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Found 59 results

  1. Hi, This is a total shot in the dark but I am desperate. My daughter needs urgent major dental work done, which as you know is extremely expensive out here. We are relatively new to Australia and because we weren't sure if we were going to stay, (many issues including the main one homesickness) we didn't join a health plan. Probably silly I know. But to our horror we have discovered that our eldest needs quite a bit of work done on her teeth ASAP. Does anyone know of a dental fund you can join and claim straight away on. Obviously if there isn't then we will just have to bite the bullet and pay for it all. I can't have her in pain at the end of the day.
  2. Guest

    Dental Nurses!

    Hiya Mrs Buffy here. At the moment I am Senior Dental Nurse for the out of hours service in North Derbyshire. Can anyone tell me if I would need to sit another exam in OZ for Dental Nursing.... it looks as though we will get in on my OH's skills alone but I would want to work for the adult contact and escape from everyday mummy life :lol: Please excuse my typing I have had 3 bottles of wine :lol:
  3. Hi there, I am moving over to Oz next week and am wondering if anybody could help re travel insurance? Stupid question, but do I need to get travel insurance for when I am in oz- I have de facto sponsorship, subclass 309, but am wondering about how to cover my health whilst i am out there. I know I am eligible to be on Medicare, but if something (god forbid) happens, will I also be covered or should I take a trip to the post office and get myself some travel cover? im also not 100% sure what my cover is with dental? Any help would be really appreciated!!!! thanks in advance! zo
  4. gaz n family

    Dental Care for kids

    What is the set-up down under for dental care with children of parents with permanent visas? Both my kids have braces in and we were hoping that their treatment would be completed by the time it came to the big move. I talked this over with their Orthodontist a couple of days ago and she told me that their treatment needs to go on for at least 1 more year. How can we ensure they get the right treatment for them when we get there? Are they entitled to free treatment being kids? Does this free treatment cover Braces? And, if you wouldnt mind, any other tips you might think of. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi we are recently arrived from the Uk. We are here as permanent residents and need advice on medical care. Our children were all told in the Uk that they would need braces in a year or two. We want to sign up to medical cover which includes dental cover which will eventually fund children's braces in 24 months or so. Any advice greatly appreciated. Cheers Sulac
  6. Guest

    Dental hygiene info required

    Hi , I am a hygienist in Uk and we are moving to Sydney later this year [2011]. I was wondering if there are any Uk qualified hygienists out there who can give me info on exams that need to be re-taken . Also whether their are more extended duties than we do in the Uk . Many thanks . TW .
  7. Hi there, my husband and I have just logged our visa appliacation for WA and want to go to Perth. My husband is a toolmaker/manager and I am a dental nurse also known as an assistant. We were woundering if there is anyone who has emigrated with these trades and if so would love to hear your story the good and the bad. Are there as many jobs to choose from as everyone tells us and what is the pay like in comparison to the cost of living? We look forward to hearing from you :smile:
  8. Guest

    Dental Care

    Hi folks, Just wondering if Medicare covers dental care or if this has to be covered through private insurance?? Thanks
  9. LauraHaylor

    Dental Nurse Registration?

    Hi, My name is Laura and Im trying to find out if anyone knows if you have to be registard to work as a dental nurse in oz? In the UK it is illegal to work as a dental nurse if your not qualified and registard. Is it the same in oz and will a NVQ in dental nursing be a valid qualification?
  10. chiara

    dental costs

    Hi Just wondering if anyone knows what dental costs are like out in Oz -- also, does your health insurance cover it? Thanks
  11. Guest

    Dental woes!

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone knows of somewhere in the Sydney area (I am near Manly) where I can get cheap dental done??? I have been putting it off as I know HOW incredibly expensive dental work is out here, however I have 2 wisdom teeth coming through and one has been sore for a couple of weeks now... I am going back home for a long holiday over xmas and have an appointment booked with my local but I don't think I can wait that long! Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!! Lucy
  12. wishfulthinking

    Dental hygienist jobs perth

    If i trained up as a dental hygienist completing my level 3 in it in the uk, does anybody know if this would get me a job in perth wa or would i have to do more training over there? We have already got our citizenship for oz but came back to the uk, wanting to go back over again though. Cheers
  13. l1sa

    dental insurance??

