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Found 349 results

  1. Hi everyone, i am a new member and would like to know if anyone can help me, we are looking at applying for visa, husbands is a brick layer, and we have a beautiful daughter who has down's syndrome she is 8 years old. does anybody know the situation regarding being successful in obtaining a visa, preferably permanent but any type of visa, when we have a child with mild downs syndrome. in advance thank you so much for your help. bev, donald, jess & harry
  2. I wonder whether anyone would be able to provide some initial advice? Myself and my wife would like to migrate permanently to Australia with our 9 month old baby. Computer Support Technician is on the SOL. However, for the last two and a half years I have been undertaking a lot more than just support. I wondered whether my skills would qualify under the (NEC) category. (I think I would need 8 years experience so I don't think this would be an option for us). However, I understand that for either category my skills would have to be assessed and therefore I need qualifications. I am about to commence an NVQ3 in IT. I understand that under Computer Support Technician, TRA would assess my skills. However, I understand that the NVQ qualification is not recognised in Australia - the equivalent being AQF III and TRA do not accept NVQs. How can I go about finding an RTO in England to help me? Any advise would be appreciated. I have little other qualifications. I do have ITIL and also am about to undertake an MCP. I wonder whether these are classed as trade certificates? I am very experienced already, working in the IT industry for over 10 years. I am desperate for some advice in the best way into Australia. If it means going under a tempory visa to begin with then that is fine as long as I have a good chance of getting a permanent visa after. Also my wife would need to be able to work part time under my visa. I think I have read that TRA need a 3 year apprenticeship. However, this would be a backward step for me. I am already highly experienced. Also, I wasn't sure whether if I can obtain a sponser and I can get a tempory work visa, I can then also study towards an AQF whilst working so that after I would be able to gain a permanent visa? Do you think this is a viable option? I hope someone can help as we need to know which way to go as it all seems so confusing.
  3. happyfeet90

    visa 189...visa officer contacted

    hello everyone, my visa officer contacted me today and asked for form 80,health and pcc and its submission in 28 days.. i wanted to ask whether visa officer will call in my office for a query after i submit above documents( after 28 days) or he might call any day?? the reason i ask this question is that i have to go outside from office to handle daily bank transactions and all my colleagues are new so i do not trust them.i am really concerned whether they will call or email my employer.. please share your experience... thanks
  4. nics84

    190 visa query

    Hey all, new to this so hope someone can help!  In the process of applying for 190 PR visa, partner in oz already on WH visa and I'm here on a tourist visa. Due to go home 3rd January. Visa should be completed approx march time if all goes to plan and then myself and daughter can go out... So does anyone know if we can go out on another tourist visa or is there any type of bridging visa we can get and go out earlier until 190 visa comes through? Or are we supposed to wait until it does? Thanks for any help in advance!
  5. Hi we are in Oz in August on a recciein August and are looking to how we will get around- car hire is very expensive, so we are looking at train travel. Our biggest journey we need to do is from Caloundra to Surfers Paradise- how easy and costly will that be with 2 young children, and all our bags ? any website addresses we can look at for train times etc Thanks
  6. Guest

    Centrelink query

    Hi, Is it just me or is it really hard to find out benefit entitlements with Centrelink? I've been on their rate estimator website but can't seem to find any information. There's myself, partner and two children - a 2 year old and a 4 month old. We would be emigrating on a 175 visa and it would potentially just be my partner working, for minimum wage. A struggle I know! Any ideas on the sort of financial assistance we would get would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hi guys We are looking at appointing ASA as our agents to help with our 457 state sponsor visa. They have already been extremely helpful but one thing is concerning me and that is the cost - for them to process everything they have quoted approx £3,200. Could some of you who have done this with an agent, or are doing, please tell me if this sounds right or way too much!? :err: I would really appreciate any knowledge people have on the cost of everything, i know its not cheap but im jsut not sure if this is a good costing. Cheers guys
  8. owensfamily

    Begging to DIAC

    Has anyone ever tried 'begging' to DIAC for further information on their application, it clearly says on the contact department email form that general enquiries will be ignored but surely someone in DIAC is actually human, surely they can see spending $3000 and having no response and no definitive timescale that you will ever get a response is plainly unfair. How hard is it for them to tell us where they are up too for each visa class in plain and simple English, if you want to continue to wait having some information gives you at least something to make an informed decision on.
  9. csdub

