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Found 78 results

  1. I realise bringing a bbq TO Australia might be the most extreme example of shipping coals to Newcastle of all time, but I've a much loved Big Green Egg bbq that I would be reluctant to leave behind when we move from Dublin- Australia later this year. I am a bit nervous about it making it through customs/agri inspection though. Has anyone managed to get anything similar in successfully? I suppose the answer is just to scrub it as clean as can get it and keep fingers crossed, but any tips would be very welcome.
  2. Hi all, Our boxes have arrived! i need to clear them through customs first before i can pick them up at the warehouse in the port, but i cant get through to customs (or anyone really!) to ask where customs are in the port of Brisbane?? Just wondered if any one knows?? Thanks Kris xx:smile:
  3. Guest

    Zimbabwe Police Clearance

    Hi everyone, I'm really hoping there's someone out there who may be able to offer some advice. My hubby ( 36 ) was born in Zimbabwe and lived there until 2002 when he came to the UK as a British Citizen. We understand that he has to have a Police Clearance from each country he has lived in. Now there lies the problem, I don't think I need to say too much about Zimbabwe for people to know that it is not the easiest of countries to deal with and to get anything from there can be difficult to say the least. My worry is that if my husband is unable to get a "genuine" Police Clearance from Zimbabwe all our dreams will come crashing down. If anyone has an advice it would be great. Thanks :daydreaming: HGV Mechanic Paper Trade Assessment passed Aug 2010, awaiting date for Practical Assessment
  4. Hi, I was wondering if anyone might have had their visa approved without providing (all) the police clearance certificates for every country they lived in (over 12 months in the last 10 years)? My husband and I worked in China for a few years but are now working in Australia (applying for our PR now) and are at a total loss with the police checks from China (I know where to get it, the problem is that we are not able to return to China to do this and do not have the documents required to get this in any event.) Hence, I was wondering if anyone might have had their visa approved without providing all the police clearance certificates? (e.g. just provide the ones we can - from Australia and our home countries) I apologise if this has been asked, I have tried searching the forums but may have missed it. Would really appreciate hearing if anyone else has been in a similar situation and what happened for you / other suggestions as to what we could do. Thank you.
  5. Hi I have attended several expo, some specific for ex-military, all stating thet our UK held security Clearence (SC Level) can be transferred as read across should we be sucessful in out premanent visa application to down under. I had a recent phone call with a recruitment agency who claim this is not the case. Has anyone with experience come across this, if so what was your outcome. if positive, how did you go about it? I am not specifically wanting to stay in the defence industry, but it is another option to widen my job prospects.
  6. I am busy going through the process for my Visa, my trade been checked to see I meet the requirements and accepted. Next step is to apply for a VISA - one of the requirements is MIlitary Clearance from the South African Defence Force. I suspect the Oz Immgration people want to see that I have actually completed my Military Service - we had no choice:rolleyes: Back in in those day South Africa had 2 Year National Services when we left school I have called the authorities in SA to get this Clearance Certificate an was told it would take up to 7 months to get this Certicate which is going to delay my application process with the Oz Immagration folk. MY question is: has anyone else had this issue and if yes how did you proceed e.g did you get the Certificate? How long did it take? If no - what evidence did you supply to the Oz Immration Authorities that your National Serviuce was completed? I have my Military Force number etc but I am not sure if that would be acceptable. Any help would be most appreciated
  7. Help and advice needed. We have finally got to the medical and police check stage of our application but we are not sure of the best route to take for my wifes police check. She is originally from the Ukraine and so we need to find out the quickest and easiest way to get her certificate from there. I have read that we have to contact our nearest ukraine consulate in london which we have done but have heard nothing back. Another option is to fly there and hope to get it that way but this costs a lot of money and time off work is an issue for both of us. Last is an online Ukrainian Translation firm who claim to be able to retrieve and send a certifiacte within a few business days but im not sure if it will be 100% genuine as they claim. Any help and advice on this issue would be really appreciated. Thanks, Andy.
  8. We seem to hit a bit of a major issue. My husband is an Aeronautical Engineer and some of his work is naturally in the defence industry i.e. government. The government only employee citizens, except in exceptional cicumstances i.e. when no Australian could possibly fill the position. This means he is really struggling to find work as agencies are not interested as this whole issue is too hard for them and if he applies direct to the government he gets rejected because there is always someone else who can do the job even if he maybe the best candidate, not that they ever interview to find out. We know this is the case as he has spoken to the people he has been rejected by. Has anyone got any ideas? Our visas need to be activated by April and it seems to big a risk to go to Australia with this issue and no job. Help!
  9. Guest

