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  1. Yes. That is true. And how lovely to look at these larger houses knowing that you can't get a job so therefore can't afford to buy or rent one. feeling really really negative!
  2. Just a question, it is shocking how bad it is. Unemployment figures seem to be rising all the time. More and more people arriving daily with less and less jobs on offer. And not just the poms out of work, but I know so many Aussies also being laid off and not finding work for months if at all. Sorry if this seems a bit of a negative post, but not sure how to put a positive spin on it!
  3. Our stuff is currently on the sea somewhere, we had a 3 bed semi in the UK and thought we'd get a 20ft container!! No such luck, we had too much junk so ended up with a 40ft!! Have been really happy with the service up to this point, will let you know how it goes when it arrives this end!! We had 2 companies quote and the first one totally underestimated the amount we had, the other one got it spot on, had we have gone with the first company it would have cost us so much more, and right at the last minute too. Good luck
  4. when..... There is nothing to eat in the cupboards. When there are piles of belongings on every surface waiting for the shippers to come pack. When you can't find ANYTHING cos everything is in one of those afforementioned piles. When you wake up in the morning and scream "What the **** are we doing and your legs give way from underneath you! When there are no cars on the drive cos they've all be sold. When there is nothing to eat in the cupboards and there is no car on the drive to take you to the shops to buy some food. When there are strange things in your house like Christmas Decs when its only July. When none of you have jobs anymore or go to school. Welcome to my crazy world at the moment. Hoping for a little bit of sanity again soon!! XXX
  5. Hi there We have sold, for 2 reasons. One) because its a way of having to make it work, if you know you have a house to return to, it makes it just that bit easier to do so. Two) My OH is a self employed builder/carpenter and alot of his work has been for landlords after tennants have moved out!! OMG, some of the places have seriously been destroyed! Plus, if you do want to return, would you want to go backwards?? After an experience like moving to Oz, you'd be a different person, I'm not sure you'd be willing to just slot back in where you left off. But like others have said, it all depends on everyones individual situations, some are not in a position to sell and make any profit, some can't sell. It all comes down to your own personal decision. Good luck
  6. l1sa

    Ladies, who to choose?

    Why is Jabba The Hutt not on the list? Some ladies might like a cuddly chappie!!
  7. l1sa

    what do you actually ship back?

    Hi there, weve just organised shippers going the other way round to you. We have had to have a 40ft and we are only in a 3 bed 1 bath semi detached house! We didnt want to slim down our belongings and sell them for pennies so decided to just ship everything and more! But I agree with the advice already given, get an international shipping company to come in and give you a quote, they are pretty good and can probably tell you there and then whether you'll need a 20 or 40ft. Its amazing how much junk we accumulate! Good luck X
  8. l1sa

    Ladies, who to choose?

    Ill have to put another choice on there sorry. Han Solo everytime!!
  9. l1sa

    What colour do you see

    Bluey green. But I may be biased, blues my favourite colour!!
  10. I have one, my 16 yo has one (however she looks marginally better in hers than I do!!) and my 11 yo has one, I keep threatening my OH that I'm going to buy him one, he is not amused!
  11. l1sa

    Get together in the UK

    I'm up for it, but moving out at the beginning of July so if its before then, yes, if its after, no! XX
  12. Hi Folks and I feel guilty posting this question as I know its probably been asked millions of times before!! But.... We have 2 shipping companies coming out to give us quotes next week, are there any questions I should be asking that you didn't ask and wished you did? My brain has gone into melt down and I know I'll forget some major questions? I'll probably be alright with "how much is it?" But other than that, all suggestions gratefully received. Ta Lisa XX
  13. l1sa

    Not much time left on our visa!!

    Hi Folks Thank you for your replies. Its all good!! I spoke to Dept of Immi yesterday and as long as we are there by the expiry date theres no worries mate!! Lisa XX
  14. Hi all, I have posted this before, but I'm going to post it again, cos I'm scared! :chatterbox::eek::eek: We were granted our visa in July 09 and are only now making the move (long story!) but there will only be a few days left on our visa when we cross over, is this gonna be okay?? I have this nightmare rolling around in my head that we'll arrive and they won't let us in after selling up everything here!!! I dread to think what my blood pressure would be right about now!!
  15. l1sa

    A bit sad and emotional! :-(

    Me too. We fly 1 July and I handed my notice in yesterday. Sad, scared to be honest I'm pretty much a gibbering wreck at the moment!! Good luck everyone