    NSW state sponsorship query

    Hi, I have a positive skills assessement, Ielts results and meet the work experience requirement and my points so far add up to 60. Can I apply for NSW state sponsorship and get 5 more points to total 65? Or do I need to reach 65 poiints before i can apply for NSW sponsorship? Have booked to resit the Ielts exam in August to get hopefully get more points! I'm pretty sure I need to get the 65 before applying for the sponsorship but would love to hear I'm wrong?! Can anyone advise? Thanks, Cara
  10. Hi, I have a query about what to answer for two questions on the AHPRA nursing registration form. Question 5. Is your residential address the same as your principal place of practice/employment in Australia? I live in London and working for a NHS trust and I do not have any job offer. I want to register first with AHPRA before starting applying for the vacancies so should I answer "no" and provide my NHS address. Question 17. "Do you commit to only practise the profession if you have appropriate professional indemnity insurance arrangements in place?" What would be the answer for this question. And one more question, if we register in one state and got an offer from hospital in another state will that be an issue or we can work any where in Australia irrespective of where you have been registered. Thanks & Regards, Mansawant
  11. Guest

    De facto visa query

    Hey everyone, just a quick question-I have done various searches on this and I still cant get an answer so if any one can shed some light on this i'd be very grateful!!! Me and my aussie bf are wanting to apply for a defacto visa, we were going to live here in the UK for 6 months before going back to Oz for good. But as you all know the job market here is awful and after a few months of searching he cant find a job and he has run out f money. So he has to head home. He's thinking for 6 months, save some money so we can afford to apply for the visa. But im concerned this 6 month apart will not look good to immigration and it'll cost us another 6 months on top. Were thinking of keeping al emails, texts etc as proof but also a joint bank account to show we are committed but realistically is it going to be any good? Any additional advice welcome. Thanks in advance
  12. brooks

    tax query

    I am coming to Oz soon and applying for residency. Questions: a) if I put money into an Australian bank will my interest be taxed in UK and Oz till I get residency? b) I have been told that 'foreigner's' putting money into an Oz bank will be taxed at 50% - is this true? c) would it be best to put my money into a long term fixed rate account as interest rates seem to be falling? Anyone got a crystal ball? and finally: ............. with regard to the crystal ball - shall I move my money in case the £ falls further - or wait, hoping that the £ excahnge rate will get better for me!!!! sincerely, Confused
  13. Hi would like to pick someones brain please, I am in process of applying of 176 fs and have a query on one thing. My brother who is an aus citizen lives in Melbourne and have received his side of the application, is it correct that I too have to live in Melbourne for at least 2 years.!!! Please advise many thanks:wacko:
  14. READ31

    Education Query

    Hi all and firstly thanks for reading, Currently after a lot of soul searching Ive realised that Im going to have to bite the bullet and get a degree if I want to move to Oz (Ithink?) Im currently 21 and work for the government helping people back to work, an employment consultant. Im thinking that this can be derived as either being a welfare worker or recruitment consultant. Ive already been to oz on a WHV and loved it and want to move permanently to perth. Ive done my current job for the last 18 months and only have 10 GCSE's which are all A-C. However iv recently been looking into doing a foundation degree part time for 3 years in FdA Business and Management, and then doing the 1 year top up course to turn this into BA (Hons) Leadership Business and Management. I feel this could relate well to my current line of work and really interests me however, my question is that it says on the visa site that qualification wise you need a minimum of an bachelor degree...obviously this is an honours? Now I know I sound think but is this good enough education wise that they will accept? Any help is brilliant, thank you for the brilliant forum guys Matt
  15. My partner and I are already in pocession of permanent residency visas (Subclass B137), and while waiting for our adopted daughter to receive her Permanent Residency we are advised to get her a 6 month Tourist Visa to allow us all to go to Oz and her to go to school. Form 48R Tourist Visa Form does not seem to cater for childrens applications and has no relevant questions. Has anyone applied for a tourist visa on behalf of a minor? Pls Help. :mad:
  16. Hello everyone, hope you can share with me the processing timeline of your South Australia 176 Visa Application. I am done with IELTS (done in May 2011), Positive Vetassess (received result in Sept. 28 2011), State Sponsorship in South Australia application was forwarded in October 25, 2011 and approved in November 30 2011. This December, perhaps on Dec. 12, I wil be able to lodge my visa. However, I was told that we can already lodge our visa while waiting for the Points test Advice. In this regard, I would appreciate if you can give us an idea how fast or what is the timeline that they follow for points test advice and also the processing timeline for 176 Visa Applications particularly to SA. Success stories of those who lodged their visa after July 01, 2011 will also be appreciated. Hope to hear from you guys. Regards, Mjcgito
  17. Hi, can anyone advise me urgently on my query: I am applying for MBA from Australian University in Melbourne and my visa has to be filled. In my funding for the course my brother who is in USA is partly acting as sponsorship. My query is: From where dose he need to get the letter for affedavit - is it from any notarization agent or he has to get it from "Justice of Peace" itself. Also dose he need to give his IT return for 3 years or payslip of the recent months would do? Please do advice me at the earliest. Thanks, Sweta
  18. Yorkiesx5

    query re:completing 175 app.

