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Found 97 results

  1. So I've been living in England for around 6 years now (Born in UK, moved to Tassie, lived there for 8 years - up to grade 3 - , moved back to England - year 4 to year 10 (present)) My family is thinking of moving back to Aussie after I finish my GCSE's (year 11 finals) as I am currently near the end of year 10. We are not sure when/if we will be moving so I will most likely be doing college prep/searching for colleges in the UK but I do not know whether or not I will actually be going to college in the UK before we move to Taz. I don't really know much about Australian high school qualifications and stuff so I do not know what the GCSE equivalent is or what it means. I do want to go to college (idk if its university in Taz) though but I do not know what qualifications I need to be able to get into the colleges and whether my GCSE grades will be enough. I will be 15 doing my GCSE's and at least 16 when moving. Should I instead make sure I complete my college/year 12 A-Levels before moving or will I be fine with my completed GCSE qualifications? Any help would be appreciated as to what the schooling system is in Australia (i.e. primary school -> highschool -> college/uni etc.) and what I would need to do to be able to get into colleges. Sorry if this is confusing, I wasn't sure how to word it. Let me know what you have to offer to this topic, thanks!
  2. Alex159753

    professional review CIOB

    Hello, I have been working in the construction field for quiet a while now. And I am planning to get my charted membership from the CIOB, and i was thinking if anyone here would know any ciob professional review examples? If anyone has any info, could appreciate if you can suggest. But No pressure. Many thanks Alex
  3. Hello, i am 17 and moving to Australia in June. I am currently in Year 12 in the UK but i am finding it hard to find out information about if Australia has colleges or not and if not if they have anything similar? Any advice and information would be hugely appreciated thanks!
  4. Guest

    GCSE schools and college age 16

    My son is in year 11 and currently doing his GCSE's, he is 16. If we wait until he has done them before we go (finish June) Will he go to school or college there when we arrive? He would like to do something sports related. Am I doing the right thing letting him do his GCSEs first? Any advice or information on where I can find on about school or college entry would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Hi im just doing my junior cert in Ireland and we are moving to Oz . I would like to know what subjects are necessary to do these subjects in high school and through college. I would love to make one of these my career in the future as I love photography and im good with computers :biggrin: . I hope someone can help me out as I have to make my choices by next Tuesday. Im not sure what year i will be going into in school in Oz but I think its year 11 Could you please post links to sites or reply with the subjects I need thank you . Thomas Also could you please recommend good schools to pursue these necessary subjects in Perth . Thanks Thomas
  6. The Travelling Alburys

    School at 16 - Or is it college?

    Hello, this is my first question (probably of many...) We are looking at moving to Australia in 2016 when my son has finished his GCSE's - Can anyone tell me what level of schooling he would go into? Would it be college? And when do they take exams and get ready for university? And is the school year any different? i.e.. does it go from September to July like in England? - thank you
  7. Hi, we are looking at secondary education for our eldest son (would be starting Year 8 in Feb 12) and have been recommended Kolbe College in Rockingham. Has anyone on here sent their child there? If yes, what do you think?? Many thanks
  8. kellyjamie

    Genesis College - Bray Park QLD

    Hi all, Just wondered if anyone knows anything about this school in Brisbane. We visited it when we done our reccie and really liked it just wondered if theres anyone got anything to add? Thanks k:wubclub:
  9. Guest

    Scots PGC College

    We are moving to Warwick on 28th Dec and are looking at schools for our son aged 11. Anyone with any experience of Scots PGC College? Thanks :smile:
  10. :biggrin: Hello just wondering if any peeps will be there and got any sound advise on passing first time??!! seen alot of stuff on the net, is there anything that needs brushing up on?
  11. the_whites