    Penal Clearance from Singapore

    Hi, all. I have stayed in Singapore between Jul 2007 and Jan 2009 thus I need a penal clearance from there for my 856 application. It is shown on Singapore Police website that a Penal Clearance is only available for Singaporean Citizen which I am not. I have sent the print out of the website with a Statutory Declaration to DIAC and advised by the C/O that it is not enough. She wants the penal clearance and even provides me an appeal letter. I tried to call and email police in Singapore but no one answers/replies. Just wondering whether there is anyone have had the same thing happened and how to solve it
  10. Just wondering how long did it take for your garda clearance to come through. We have our VETASSESS back and IELTS done and sent off yday for state sponsorship. So wondering now what should we be doing to get ready to apply for visa. Will be year unemployed by April so need to have visa lodged by then to ensure points for experience
  11. Guest

    Overseas Police Clearance Certs

    Wanna pick the brains of those out there that have the answers or have had dealings with this issue themselves!!! My wife previously lived overseas for 7 years (CYPRUS) prior to moving back to the UK in 2008. Does anyone know just how difficult it is to get the required Police Clearance Certificate from the Cypriot Authorities???????? (dealing with their admin set up in the past have been very long and drawn out :mad:). We dont want this 1 issue to be the anchor in our 456 application. Many thanks peeps :notworthy:
  12. Hi guys, I'm not sure if any one would be able to help me. My CO recently contacted me and told me to get my documents ready for my the processing of my 485 visa. I was really happy and thought wow end of visa nightmare and I can apply for my 885 soon! Little did I know that 1) the finger prints that I needed for my Singaporean Police clearance expired a while ago and 2)Fingerprints can no longer be done at my local police station and has to be booked through a central hotline!! So anyways to cut a long story short, the next appointment is in a months time in Ballarat and it takes a month on the Singaporean end to get my police clearance sorted. I was just wondering if anyone has been through a situation like that and how it was resolved with the Singaporean police! Im so lost and desperate! Pls advise! ljwalvin
  13. Hi does anybody know if the police clearance you get for your 176 visa covers you for social care work or would i need to get an australian police clearance for any job i apply for in Australia?
  14. I am applying for my citizenship in Australia. Can someone please tell me how to go about getting my background check/police clearance certificate from FBI from USA where I was living before? Rao
  15. Hey just confused about a few things If I get pregnant after my medical clearance, do I have to get my medical done again? Do we have to inform are CO? Also, if the child is born when we've moved to australia and are temporary residents, what happens then? Is the child an australian citizen? Are there any other complications involved which might slow down the progress of our application? We're on the last few stages ( police + medical clearance) and would not want to mess it up. thank you so much
  16. Hi I am a UK permanent resident and citizen who will be applying for a 457 visa soon. I understand that I need a Police Cert from the UK, but I lived in India (as a temporary resident - whose permanent home was still in the UK) between Aug 2005 and apr 2007. I left India to return to the UK twice in that period for a few weeks. Does anyone know whether I will need a Police Clearance Cert from the Indian Consulate. Apparently to do this they need my passport for 2 months!!!! - I need it for my applications..... The only way I can see round this is to renew my passport which expires in 2015, so I can send my old passport (with the India visas in it) to the indian High commission and use the new passport for all aspects of my application for 457 etc. Any insight would be useful!! S
  17. Guest

    police clearance from Singapore

    Hi Folks, I just joined mailing list. I want to ask in regards the processing time for police clearance from singapore police. i requested PCC from SPF. they said that they already sent it through registered mail. may i know anyone of you requested PCC from SPF ? if yes, how long does processing times? and when singpost confirmed that your PCC reach DIAC ? did you check the status through singpost website regularly? I am now always check singpost website if the letter reach DIAC. Thanks
  18. Hi Everyone, My senario is this.... I have an employer in Perth looking into the possibility of sponsoring me on a 457 Visa. I am aware I must recieve a Police Clearance during the process of this Visa. However, I was unfortunate enough to recieve a fine from the WA Police in Feb 09 for failure to produce my licence after a routine stop whilst on a Working Holiday Visa. At the time I didn't pay the fine due to the fact I moved over to the East coast. I have been in contact with the Fines Enforcement Registry and managed to find out my fine was still overdue and my licence suspended in Mar 10. Since then I have paid the overdue fine. My question is this.... Will I still be able to obtain a Police Clearance to continue my plans to move or will I be refused a Police Clearance because I took so long to pay the fine???? Also will my Suspension be lifted as I have payed my fine??? Any help is greatly appreciated!! Thanks
  19. I just recently passed the assessment at Engineers Australia. I am almost ready to apply for the immigration when I realized there will be some problems. My husband had some issues as we cannot get his police clearance here in Bahrain where we live for the past 6 yrs. The problem is a bit complicated but just to summarize, it has something to do with injustice here in Bahrain. One thing leads to another so it will take time for us to fix his problem though there's a chance but really time consuming. i wanted to know if we can waive his police clearance or any supporting documents where we can prove that he is in good character other than a police clearance. I will be honest he is in good moral character but the tradition here in Bahrain where most of the sponsors/employers that hires you gets the mentality that they own them victimized him. Does anyone here had an experience on waived police clearance?:radar: Any input is appreciated.
  20. Both myself nd my hubby spent a year in Oz on a WHV from 2002 - 2003, & they have now asked us to get Police Clearance from Australia... I have printed off all the forms & am in the process of filling them in but... It asks for our present address... which is fine, however, we moved to this house in 2006... then it asks for a previous address... The question is... do I put the address prior to this one in Ireland... or do I put an Australian address... & if I put an Australian address down, which one... I was backpacking around the whole of Oz & had numerous addresses most of which were hostels??? Just wondering what anyone else did or thinks I should do??? Cheers in advance... Susie :unsure:
  21. Dear all, Hope all will get visa soon. Waiting won't be wasted. I have some doubts , how to get the Singapore police clearance , the police webpage have mentioned they will not provide clearance for non citizens. Anyone have experience or need advice to overcome the situation. My occupation fitter has been listed in new Sol , I have moved from priority 4 to 3. So I'm planning to front load the PCC and medicals. Waiting for 2.5 years to get the visa. Mine is subclass 175 lodged on oct 2008, Fitter. Regards Core
  22. Guest

    Police clearance form

    Hi All, We've finally been allocated a case officer, but am wondering if there is a quicker way for us to get the police clearance form. We are in Oz and from what I understand we need to complete the ACRO form and send it by post. By the time they receive it, send it to us and for us to get it it will be easily a month and add to the cost (£70 for premium service, £65 for international courier, plus the cost of us sending the forms x 2 adults). What surprises me is that I also have to get one from France, where the national pastime is bureaucracy, and I managed to do that online and they will send it to me free of charge in the next couple of days! We've been told that the case officer needs all the paperwork or at least evidence within 28 days. Anyone? Help! Claire
  23. Hi, Our shipment is due to arrive in Oz any day now (the revised, revised arrival date!) We've been told it will take 14 working days to clear customs, which we've calculated to be approx 9th June. We've been travelling and expect to be back in Brisbane at the end of this month. We will then start searching for a rental property, but we don't know how long this will take. We don't want to pay the fee ($480) to have the goods placed into storage. Does anyone know if the shipping company (in our case Pickfords) will give us any flexibility around the delivery date?? Or will customs required the goods to be removed from their storage immediately on clearance? Thanks for any advice. Nicky
  24. Guest

    South African police clearance

    Morning!! I am just being impatient again...our last hurdle. So those who got South African police clearance done - how long did it REALLY take. I know it says on the website etc that it takes 6-8 weeks, but wondering if anyone got theirs super quick or extra long? thanks
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