    HI, could anyone help with this please? I am in the process of completing this on line and am stuck! I see we have to provide family member details even though they are not dependent and are not migrating with us - do we also have to give details about their previous tourist visas for Australia as they have holidayed there a few times and to NZ where they now live? Is does not seem clear whether or not this question about visas applies just to us the applicants or all people on the form. Many thanks in advance
  19. Hey all, I am just reading the Queensland Health Graduate Nursing Program prospectus, and it states that for me to apply for a graduate program..then I need a Visa, and a passed ILETs test, and registration at point of interview? If i am reading that right? It says about the visa, that if i am currently in the process of applying for the visa, then I shouldnt apply for the program until its been granted. My problem is, the visa I was going to be applying for is the temp 457 visa where you need to be sponsored?? Surely I wouldnt have that yet, as I was hoping that the hospital that were offering me a grad program would be sponsoring me?? Im CONFUSED!! :wacko: Can someone help?
  20. Hi all, I would like to clear few things about the sponsorship process. As far as I know following is the procedure Interview If successful you will receive job offer (conditional) If accepted job offer empolyer will apply for Nomination Nomination approved you can apply for Visa Please correct me if I am wrong. My wife had applied for nursing job via NSW Health Board authorised agency and she had interview in the last week of October 2011. Next day after the interview agency emailed she has been approved by NSW health and ask to complete and submit various form; however when we enquire about job offer letter advised they are following up and receive shortly. Now we have submitted all the forms and after 3 weeks when we enquire they are saying you will get job offer and nomination both together. Is this possible. Can employer apply for sponsorship before they received signed copy of job offer. Appreciate help, advice or info in regards to this as just don't want to become trapped by this agency as this was the my wife's first interview for Australia so we can apply direct to the hospital. Can someone guide me where we can lodge the complaint about the authorised agency for NSW Health. Regards, Mansawant
  21. Guest

    TRA Urgent Query

    Hi there, Myself and my partner are just starting out the process for Visa 176 (WA SS). He is a fully qualified carpenter & joiner and qualified with FAS Ireland. Does he have to do the practical assessment also having submitted the application/employment/qualifications? If so is there somewhere in Ireland he can do this and what is the cost? Thanks.
  22. Guest

    filling in spousal form query

    hi, I'm just filling in my part of the forms to sponsor my wife ready to emigrate to oz. One of the questions asks for my last 2 yrs of employment details, should I be providing proof of income or is it just to proove that I havn't be sat on my back side for the last 2 yrs? I've been self employed and in employment on and off so its being a bit of a pain to gather all the info however will be worth it in the end! Are imigration wanting to see if I can support my wife when we get there?. To start with she will be the one with the main income with me finding work when we get there. Sometimes we find it hard to know what they expect when answering some of the questions, hopefully we're filling it all in correctly, fingers crossed! cheers Andy
  23. wendy parfitt

    Medical query

    Hi All I wonder if anyone has found themselves in a similar situation as me and whether they can offer me any help or advice. Basically before Christmas myself, my husband and our son had our medicals. During my medical the doctor noticed a goitre (which I didnt know I had) and referred me to a specialist who has since discovered a 7cm nodule in my thyroid which needs removing. Hopefully, once the leftside of my thyroid is removed there should be no on-going issues. However the immigration doctor advised that we sent off the medicals with the specialist report which state that I have the lump, that my blood tests are fine, so there's nothing wrong with my thyroid function although a biopsy has been requested and that then he will discuss the management of this probably with a hemithyroidectomy (removal of half my thyroid). This has been sent to the medical panel over in Sydney, does anyone have any idea of what might happen next - apparently I'm down as a B rather than an A on my medical. Do people think that they will flatly refuse me on medical grounds? All comments gratefully rec'd. Wendy:notworthy:
  24. How long do our passports need to have left on them? In the back of my head I'm thinking it shoul dhave 6 months remaining from the date we land in Oz - But is that the case?
  25. Guest

    partner visa query

    hi my wife and I are planning to moved to oz around feb 2012, I;ve got an ozzy passport and we got maried last year. my question is, do we have to get all the visas here(uk) before we travel or can she go over on a working visa then apply once we've settled over there and are both in employment. the reason being we may be able to go sooner if this is the case and it'll save us £1200 which would be a great help to our savings. any ideas? cheers andy