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Proof of funds query for ACT

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I know these questions are asked all the time, but we are considering applying for ss to ACT and they require the usual proof of funds. For a family of 4 that would be $50K. we have approx $29k in liquid assets and approx $50k in equity in a house in Adelaide. However, I know ACT are particulary hot on this, especially the liquid assests. My OH is due to leave the British Forces in 16 months time at which point he will receivee approx $80k lump sum plus an annual pension of approx 18k. Obviously this isn't available until he leaves in 16 months time but would be when we moved. My question is does anyone know whether ACT would consider this is we provided written proof that this would be payable upon leaving the army? If not, it would potentially scupper all our plans.:mad:





Vetassess approved: 18/03/13; SA SS applied for 13/05/13; EOI submitted 15/05/13; SA SS received 06/06/13; EOI invitation 06/06/13; 190 Visa application submitted 12/06/13.....Visa grant 18/10/2013..making the move to Adelaide; April 2016

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I will move this to migration issues. I am not experienced but I would have thought this would be fine, especially as most people only have the equity in their home.

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