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  1. Hi Cward my partner was made redundant from his boilermaker position 8 weeks ago he was sponsored on a 457 visa luckily we got PR 2 weeks before the redundancy. Australia's job market is not doing well at the minute and I would be suprised if there are many sponsorship opportunities as there are a lot of people out of work right now. I would just keep an eye on things over the next few years as hopefully things improve.
  2. vixxy666

    how long did you last in oz before moving back

    We have been in rockhampton 15 months had a great first year both working full time on excellent money so got to travel a lot and live partner took a huge pay cut I'm now unemployed without any career prospects and we are having to cancel the wedding we booked here it's an amazing place with the right amount of money to enjoy it as everything feels expensive take that away and everything seems pretty bad we're contemplating going back but haven't got to the money to take out two cats back and start again so we'll wait and see if things pick up now the elections done. We moved for financial security and were still better off on one wage compared to the uk but without my wage we can't even afford a case of beer and that's just not living lol
  3. vixxy666

    Nearly a year into the move

    Hey Liz unfortunately our move to Brisbane has not worked out n I have to move back to rocky in the next few weeks were now in the worst position not doing well at all. I've got lots of friends in rocky it does take time but joining groups and clubs help. Feel free to pm me if you want to meet for coffee when im back
  4. vixxy666

    similar to springfield lakes north of the river?

    Thanks everyone! Ive took the job start the 6th May so moving to brissy in two weeks stay with friends in Greenslopes for a few months with my oh finishes off and moves down so I can suss out areas and rentals. However were pretty keen on springfield lakes bit of a commute to pinkenba for me but using the gateway it should only take around 40minutes in rush hour on a good day. Not sure what hours ill be working yet so that might help. We will be starting a family in two years so we can settle into that area and hopefully makes some friends we can enjoy the city still by just staying over at friends so can get the best of both hopefully. Its the only area there seemed an abundance of new houses, we have 3 cats so need a lot of options. Starting to panic a little, got lots to do but quite excited too another big move but it cant be any harder than the last i hope!
  5. Hi Ive been offered a job near the airport and the oh will be working near coopers plains we are moving down from rockhampton if i accept. I have to drive to work as there is no transport links but dont want to drive too far especially as its likely in rush hour, my oh will likely work nights and hes happy taking on a longer drive in the quiet. We like the look of springfield lakes is there anything similar north of the river? We dont want to pay more than $500 rent if possible unless i was able to walk to work. We currently live in a shiney new build and would love to move somewhere similar even if its smaller. Any thoughts? were a late 20's, early 30's couple without children for a few years so somewhere that has some pubs near and things to do would be ideal. Its very daunting i feel worse moving in oz then coming here Thanks Vicky
  6. vixxy666

    possible move to Brisbane

    Thanks for all the info really helpful I'll have a look. Im really torn I'm a bit spoilt were I am working 4 days a week full time and a free bus to work that picks me up so the thought of Monday to Friday and big commutes are making me not want to move but it's the only way I'm going to get a permenant job I think I'll feel better if I can find somewhere I would want to live. This move was never gonna be easy n we weren't gonna move to the perfect place first off it's all just a bit scary n tiring
  7. vixxy666

    possible move to Brisbane

    Hi my partner and I have lived in Rockhampton for a year and may have the opportunity to move to brisbane for my job. Can anyone recommend areas to look at renting we love rocky for the country town feel so hoping for a suburb with some greenery but also things to do pubs etc. Also I love horses so maybe near fields so I can get a horse. Being greedy now but can it be within 30 minutes drive of the CBD? Does this place exsist or is there anything similar? Bit scared to move as we are quite settled here but my job prospects arent good so have to move again which im not looking forward to but the fear is making me doubt brisbane but I think theres lots to do there just need to see the suburbs Any help would be great Thanks Vicky
  8. vixxy666

    Nearly a year into the move

    yeah your right wouldnt matter if we were on the moon until job worries are over ill be wobbling lol Im planning on going into teaching as im a chemist so want to do secondary school maths and science but need PR or the fees are ludicrous so ive got a plan just need to be patient another 18 months and we'll have it and more doors will open Thanks
  9. vixxy666