    Hi there, Is there any kind of dental insurance you can take out over there, as my oh is one of those poor old sods who's teeth fall out if you look at them too hard!!! for example, these are some of the things he's been eating when his teeth have broken.... jaffa cakes, baked beans, marshmallows !!! I mean...come on!!! :biglaugh: So in order to protect our pocket! is there a dental insurance thats available?? And would that also cover things like kids and braces etc.?? Lisa
  14. Somebody please tell me, what is the cost(approximately) of dental care for children of 5 years old? Just need to want to know the price range.
  15. Guest

    Dental Jobs!!

    Hiya, Does anyone know of any locum dentist jobs available for mid september in Melbourne. Also in sydney around december/Jan. Any recommend locum agencies? Thanks.
  16. Guest

    dental technician

    hi,im dental technician and want to live and work in australia.i have more than 10 years exprience in implants.i have dental laboratory in iran.i need sponser for visa.pleas help me????????
  17. mgriffi

    Dental Care on 457 Visa

    Hi Anyone know of a good dental care scheme on a 457 Visa. May have to have root canal, couple of crowns and fillings!! Any suggestions how to save some cash or just get dentures!!!! :biglaugh:
  18. swifty99

    dental records?????

    Is it essential that i take copies of dental records with me when i emigrate, as unable to find the first dentist i was with for 15 years and current dentist only has record of work they have done????? CONFUSED :confused:
  19. cartertucker

    Which medical & dental care cover?

    Which medical care is recommended for when we move over? I would need it for 3 adults ~ 1 child & an infant I would like it to include dental cover too Please help ~ I have no idea where to start? :confused:
  20. Wonderingaloud

    JUST dental cover on temporary visa?

    All I want to know is if, as a temporary resident of Australia (on 457) I can get JUST extras health cover ie dental. I don't want the hospital cover, as enrolling with Medicare is enough for us as a young, generally well with no medicals problems-type- couple. Thanks:smile:
  21. Guest

    Dental treatment in Perth

    Hi, hope someone can help me. My daughter has just turned 12 and needs a brace fitting now as she has lost all her baby teeth. We are heading to Perth Jan 2012 so the dilema is do we have a brace fitted now and carry on the treatment when we get to Perth or wait until we emigrate. We are hoping to live around Joondalup so any email addresses of dentists would be much appreciated as i would like to know if there are waiting lists in Perth as well as UK. I know i will have to pay in Perth but i am prepaired to wait until we get there if thats the best for my daughter. Any advice is is needed. Many thanks Natalie
  22. There must be someone on here who can answer this... any dentists here?! How much do we think it's going to cost me to have a wisdom tooth pulled?? I'm in Queensland, not that that really makes much difference I'm sure) with no private medical cover as yet and I already spent $235 the other day in one session on: - clean - polish - fluoride treatment - first time assessment - 2x small x-rays (which could have been avoided had I known I was gonna have to have a full mouth one for my wisdom teeth too which can be bulk-billed by QSCAN) Anybody got any ideas? Plus I'm also worried about it due to lots of horror stories about wisdom teeth extraction... that and I've seen some videos of surgery for it too. It's got me a bit freaked.:huh: How I have it done has yet to be determined by assessing what the angle of the tooth is, how far out of the gum it is compared to what it could be etc from the xrays I have to go and get. :sad: Not happy. :no: Please send advice?
  23. Guest

    Dental Hygienist

    Hi, I'm a UK qualified dental hygienist and have lived in Melbourne for almost 5 years. I have decided to return to my hygienist career and have passed the written part of the examination. :biggrin: I'm going to Adelaide next month to sit the practical exam which is 3 days long. I feel so rusty having not worked for almost 5 years! I have been practising on friends as much as possible but I'm really worried that my skills are not up to scratch.:arghh: In the UK I did lots of scaling but no impressions, xrays or removal of overhangs and amalgam polishing. As this is what the exam is on I'm really worried! :unsure: Has anyone been through the practical exam in Adelaide and can you offer me any advice to calm me down a bit? I know practise is the answer but I can't treat the general public and I don't know anyone with any disease so it's not easy. Thanks
  24. Hi just wondering if anyone could give me any advice on Dental assistants in adelaide!!! I am a NVQ level 3 qualified dental assistant / with at least 9 to 10 years experience. There seems to be lots of dental practices in and around the adelaide area.. would i need to re-train out in australia?? or would my qualification be ok?? just wondering what the average hourly rate would be?? If anyone could give me some advice it would be greatly received..:biggrin:
  25. to all do we need to ask for our MEDICAL (GP) OR DENTAL records before we leave for australia or can australia gain access to them does anyone know regards craig