    Mount Eliza Secondary College

    We are heading to Melbourne in December to the Mornington/Mount Eliza area and have looked at a couple of school websites. Our daughter is 15 in January so unsure on the Year she will start in (currently in Year 10 in UK). We are going to do a tour of Mount Eliza Secondary College. Does anyone have any children at this school or have any information they can share? Thanks
  12. Our soon to be 17 year old boy is extremely gifted education wise with 11 GCSE passed and 9 of those straight A or A*. Our visa should be in place to permanently emigrate next January on an investor visa and we will be buying a business. Our quandary is should we move over in January ready for the new school year in Oz where our son will spend one year in Higher education (we believe) before entering University in Perth. Or should we wait until he completes this school year in the UK or even the year after next when he should leave 6th form with a bunch of top grade A levels? For his part he is happy to do what ever we want, he knows his future should lead to better opportunities in Oz in later life. Will his GCSE grades carry any weight in Australian education? Will just one year in Australian education give him grades he would otherwise get to choose a good University and course? If we wait another 2 years for him to complete his A level education here and he gets the grades we expect would that be better for him in Australia? (then what if he changes his mind or meets a girl? aaagghhh we could not leave him and that would change the plans for the family including our younger son who cant wait to get over there) We have friends in Perth with kids of a similar age but they have been there 5 years. Everything seemed so simple until these thoughts filled my head, you always want the best for your kids and I fear one wrong decision could affect the rest of his life
  13. paigedean

    College in brisbane

    Im moving to Brisbane in feb with my boyfriend I'm maybe thinking of going to college or something I'm not really sure what to study and thought it might help in making friends I'm a hairdresser ATM.
  14. Does anyone have any views on this school, and the area. Thanks.
  15. lara24

    Lake Joondalup Baptist College

    Does anyone have/had kids at LJBC? What are your thoughts on the school and is it dificult to get in? I would ideally be able to put my son on the waiting list 18 months before he would be due to start Kindy. Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks Lara
  16. Guest


    my girlfriend and i are hoping to move out to western oz next year and are wondering if there are any colleges doing artistic make-up and design courses???? and if she comes out on a working visa will she have to pay for the course??? many thanks
  17. Hi i am hoping someone can give me a bit if advice! I am due to start a level 2 teaching assistant course on 14th sept now we have just got our visa!!we have to be in oz by 18th july next year or go earlier and validate! Depends what happens with the house and if we sell it? Now would you do the course and work harder to complete in say june or should i not do it and may be do something when i get to Oz? Any thoughts would be helpful x Stacey
  18. Guest

    good jr college or university

    Im 21and will be moving to brisbane soon. Which part idk yet but im looking for a small inexpensive college to attend to study sociology and/or social work. I can go full time online or parttime i need a school that has those options. Any suggestions. All feedback is welcome. Im all ears well eyes.. Thanks
  19. Guest51810


    I know this should be in the education thread but im not sure many people look in there so im just gonna put it here and if yous want to move it then thats fine. My question is in oz does everyone have to pay for their college courses?? Is there no such thing as a bursary over there and if there is I assume you have to be a PR to get one?? the course i want to do when i go over is 12,000 for the year
  20. Hi there, I am an RGN moving to Perth at the end of this month. Should I continue my subscription to the RCN for any cover or cancel it? What are the nursing unions in Perth anyone could recommend. thanks in advance for any replies.
  21. We are looking at relocating from South Australia & like the look of this school as our son attends a Lutheran College in SA. Does anyone know anything about this school. We are looking at settling in Alderley/Everton Hills/Albany Creek area. Thanks
  22. We are looking at relocating from South Australia & like the look of this school as our son attends a Lutheran College in SA. Does anyone know anything about this school. We are looking at settling in Alderley/Everton Hills/Albany Creek area. Thanks
  23. We are moving to Perth in October. Our daughter is in her second year in college and will be visiting us from around December 16 through January 10. We want to take her to see and do as much as we can while she is on her visit because she may not get another chance to visit us during our short 2-3 year stay in Perth. What is the best way to see as much of Australia as we can on a budget during that time of year and where should we go? Her only request is that she wants to see the Great Barrier Reef (and meet guys that have an Australian accent...LOL). After that, we are open to just about anything. What airlines fly between cities within Australia? Which is the cheapest? Thanks in advance for your help.
  24. steve/helen

    upper coomera state college

    Has anyone got children in upper coomera state college?Are you happy with the school?Ive had a few negative comments about the school but these are from people who dont have children at the school,so i would be interested to hear any comments (good or bad)from people who do have children at this school .I will be moving to Riverstone crossing in Mausland later in the year and this school is in the catchment area.many thanks for any help Helen:wubclub: