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Found 34 results

  1. Hi guys! I am planning to take the cert 3 in aged care in Melbourne early next year, Jan 2012 to be exact. So I am supposed to get a student visa that is good for 6 months. According to my agent, this is the easy way to get to Au if you did not meet the required score of 7 in all subtest in IELTS. But after reading some related blogs saying that having certificate 3 in aged care does not give you rights to get sponsorship for a visa to work as a personal care assistant, put me in dilemma if whether I will still take the Cert 3 in aged care or I should directly take the bridging course and wait for July 2012 because the bridging course classes starts just every January and July. I am aiming for a working visa then permanent visa eventually. So does anybody know if having completed the Aged care course will not be allowed to get a sponsorship? because if that is the case then I'll be sent back to my hometown, right? :unsure:Please help me on this! I badly needed your help. Thank you very much!
  2. Guest

    trade cert

    Hi all can someone please tell me if it is possible to get a sposored 457 visa without a trade cert but with 35 years exp and great references thank you
  3. Guest

    Cert CII (Insurance Broker)

    Hello, just wondering if anyone can answer my question. The points test says that the qualification should be: "Australian Diploma or trade qualification or other qualification recognised by a relevant Assessing Authority" Now I have seen that the Australian Diploma is equal to NVQ level 3. NVQ Level 3 is equal to 2 A Levels. So, would 3 A Levels meet the requirement? Would a Cert CII qualification meet the requirement too? I think it's also the equivalent to NVQ Level 3 and it's relevant to the occupation. Thank you :hug:
  4. Hi I am a UK permanent resident and citizen who will be applying for a 457 visa soon. I understand that I need a Police Cert from the UK, but I lived in India (as a temporary resident - whose permanent home was still in the UK) between Aug 2005 and apr 2007. I left India to return to the UK twice in that period for a few weeks. Does anyone know whether I will need a Police Clearance Cert from the Indian Consulate. Apparently to do this they need my passport for 2 months!!!! - I need it for my applications..... The only way I can see round this is to renew my passport which expires in 2015, so I can send my old passport (with the India visas in it) to the indian High commission and use the new passport for all aspects of my application for 457 etc. Any insight would be useful!! S
  5. Are there any acceptable alternatives to a birth certificate for "proof of age" to upload on the visa application. Typically can't find the wifes' one now we need it. Just seeing if there is an easier way other than paying £9 and waiting another week when we only have 2 weeks left to ensure everything is uploaded. :confused:
  6. Sorry to ask another question tonight but we're waiting for my husbands copy birth certificate as he didn't have the full version. GRO have said it'll be sent next week and as we have almost everything else scanned and ready for lodging our 176 app online I wondered whether we can do ahead without the birth cert and upload it next week? I read on one of the other threads that you have 28 days to upload documents. Can anyone advise if this is the case and we'd be OK to proceed without it?
  7. My husband has been working as a Height safety training Instructor for 10 years in the UK and is a qualified teacher. He's had his teaching qualifications assessed with Vetassess ok. We have a 457 visa and are coming over on 24.1.11 to Canberra. He apparently has to have this Cert IV before he can start working as a trainer in Oz. It has to be completed in Oz so he is booked in for a 3 day course within a couple of days of arriving, thinking he would be able to start work as a trainer the following week. He should be able to get recognition of prior learning but was advised it was so complex to go throught the process that it was easier to just do the whole course. He's just found out that the 3 day course has work books to complete that you are given up to 12 months to complete. This is not what we want to hear 3 weeks before we go! Does anyone have experience of this situation and have any advice about the best way to tackle it? It seems so frustrating to have to do the course at all when he's been training already for so long and has a positive skills assessment from Vetassess for his teaching degree. We'd be very grateful for any advice.
  8. Guest

    No Birth Cert

    I am uploading my docs for the evisa, and I dont have my Birth cert due to the processing time is 7 days. Can I upload this at later date?
  9. Hi Experts, I would like to understand this situation, and confirm whether this would suffice the ASR. My wife, is a Chartered Accountant from Overseas and is primary visa applicant for 175.She is working in the industry as a Accountant for 6years. Her current visa is 457dependent and is currently working as a Finance Accountant at a Australian Government owned company for over 2 years . While working she has parallely completed/or in process of completing below studies in Australia 1. Certificate IV - Training & Assessment - :notworthy: 2. CPA - Exams 26th Oct 2010 - results Dec 2010 - In process.:confused: Post her completion of CPA would she be eligible to claim the ASR points on her current 175 application? Will this help in any case in expediting her visa processing.:tongue: Regards, Jshan
  10. Guest

    Cert III in Aged Care

    Hi Am thinking of doing the above course. I am living on the Sunshine Coast and have a young family so need a job that is flexible, I plan on going to TAFE next year to carry out a Diploma in Community Services work and think the above course and work experience will help in the future. Any information would be great, is there a great need for carer’s on the Sunshine Coast, what are working conditions like, hours, salary, expected duties are there different sort of positions you could do with the above, I’m just trying to get a clear picture, what's the job market like up here (everything else on he SC is pretty dia) Would be grateful for any information, get lots of positive feedback from the course providers but tend to be a bit skeptical as they are selling a service, would like information from the other end. Thanks
  11. Hi everyone, I need to pay for my police certificate for my ENS application. ACPO (people that process it) allow you to pay by Cheque, Bankers Draft, or Postal Order. I don't have a cheque account, I have to go in to Barclays to get a bankers draft (I'm in oz) and so that leaves a postal order... can I post them an australian postal order?? A bit worried about currency conversion though... Any suggestions?? I'm a bit stuck...
  12. is anyone in redcliffe area studying certificate 111 inaged care, i doing it distance learning but would be nice to have a chat with anyone doing the course
  13. Guest

