, carjacking, how true to form is this ? Dave
  15. Hi everyone, Im new to your site however hoping you can help??? Were in the process of moving from the northern suburbs to Rockingham, can anyone tell me which is the best state primary school??? Not sure how many there are, ive heard of Rockingham beach and bungaree, were thinking of maybe moving to the Anchorage estate depending on the school. Thanks in advance :biggrin:
  16. Hi All - I'm looking for some advice please ... We have booked our flights - leaving the UK on the 27th Feb 2012. We are not planning to ship anything but we do intend to use all our available baggage allowance when we leave. Signapore Airlines have comfirmed they will double our allowance giving us a total of 140 Kg plus hand luggage. Now I've just been doing a bit of investigation and that is a lot of luggage!!:huh: I'm thinking that besides the usual suitcase/ruchsacks we will use some of the allowance to take kids books and toys - packing them into storage boxes. The guidlines from S.A. only stipulates that any individual item must weigh a mx of 32kgs. I'm hoping this plan is ok. But this leaves with so many items there is no way we can use public transport with two very small children in tow. My question is after arriving in Perth Intl we need to get ourselves and all our luggage to Rockingham. We are fllying straight through so there is no way we are gonna contemplate hiring a car. From past experience taxis in Perth are very very very expensive. Does anyone have an alternative idea on how we can get there? The only option I can see at present is to book into a local airport hotel and pickup a hire car the following day. Anyones thougths and experiences would be very gratefully recieved Est :notworthy:
  17. Hi all, We are due to come out mid september my husband will be working in henderson, and i have looked into rentals in rockingham,baldivis,wellard and hillman. I have 2 children son 14 and daughter 7, I would like opinions on the schools in these areas, i am drawn to rockingham high school ONLY because it has the specialist engineering course which my son would excell in and is what he wants a trade in. I have looked at rockingham beach primary for my daughter anyone have children there or an opinion i would like to know the good the bad and the ugly on both :wacko:. many thanks tracy
  18. Hey, Ive been living in Perth for a while now but recently moved to Wellard near Rockingham so now my friends NOR seem really far away in need of some friends this side of the river!! Hope to hear from someone!! xx
  19. Hi, looking at properties to rent in Rockingham. Prices seem OK. Would you / have you lived there. Me my wife and two kids are looking at three bedroom rentals here and would appreciate the heads up on the area. Thanks.
  20. hi guys, heading to and renting in the rockingham area could anyone one advise on rockingham beach primary school our son is 9 years old hope you can help cheers darren
  21. We are looking at moving in September to WA based in Bibra Lake office , looking to live in Rockingham area. Can anyone give any details/thoughts on Rockingham Senior school or Kolbe Senior and primary schools in the area. Is this the best area for us to be looking at south of the river. We have 3 kids 15,9,5. Any suggestions for areas and schools would be appreciated. We are more concerned about our 15 year old who who is just starting S4 in Scottish Education System... Thanks
  22. hi my names teri and im new to all this, hoping to move to perth this year or early next year, with my hubby dave and our son brad whos 13, looking for somewhere furnished to stay for about a month.
  23. Hi We are a family of four moving to Perth, my husband has been offered a job and we are now just waiting for our visa. He is due to start work on June 1st, visa dependant. We have decided we are going to move to Rockingham. I am a full time mummy to J nearly 3 and E nearly 1. At the moment we are very social during the week and go to toddler groups most days. I would appreciate any information on groups/meet ups in Rockingham for young children, softplays, or if there are any other mummies that would like to meet up for play dates. I have been looking at schools and i like Rockingham Beach primary school , does anyone have any opinion on this school, hopefully we will be able to rent within the catchment area. Thankyou Christine, Chris , J and E x
  24. :laugh: Hey, are there any single mums out there in or around Rockingham?? I am 40's lol and have been here 5 months although working, haven't met any single people to go out with. Had a brilliant social life back in UK now finding it a little hard to get one going here! Can anyone help :wubclub:
  25. So my question is after looking around these are the 2 schools in the catchment area i was wondering if one is better that the other. a few advantage points for me is beach primary is only half a mile away as bungaree is 1 mile away any help would be gratefully received.