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Found 91 results

  1. Anita Melbourne

    UK or AUS investments?

    Hello, I currently hold UK funds and stocks via Hargreaves. I also have been working and saving in Australia and have opened a NAB Trade account. I am new to AUS investments but have noticed that shares here are not as expansive as it is in the UK. I am wondering, because I am not so familiar with ASX, to transfer all my AUD savings to my UK account and invest in LON? Or are there better reasons to keep it AUD and invest in the ASX instead? If so, where can I get reliable investment news and advice which are similar to what Hargreaves offer? I am mostly a long-term investor, looking for something steady and stable over a year or longer which is why i have mostly funds. Thanks in advance.
  2. Good evening. Apologies for the multiple questions, but here goes: What is the amount to be shown for this visa for the primary applicant and a spouse? Do these funds have to be in the form of cash in a bank or can we include assets like a property as well? (The Tasmanian financial declaration form states that we cannot show the value of Jewellery) I would like to sell my property only after getting a state nomination and applying for my visa. Otherwise, I'd rather let my property appreciate in value. (Catch 22 situation here) How long do the funds in the bank have to be present before presenting them?
  3. I am moving to Australia later in the year and I am giving some thought as to what to do with my UK investment portfolio which comprises stocks & shares and mutual funds. I currently use Hargreaves Lansdown in the UK to hold my investments and I assuming that there will be similar financial services companies in Australia although an initial internet search hasn't enabled me to identify an obvious equivalent yet. I plan to cash in most of my UK investments over the next year or two when the exchange rate is favourable and I would like to have a suitable investment account ready in Australia to re-invest in a similar portfolio. Does anyone have any recommendations of appropriate Australian financial services companies offering retail fund and stocks & shares investment accounts, dealing services and access to research data? Good customer service and products are probably more important to me than lowest fees. Thanks in advance for any recommendations, advice or suggestions.
  4. LisaR

    QLD SS want proof of funds!

    Hi all We initially applied under visa 175 but have been advised due to Australia's change on the CSL to apply under QLD SS (Visa 176), however, they want proof of funds. Our house is under offer (subject to contract) and I have told them that we have no funds until the equity is released from this sale. This meaning that if the house sale falls through, we are back to square one again. Is anyone else in this situation? Lisa Vetassess passed April 08 (Partner - carpenter), applied for 175 15.08.08, SS applied April 09.
  5. Hi I read somewhere on the Australian Immigration website that 'required to demonstrate and/or declare that they have genuine access to sufficient funds to be granted a student visa. Applicants may have to demonstrate sufficient funds to cover these expenses for the first one or two years in Australia, depending on their assessment level' My questions therefore ( and I apologize if these are one too many) are: - Is the above also applicable in someway for the the below categories? Skilled – 189 Skilled –190 - Does any know if one needs to show any funds prior to VISA application? - What is the amount to be shown per person (for a family of 4 - Wife, 2 kids and self)? - Does the evidence have to be funds in my bank account or - can it be in the form of assets or - can it be the balance in account + assets? - If money is to be shown, does the required amount have to be in the account for a certain history say last 3 months or last 6 months? Any information regarding the all or some of the above would be really appreciated. Thanks ___________________________________________________________________________________ The trouble with cash flow is that the tide always seems to be going out!
  6. Miichael

