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  1. Smirfyduo

    Help regarding leaving Aus on UK passport as a citizen

    I still have my PR visa stamped in my passport. Do you know if this will help with the airlines? Surely they wouldn't know either way. Only issue will then be my son, who was born here while we were on PR, so has always been a citizen and never had a PR visa. I believe I may be able to get an ADV as it is a death in my immediate family, but I need the death certificate, which is proving hard as it is in africa and will need to be translated
  2. Smirfyduo

    Help regarding leaving Aus on UK passport as a citizen

    I don't have time - is there any other way? Do you know if they issue ETDs?
  3. Hi everyone, Hoping for some help please - we need to fly out of Aus urgently and I need some advice about coming back in please. Hubbie and I became citizens last year - son was born here. We are all on UK passports - no Aussie passports. Question is, we do not have visas in our passports, how do we get back in??? Hubbie and I have citizenship certificates, and we have son's birth certificate - but I do not want to carry them with us. Help please Thank you in advance
  4. Smirfyduo

    Toilet Roll or Bidet

    These are the rules where I come from :chatterbox:
  5. Smirfyduo

    Who made God?

    I was told that the only way to find that out was to be very good and make sure I went to heaven, and then to ask God when I got there!
  6. Smirfyduo

    Homesick, preggers and thinking of going home!

    Just a thought, but once bub is born, you could find a new social group through bub which could be supportive and could help you to feel a bit more settled. Good luck with whatever you decide though:wubclub:
  7. Smirfyduo

    Advice please - British employee has passed away

    You don't say what visa the family were on? You are doing more than expected - I assume from the tone of the previous posts that you are expecting the widow and children to return to the UK? Not a great task - but you might need to check with the coroner about any special preparation of the body in case the family do want to repatriate his remains. Also - when you contact the High Commission - get them to tell you what they need in order to transport the remains - sounds callous, but get any necessary paperwork in order to ensure they don't have any issues. Assuming they are on a 457, you are required to paid for the family airfares back - not their household effects. You sound like a very caring employer - you could assist with this and arrange it on their behalf. Also - if they will be moving back to the UK, assuming they are renting a property - speak to their estate agent and explain the situation. Find out if there will be any lease break fees, or if there is anything that can be done to mitigate them. Can you get authorisation to deal with a close friend / family member who can convey their needs to you in a less emotional way? The widow make feel like she is not able to make minor requests of you, where as a close friend may be able to mention such things to you. Depending on how how emotional the widow and kids are, especially being so far from home, you could get a doctors' advice with regards to something to help them sleep etc. You give employers a good name with the assistance you have already offered!
  8. So it was never going to be the best day of the week. Mom's flight home first thing this morning. :cry: HATE HATE HATE airports. And it doesn't get any easier - especially not with Mom. I first immigrated 9 whole years ago, and the goodbyes seem just as hard, if not worse. ANYWAY!! The plan was - as we have been running around doing all the touristy things with Mom, the house needs a bit of attention. So come home from the airport and I went for it!! OH is collecting the cot this afternoon, so I got the spare room all cleaned out and ready for it. Then I decided to strip the bed in Mom's room - of course then I find she has left us 2 big boxes of Easter Eggs. :cry::cry: Cue picking up the boxes, and finding an envelope underneath - with a load of money and note to buy the pram that we have been looking at. :cry: I know she saved really hard to come and visit us, and won't be able to come back at least until the middle of next year. So after some more tears, I decided I need to try and pull myself together -so to the linen cupboard to get fresh linen for the spare room. And I find the BIGGEST cockroach I have EVER seen in my life!! And it must have had diarrhoea!! So now I have to wash LOADS of bed linen that was clean, as it is now covered in cockroach poop. :arghh: Vacuum cleaner sorted the cockroach out -but I chased it through into the spare room and into the cupboard where all our warm jackets are kept. And so I now notice some of them are covered in mould. I have a dehumidifier in the room - what do I do now?? Am going to buy some bug bombs to make sure that the cockroach situation does not recur - even though I have only seen the GIANT one I am now convinced we have an infestation - but what do I do about the mould?? Today is not my day :cry:
  9. Smirfyduo

