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dental insurance??


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Hi there,


Is there any kind of dental insurance you can take out over there, as my oh is one of those poor old sods who's teeth fall out if you look at them too hard!!! for example, these are some of the things he's been eating when his teeth have broken.... jaffa cakes, baked beans, marshmallows !!! I mean...come on!!! :biglaugh:


So in order to protect our pocket! is there a dental insurance thats available?? And would that also cover things like kids and braces etc.??



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Hi l1sa,

Most health insurance policies cover a portion of dental- I am with HCF - have a look at their Top Plus & Multicover policy -




All of the health funds that we looked at offer various levels of cover on a range of different ailments - they normally give you annual values that you can claim up to. If you were to go significantly over the cover limit and end up out of pocket with medical expenses, you can claim that as a deduction in your annual tax return. (Cosmetic surgery not included)


You need to have a look at the different health insurance providers and pick the one that gives you the cover you want at a price you are comfortable with!


Some funds are:






A quick google will bring up loads more!


Oh - and read the fine print - some policies require that you have their insurance for xx months before you can make a claim.

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