    AQF cert 3 question?????????

    after 15 yrs as a bricklayer with no formal qualifications (only on site training) my oh got his AQF cert.we were then told that this along with all his refrences would not be enough to prove he is a fully qualified bricklayer. we were told he also needs proof that he has an apprenticeship, can someone please explain???????:arghh:
  14. Guest

    Birth cert for TRA

    Hi Can anyone tell me can I use a short birth certificate without parents names on for TRA or does it have to be full one. Also is it correct that a poice officer or Teacher can certificate copies for TRA. I understand for the visa app it has to be solicitor or magistrate, but believe that for TRA others will do. Thanks in advance Jan
  15. Guest

    do u have to send in irth cert?

    haha things never go to plan do they, i only have the short birth cert without my parents names on, i have to send in for prospective marriage visa don't i?? man how long does it take to order a long birth cart?:arghh:
  16. Guest

    School Cert = GCSE?

    We are possibly moving back to UK at the end of 2010 - my eldest son will have finished Year 11 and my youngest will have just completed Year 10. Can anyone tell me if the Year 10 school certficates will count the same as GCSE's when we go back to UK and should they be able to study straight for their A levels? Can anyone help me - been trying to get in touch with people in UK but they take so long to get back to me amd we are so desperate to know so we can plan. HELP!!:notworthy:
  17. Guest

    Childcare cert III HELP!!!!!!!!

    hi everyone my wife paid 75.00 dollars sending her qualifications off,childcare NVQ III which she gained in the uk. but here they have declined them,said they arent recognised in oz. as anyone else come across this problem? Thanks in advance
  18. Ok, I am at the stage that this needs to be done....I know my stat decs can be signed by a pharmacist, but can my copies of passports and stuff be signed by one to or do I have to go to a JP or soliciter? I work in a pharmacy so am hoping my Boss can sign everything to save time but have a feeling the more important doc's need to be certified by someone like A JP? HELP!!!!!!:cute:
  19. Hi I need to provide a copy of my decree absolute. I am searching for the original but so far have only found copies. I am just wondering if I need to have a certified copy of the original (or try to get an official copy from the courts) or whether I might be able to swear a statutory declaration that this is a copy of the original document? Thanks
  20. Guest

    Aqf iii cert received

    Hi All I just wanted to wirte and say that I'm so pleased :laugh: my OH has just gained his AQF III in cabinet making so step 1 of the whole process is now complete. Next step is to appoint an agent and put in for the TRA (before they decide to change anything!) Any way I just wanted to say congrats to all who have had their visas granted and good luck to everyone else. KT
  21. Lancashire Lass

    C.V.......AQF111 cert????

    I am just doing a new CV for my oh. He passed the brickies Vetassess in February and I believe that at some point he will get an AQFIII certificate. Can anyone confirm that? On the CV, am I safe to say that he has AQFIII in bricklaying??? Whilst on the subject of CVs, has anyone got any tips as to what the Aussies like to see on a CV (or do I just stick with the usual stuff we see in this country?) Thank you Mandy
  22. :policeman: I did a working holiday in Oz in 2000-1. How & when should I get the police certs from Oz?:huh: Ruthie x
  23. Hello All My partner (Aus citizen) and I are just going through the spouse visa application form 47SP. He was married to an Aus citizen back in the late 80's and the marriage broke down early 90's but he did not manage to get a divorce until 96 as his former wife was hard to track down. At the end of the application form it asks for both marriage certificate and divorce decree absolute. At the moment he cannot find either docs but can send away for the divorce decree absolute. I am wondering if anyone knows whether this will suffice onits own or whether he has to provide the marriage certificate as well. Any info would be useful. Kind regards Pandy
  24. So a while back he signed the consent form for me to take the kids he never sees never pays a penny for, hasnt got pr for but ive just realised he didnt include a cert copy of his drivers liscence. I had to ring him and ask for it. Since it took months for him to do the form I am stressing he will be the same over this. The application is all ready to go now as soon as Hubbys passport is re-evidenced which should take less then 2 weeks. I am really hating having to wait on other people. I have also had to send him the 5 quid to get the cert copy done. Anyone got a rocket I can borrow? On the plus side some of hubbys Aussie mates are in England and came round last night and are lovely so at least when I get out there I will now know someone.
  25. Hi hope someone can help. We are not using an agent and I have nearly finished doing the 175 online visa app but am just unsure whether we are supposed to include my o/h Aus Cert II Bricklaying that he got sent after he did the vetassess in July? The boxes ask which campus it was in Australia and the campus postcode so it sounds like this is just for if you have actually studied there. Samantha:wacko: