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457 visa what visa for defacto spouse?


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Hi Im sure this will have been asked but having looked through some posts im more confused. Could someone point me in the right direction.

My partner has just been offered a job 3 year sponsored on a 457 visa, we are engaged but not married so Im presuming defacto?

Does his visa application have me attached or do i need my own, if so which one?

Will i need medicals, skills checks etc. Cost of visa?

I will be following around 6 months after my partner but will be wanting to visit at least once how long does my visa take roughly.


Thanks very much



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If you've been living together, you should be able to be included on your partner's 457 visa application and there is no additional visa cost for you. The sponsoring 457 employer will have to agree to also sponsor you but if they want your partner, that shouldn't present a problem. If you're from the UK, you probably won't need medicals and secondary applicants never need skills or skills assessment of any kind. You will also be granted a 457 visa but with no work restrictions so you can work in any capacity for any employer.


If you don't qualify as a partner, your best bet would be a working hoiliday visa if you're eligible foir one. For a WHV, you must be aged between 18 and under 31; must not have had a previous WHV and must be from an eligible country (UK, Ireland, Canada and several others).

http://www.immi.gov.au/visitors/working-holiday/visa-options.htm Working holiday visas

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Hi Vicky


I came over on my partners 457 visa and it was fairly straightforward. The worst bit was putting together the evidence that we were a couple.


Think we had about a 45 page document with lots of information so here's a few tips:


Joint bank account statements (we didn't have a joint account but sent statements showing money transfered between each others accounts)


Any mail showing you living at that address, also copied driving licence with that address on


Anything showing you have been on holiday together, we used emails showing hotel bookings, flight bookings, also included loads of holiday photo's with a time line,


There is also a form that you can get friends to fill out like a personal statement form 888 to say that they have known you as a couple.


If you can get stuff that covers a wide date range that helps too.


If you are using a migration agent they will usually say if there is not enough information.


Hope this helps

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