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  1. The website is www.vfs-in-au.net where is says This is a document issued by the Consulate/High Commission, certifying the person's criminal record with the Indian police. It is normally required when a person applies for emigration status to countries. Indian Police Clearance service is available for Indian nationals only. The bit about registration is here http://www.vfs-in-au.net/pdf/PCC_Checklist_20022014.pdf . Sorry I can't paste e actual text in? And we are located in South Australia. thanks
  2. I hope someone can help. We are currently going through the process of applying for a 186 visa. We are uk citizens but between 2005 and 2007 we lived in India as my husband was secconded there from his uk work. We are trying to get a police check for our time in India but keep drawing a blank. Such as the website says foreigners won't be given a Pcc or we need to provide details of our registration for the time in India (which we don't have). Has anyone any advice on how we can progress this? Thanks
  3. Thanks Katie, but we didn't use a migration agent nor did my employer. We did it all ourselves.....
  4. Hi We are currently on a 457 visa and next year will be looking to apply for permanent residency via sponsorship by my employer (subclass 186). Am I right in thinking the process is quicker when using a MARA approved immigration agent? If so what is the non-agent vs agent timeline and how much approximately would using an agent for a family of 4 cost? BTW I did the application myself for the 457 and there were no hitches. Thanks in advance S
  5. sonial

    Phoning a UK mobile in Oz from the UK

    Thanks for your replies. I will initially use my UK SIM card until I get an Oz one. Skype seems a good idea, I use this on the PC at the moment but not on mobiles. Sonia
  6. sonial

    Processing times for a 457 visa as a nurse

    Hi Paednurse, I did get the meds done before I lodged the visa application. But I was told that "front loading" was something that diac don't want done now. There can be quite a few weeks waiting time for the meds, so this is why we did them first. Once you lodge the visa you are given a unique number, this is then used by the Drs to submit your medical records electronically to speed the process up. Because we had not lodged our visa, we didn't have the code and so the med records had to go snail mail, though this was only about 5 days max. It's worth seeing if you can do the meds up front cos it does cut down on time. As far as what you need, I think it'll be the same as me which was Chest x-ray, bloods (HIV, Hep B & C) and a full medical (including urine). Once you lodge your visa it will state what you need. Are you going for 457? If so you can start filling all the forms in online and attaching your documents before you lodge it. If you submit for your visa electronically, it does say on their website that they will give you a decision in 1 to 2 days once all the documentation is received. Just in case you didn't know, if you submit colour scans of documents in support of your visa you don't need them certifying. Also, you will see the status of your visa application change before you receive the emails - so keep a watch out there first. Hope this helps Sonia
  7. sonial

    Update on APHRA.... anyone help?

    I have recently got AHPRA approval as a podiatrist. I had to get my degree approved (ANZPAC which took 6 weeks), then AHPRA (took about 2 weeks once all document received, but their internal mail system takes 3 weeks). Once AHPRA approval is gained you need a .pdf of the approval letter to send to diac for a 457 visa (if this is the way you're going). My experience is that in Adelaide that some of the AHPRA staff are less experienced than others and I ended up telling them what the process was - attaching parts of their help documentation to show them what to do!! Once I got approval they sent me a very informal email "Hi Sonia...." I said I needed an official letter and they said one was in the post (yep - another 3 weeks wait). So I forwarded the email to diac who (you've guessed it!) said they needed an official letter. I then forwarded this to AHPRA who got me a .pdf out of the letter. As previous posts state if you can get the name of someone competent in the organisation then use them and give them a call. Stress your employers are waiting and getting impatient. Best of luck Sonia
  8. sonial

    Processing times for a 457 visa as a nurse

    Hi We're recently got our 457 visa and leave on 3rd Dec. Once all the documents are received by diac it takes 1 to 2 days for approval. Good luck
  9. sonial

    AHPRA help please!!!!

    I have just gone through AHPRA for podiatry. The internal postal system in AHPRA South Oz at least takes about 3 weeks! All documents must be black and white photocopies and certified by a Notary Public (not just a solicitor). I have phoned them and they were very helpful. I will need to report to AHPRA once I get to Oz to show them my passport (and 457 visa) plus the original of my ANZPAC (podiatry degree approval) certificate. It does seem daunting, but in the end it's not too bad. Good luck Sonia
  10. Hi After searching still can't find an answer to this, so I hope someone can help! We leave for Oz in 10 days and I will take my UK Virgin Mobile. My mum is panicking saying she won't know how to contact me! My UK mobile phone number starts 07966 as many do, what should she call in order to contact me when I get to Oz?? Thanks Sonia
  11. I know, this has raised its head in various forms on here before, mostly for PRs. So... we are moving to Oz at the beginning of Dec on a 457 visa. I understand we are classed as "resident for tax purposes" in Oz. Does this mean we have to declare our UK rental income (from our house) in Oz? Also, what about the UK - will we be liable for tax there (though we will be below the personal tax allowance rate of £7475)? Help gratefully appreciated.....
  12. Hi I'm hoping our 457 visa comes through anyday now and wondered whether the whole family has to travel together when leaving the UK? Cheers
  13. Thanks for that - will have a look. Only hesitation is timescales are a bit wide ie 1 to 6 days for Oz
  14. Hi I need to send about 5 A4 sheets to Adelaide, does anyone know which is the fastest way to do this? I need signed delivery at the other end??? Cheers in advance S
  15. Hi I am a UK permanent resident and citizen who will be applying for a 457 visa soon. I understand that I need a Police Cert from the UK, but I lived in India (as a temporary resident - whose permanent home was still in the UK) between Aug 2005 and apr 2007. I left India to return to the UK twice in that period for a few weeks. Does anyone know whether I will need a Police Clearance Cert from the Indian Consulate. Apparently to do this they need my passport for 2 months!!!! - I need it for my applications..... The only way I can see round this is to renew my passport which expires in 2015, so I can send my old passport (with the India visas in it) to the indian High commission and use the new passport for all aspects of my application for 457 etc. Any insight would be useful!! S