    Requesting a flight home from my sponsor

    It costs LOADS Kate. And it is a serious consideration when interviewing. We currently have a temporary foreign recruitment freeze because we have had 3 families we have sponsored (In the last 8 months) mess us around so much. We have sent people back - but we are out of pocket to the tune of about $30k per family. We had one couple with a young child come over - we paid for flights, including a full seat for the toddler under 2, extra luggage allowance, full container of furniture, 3 months furnished accommodation, 2 months car hire, gave extra leave days for sorting out drivers' licences and looking for a rental etc. They decided they didn't like it here (after 3 months) - didn't tell us - realised we wanted refunding for any relocation costs, so instead pushed us to fire him. Really unpleasant and lead to big morale issues with other staff. We paid for their return flights - cheapest going, and no seat for the toddler, no extra luggage, no container. Unfortunately, we lose all round - we are out of pocket for the relocation, and we are still understaffed and so need to pay more to recruit to replace them. Difficult to sell the idea of recruiting more people from the UK to management tho - when you read sites like PIO and you know how much some people would trade for an opportunity like the one these people threw away, and you know how it is influencing the company you work for in whether they should try to recruit from the UK again, it makes you pretty angry!!!!
  10. Smirfyduo

    Requesting a flight home from my sponsor

    Hi Kate and Russ, Yes, as far as I understand it, your company is obligated to pay for your flights if they sponsored your 457. The company I work for sponsors people regularly. Be sure that you are not committed to repay any costs in your contract if you leave within a certain period - standard where I work is you need to repay 100% of relocation costs if you leave in the first 12 months, and 50% if you leave in the first 24 months. That is full relocation costs - any flights, plus cost of containers, help with accommodation on arrival etc. Also - if the company paid for your family and possessions to move out to Aus, I do not believe they are obligated to pay for the same on return. If you were to leave the company I work for, you would be asked to repay the relocation costs incurred (again - this would depend what is in your contract) We would then accept your written resignation, and ask for a written request to organise flights on a suitable date within 28 days of your last working day - you would get budget flights on dates as close as possible to your requested dates - we would have nothing to do with moving your effects back to the UK. Speaking as someone who has seen quite a few people move here and not like it and want to return - to be honest, a lot depends on how badly you play up at work - if you are the type to create problems and it creates other issues at work, we would likely let you go sooner rather than later without pushing the issue of relocation costs. Legally you cannot be pursued for the costs once you are back in the UK anyway - and we have let trouble causers go without repaying costs. Obviously it can come back to bite when it comes to references, so keep that in mind. Have you considered talking to your employers about your situation, and asking what the minimum time is that you could stay and then leave on good terms? Good luck with whatever you choose to do
  11. Smirfyduo

    What is the most disgusting thing you have eaten..

    No matter how much amarula - sorry, still no chongalolos :happy_face_vampire_
  12. Smirfyduo

    What is the most disgusting thing you have eaten..

    It's all protein Kate. All good for you. Except chongololos
  13. Smirfyduo

    What is the most disgusting thing you have eaten..

    NNNNOoooooooo!!! You didn't eat a chongololo??? That is THE grossest thing EVER! EVER EVER EVER!!!! With the flying ants - we were dipping them in Amarula - worrying about the legs was not something that crossed our minds. When they are fried, they are much better!! Mmm - am gonna have to make some biltong now - you are right though, most african game does make good biltong. For the record - Kangaroo does NOT!
  14. Smirfyduo

    What is the most disgusting thing you have eaten..

    Tried elephant once - from a cull. You know it is bad when even the dogs turn their noses up at it!! Eaten flying ants - taste buttery, but the legs got stuck in my teeth and I found that the worst part about eating them!! Had roast warthog (don't recommend that either) kudu, eland, impala - all pretty good on a BBQ. Yum cha chicken feet are YUMMY!!
  15. Smirfyduo

    A photo that sums up what Australia means to you...

    Lake Mackenzie - Fraser island Whale watching on the Gold Coast Mad people at the MCG Bolte Bridge in Melbourne at night Mt Buller