    Nearly a year into the move

    Hi All its been a while and i thought id put my experience down, there right when things are going good you stop coming on here lol So its been almost a year of living in Rockhampton qld. Its definitely not a place for everyone! Has everything you need and more but some of the mentalities are difficult to get your head around. I have a group of very good friends which I met through work Ive been very lucky as I'm not sure it would have been as easy as it has if i hadn't of met them in saying that i still feel like an outsider at times and miss england and the people there. I have a job but only a contract position and no chance of that changing and no other job prospects for my skills in the area. My partners job (sponsor) is going good although there has been a slow down. Were having to decide on the future and he has made enquiries into transferring to Brisbane as there is more opportunity there for me. Trouble is its very different to our country way of life now i think we'd lose money with them move and of course friends (again ) and we'd not have the nice house and countryside i like here but to have kids I need a permanent job. I don't think finding friends in a big city would be as easy and don't relish the idea of starting over again. I think I'm just having a bit of a wobble after a fantastic visit from my best friend and knowing it will be 18 months till i see her again and family will have been over 2 years. It is very expensive to live here and even more to holiday but wages compensate for this and we are truly better off, if i can keep this job! Anyway I love living here I like the lifestyle and the people but its very different and i do miss a lot from england and i don't know if that will ever go but were committed to the move just not sure of the place we need to live yet. Anyway for anyone moving here really consider the people your leaving if your very close to family I personally wouldn't move to the other side of the world you can get great friends but I don't think thats enough we aren't close to family and lived away from them and still struggle but everyone will do what they feel is right and hopefully it'll work out, Anyway good luck its a big move but it can work out
  10. vixxy666

    dont come on a 457

    my partner and I are on a 457 visa and I think with the right job/company there great, only way we were getting over here without waiting 5+ years and hes got a job for a life, we found the company he wanted to work for after working for similar in the UK and found they would sponsor. Havent found it restricting I am able to work thats all we need. Our visa is for 4 years but have a very clear contract that stipulates are 2 years we have to go for PR which they nominate and pay half- this is great as it cuts down the process and helps with money OR if were not happy they pay flights home. My advise is just research dont look for the visa and go with whoever is offering it do your research and be patient. Good luck to everyone its a big move and not easy at all!
  11. vixxy666

    Moving to Rockhampton

    hey regarding hospital/doctors you have to have top cover on a 457 visa costs about$360 a month for 2 of us not sure about kids so its private health care, you can also use medicare which is NHS but you pay as you use aswell from what i understand so your options are good i think i would use your private medical as its good. I have a friend here who works in a childcare place so can put you in touch with her to see what its like. Rocky has everything you need its quite a big town lots of shops and places to eat, pubs are weird wont serve doubles but will sell u a single and a shot lol, they shut very early but the pokie( gambling machine) rooms stay open late so can drink through there the weekends are open later but there not like english pubs more like sports bars but getting used to them. The weathers beautiful in winter hell on earth in summer- this is the locals opinion lol its supposed to be dry in winter but had lots of rain and some minor flooding at the bottom end of rocky. The beaches are nice abou t30-45 minutes drive and lots of places around free to visit. The locals are big into there sports so thats a good way to meet people. Its hard starting over its not like england at all and things u take for granted like ording a chinese take away, late night opening etc are the hardest to get used to but overall i enjoy living here were financially much better off so can enjoy doing things just come prepared and you'll be fine. Good luck everyone keep in touch for beers!
  12. vixxy666

    Moving to Rockhampton

    rentals aren't too bad plenty around need plenty of forms of ID your employer might help ours did. We use westpak bank don't know even about oz to know a good or bad bank but had no problems yet lol Web jet for flights apparently but then go to the carriers website to double check and get the cheaper prices. Flights are pricey but aslong as u earn a good wage. Cars are very expensive old ones at least hold there value but getting finance on a new car on a 457 is fine we got a ford focus cost about the same as the uk. Hope this helps Vix
  13. vixxy666

    Moving to Rockhampton

    hey can't help with kid stuff unfortunately but apparently got some pretty good schools. No tax benefits for 457 that I know of but got to go to a tax account soon so I'll let u know! loads of holiday rentals probs easy to google and compare prices there's some the bottom of rocky and loads yeppoon and I imagine emu will have to depends how far you want to commute. everyone has settle well here we just go out as much as possible to try and make friends this is the biggest challenge for me sp hopefully with time we'll get good friends before I have kids. good luck keep in touch anymore questions just ask
  14. vixxy666

    Moving to Rockhampton

    hey Elaine it gets surprisingly cool especially in the houses we've had early mornings of 4 degrees this week and gets cool of an evening so plenty of jumpers and pjs and dressing gowns it's warm during the day but a cardigan is often needed plus the ozzies are wearing big coats so once your aclimatised you'll needed woollies for next year. I've bought a plug in heater for the bedroom as the houses are built to stay cool which in 4 degrees can be freezing! we've had lots of rain for winter so waterproof jackets would be handy. Our stuff comes tomorrow can't wait to get my jeans n jumpers and stuff I'm glad I packed them
  15. vixxy666

    Moving to Rockhampton

    hey Elaine were enjoying it so far, it's got cowboys so it's quirky yeppoons lovely not a really long commute but long enough to put me off at the moment cos we start work too early lol not sure about schools there's lots of religious, catholic schools but they seem to cost a huge amount someone with kids may be along to help. which company does oh work for there's 4 English couples here all from the same company sponsor. if u need abything else let me know and I'll try and find out vicky