    Financial Advice Needed

    Hi guys, I am set on moving to Australia for a working holiday, in September or October. Being quite an irrational person it seems smart to gather your opinions and experiences on this matter. I would greatly appreciate any advice positive or negative and a thank you in advanced if you can provide any! Getting to the point I will try and keep it simple and I hope not to boring! Too paint a picture I am a 22-year-old male (23 in June!) living in London with a couple of friends. A quick heads up to anyone looking to move to London in your early 20s, you may want to be earning a lot more than you would expect to really enjoy the “London Life.” Having been unable to save money from my salary and with my house contract running out at the end of August, this year has been somewhat a nightmare. Having planned to save up enough for Australia the following year. Now this is where I need your advice please! Being able to save up more than enough for flights, visas and all the essentials to make it to Australia, though not having the money for a safety net to get into Oz. Am I mad to take a credit card out of £2000+ (4000 AUS)? Furthermore I am looking at finding farm work with accommodation and meals provided before I depart. This may be unrealistic and if I am unable to do so I am motivated to find work quickly once I am out there. Previously working on a farm in Kent for the summer I am prepared for the manual work, although the heat will take some getting used to I can imagine! First question, is this viable, if not why? Please feel free to be honest, but if so please explain why. If you believe in my adventure, thank you! Please feel free to help answer some more of my questions J With the variety of places Australia has to offer for a starting point I am unsure where the best place would be to start. From your experience and knowledge, in my situation, what would be your first choice and why? Also how much can I look to make whilst carrying out the farm work, with and without accommodation and meals paid for? I have been looking at starting in Perth, working out there before Christmas and to deciding where to go from there. Additionally having borrowed money off my dad who has always been supportive of my irrational way of living I would love to pay him back whilst in Oz. Would this be viable? How much can you make in other fields a week and what fields are the best to go into? Looking at my research I am hoping to make between $600- $800 AUD a week. I have a degree in business management and marketing and have currently been working for a pharmaceutical research company. Would this be of an advantage, as I know it is hard to find office work? Finally onto living costs! From you experience, in times of activity filled weeks and those weeks you work, sleep and relax, how much do you look to budget? From one extreme to another, in terms of the amount you spent a week. From my spreadsheet I am looking at budgeting a minimum of £200 ($400 AUD) a week and a maximum of £300 ($600 AUD). Though these are estimates. What additional costs apart from food, travel and accommodation? I have included between $150- $250 AUD pocket money for the week, is this enough? Any replies will be much appreciated and responded to, and the more details the better! Even if you would like to share an experience I would be more than happy to hear it! To finish I know everyone lives to a different lifestyle and budget when travelling, I just wanted to get an idea from other experience on budgets and cities. Any other relevant information you may think would be useful in my position would be great! Thank you! Mike
  7. aaylabrassington

    Do I still need sufficient funds?

    I'm planning on coming over to Australia on a working holiday visa for about 6 months. I will be living with my step dad and his wife in their home in Perth. My step dad will be supporting me whilst I look for employment. Do I still need to have savings in my own bank account even though my step dad has the right amount and more to look after me until I find a job out there? If so - is it possible for him to transfer the money into my account to show that I have the money, and then when I get over there... I just transfer the money back into his account? Or is that illegal? Thanks!
  8. Hi, I am in the preparation mode for migration to OZ. I am still at the assessment stage and expect the assessment result early to mid December. Just to prepare myself financially I would need to know at what point of time during the whole migration process do I need to show financial proof of migrating and what is the amount we need to show in our bank balance? Thanks in advance
  9. Hi All If anyone has any help with this i would be so grateful. We are a family of four who waited patiently for 2.5years for our permanent visa having to undergo 2 medicals in the process. We were ecstatic, even the two teens. After nine months of losing and gaining employment we now find that we don't have enough funds to get us all there for flights even just to validate and our time runs out on 30 September. We are all gutted. Is there anything we could do? We feel as if our dream is over. Thanks Mrs Murky
  10. Hello, Its just a hypothetical question but its nice to know all of the options... Obviously I have to have the required funds for SA on a 176 visa before I land but what if I was offered employment in Adelaide and had to go earlier? Would this make my visa void as you have to report to SA immigration within a couple of weeks of landing. I was going to wait to apply for jobs once I got there but the urge to go earlier eats away at you. Thanks.
  11. Hi forum I got WA SS recently and one of the requirements listed with the 2 year living in the state requirement is that I must transfer in "around $30 000". I can do this, but I'd like to know how strict they are on it? What if I prefer to leave funds in my home country and rather try make it on my salary once I'm there? I'd like to transfer the funds in once I am ready to put a down payment on a house. Any ideas? Do they demand proof at any time after landing? Thanks for the advice
  12. just tried to open an account with moneycorp, recieved an email to say that they can't transfer funds due to strict regulations in Australia??.
  13. I have a skilled Independant Visa which is valid for another 4 years, but intend to emigrate early 2012. Fingers Crossed house will sell pre Xmas, then the next stage is what to do with poor FX rate. Is there a time limit before Sterling has to be brought into OZ or can I leave it on deposit for an unlimited time until ( hopefully ) the exchange rate improves. Thank you.
  14. Hi I would really appreciate it if anybody could give some advice on the below. This morning I received approval for state sponsorship for western Australia however one of he condition set out is that I bring $120k with me to cover relocation costs. This amount will not be a problem once my house sale completes however currently I do not have this amount of money in a account. My question is do the DIAC require proof of the $120k qt time of lodgement or is proof required on entry to WA or is proof even required at all. Many thanks
  15. Guest

