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Police Clearance Cert for 457 visa?


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I am a UK permanent resident and citizen who will be applying for a 457 visa soon. I understand that I need a Police Cert from the UK, but I lived in India (as a temporary resident - whose permanent home was still in the UK) between Aug 2005 and apr 2007. I left India to return to the UK twice in that period for a few weeks. Does anyone know whether I will need a Police Clearance Cert from the Indian Consulate. Apparently to do this they need my passport for 2 months!!!! - I need it for my applications..... The only way I can see round this is to renew my passport which expires in 2015, so I can send my old passport (with the India visas in it) to the indian High commission and use the new passport for all aspects of my application for 457 etc.


Any insight would be useful!!



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