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Missing girl in New Zealand. Please help to find her


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Shannon Ballinger please help us find her

Shannon has been missing since Saturday 20th August 10am She left her dads house in Papamoa and said she was heading to the library and has not been seen since. She only has the clothes that she was wearing and her cell phone (which is now turned off) and no money. The police are running out of leads and need help. Please LIKE this page on facebook




to circulate and if anyone has seen or think they have seen her please contact the Papamoa Police Station.


This is my friend's daughter, if anyone in New Zealand could please share this on their facebook page I'd be very grateful. Thank you all :wubclub: (I have also posted this thread on the New Zealand forum)

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Guest sh7t man no way


Just to let you know that Shannon has now been found and is okay. Thank you very much to everyone who read this thread :wubclub: . Very much appreciated. :hug:
good news hevchick--thanks for letting us know:wubclub:
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