    Proof of funds

    Hi me again :wink: Just wondered if anyone could help with what proof of funds I will need for my student visa. I have £150k in stocks/shares/savings of which my financial advisor can instruct any amount I want to be released. He is willing to write a letter of confirmation of funds and availability of them and I can also get a statement of capital invested from the company my money is with. (hope all that makes sense!) Is this enough evidence? or does the money need to be moved to a bank account because of the unpredictability of stocks and shares? I cant give them any proof of other income as I am not employed. Also it is terrifying me to accept my offer for my place as with acceptance I have to pay enrolment fee and tuition etc. This is before I apply for my visa so what happens if I dont get granted my student visa? do you think it is likely this would happen - I will be assessment level 1 from the UK, with the above proof of funds and an acceptance offer from my course institute - if all of these bases are covered is it more or less guaranteed that my student visa will be granted???? Thanks so much in advance!!
  16. wozzie2202

    Proof of funds query for ACT

    I know these questions are asked all the time, but we are considering applying for ss to ACT and they require the usual proof of funds. For a family of 4 that would be $50K. we have approx $29k in liquid assets and approx $50k in equity in a house in Adelaide. However, I know ACT are particulary hot on this, especially the liquid assests. My OH is due to leave the British Forces in 16 months time at which point he will receivee approx $80k lump sum plus an annual pension of approx 18k. Obviously this isn't available until he leaves in 16 months time but would be when we moved. My question is does anyone know whether ACT would consider this is we provided written proof that this would be payable upon leaving the army? If not, it would potentially scupper all our plans.:mad: thanks Wozzie
  17. Hi guys may I just ask since im planning to apply for ss in wa, does all my documents need to be certified? And do I need proof of funds just like other states usually they require $20,000 aud but in the wa website i cant find any stating how much is the proof of funds. Also, im applying for architectural draftsperson occupation since the ielts requirement is lower like only 6 band in all parts, though im an interior designer, i do have 3 year relevant work experience as an archi draftsman so i hope there will be no problem for that.
  18. Hi all, new to site, cant seem to get a straight answer, can anyone tell me what proof of funds i require for moving to W.A. I like many have capital in my house.do i need bankstatements or similar. Also if i have to sell up am i given time to sell as things are slow here in the uk, any help appreciated, cheers :huh:
  19. jgt

    proof of funds

    hi all, can anyone tell us how proof of funds is done when relocating to perth WA as cant seem to find right answer, our money is tied up in the house like many others, we were hoping to rent the house(no pension).Do we have to have money in the bank etc. Our agent didnt tell us this was a requirement and if we didnt have the house i would have been very unhappy,(i havent taken this up wth them as they are lacking any kind of social skills. Please advise any help appreciated, cheers jules :jiggy:
  20. Guest

    WA SS Funds

    Hi All How much for a single person (no dependents) moving to WA? I know they dont ask for proof but the applicant has received an email asking if they have access to further funds. They will be able to be housed by other family members for as long as they require. Also have a few thousand available on a credit card etc. Can you state this in the email? Or do they just need to state - 'I will have $xxxxx to take' I cant find a thread on it
  21. Guest

    how much safety funds?

    Hi there, i just would like to know how much money on average would the average person take to oz to secure and set up a new life there. I plan to go on my own with two children. Thanks
  22. Guest

    Insufficient funds?

    Hi Everyone! I am new to the forum! My husband and I have lodged our 176 skilled-sponsored (family sponsored) visa and I am having a panic about how much money I said we were bringing. I am worried we haven't put enough down! Our agent said there is no prescribed amount, but I am worried that if the case officer feels we wont have enough money this will affect us getting approval! Please help! Very worried and confused can u be rejected for insufficient funds?:unsure: Thank you IELTS-passed 2010, Skills Assessment passed 2010, visa lodged 02/2011, medicals 05/2011
  23. fossda

    SS funds in different accounts

    Hi Does anyone know if the funds for state sponsorship have to be in one account or can our funds be in 2 or 3 bank accounts so long as they add up altogether to the required 35k. Thanks x
  24. Hi All - Am moving back to UK and applying for spouse visa for wife, our money is mostly tied up in our mortgage and we cant sell the house till we get the visa. In order to show sufficient funds to support ourselves would it be alright to show a professional valuation of the house and our bank statement showing our mortgage debt thus showing our equity in the house. We reckon we'd have about AUS180,000 available but only after the sale. Would UK accept these documents as proof of sufficient funds - surely lots of people are in this position. Thanks in advance Ricrog
  25. WeegieDave

    Funds required for WA SS?

    Hello everyone, I am just wondering about funds required for state sponsorship for WA. I will be lodging me application in a few weeks time for WA State sponsorship and somebody has told me that you need to have a certain sum of money in your bank account for you state sponsorship. I have checked this out on the web but can't find any definite answer or sum required. As it stands I dont have particularly much in my acount at this present moment. Could this affect my application for SS? Any help or advise would be appreciated. David